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I've been stalked before. I know what it feels like. It's no picnic. It's very scary. ...Especially when you see just how far people went to stalk me. I lost my name, my reputation, a home, assets, rental income that went with it, and even became victim to theft...all because some people spread rumors that weren't true to some key important people who didn't think it was necessary to stop and ask any questions, first.

I am continually dumbfounded by how easily people want to hate, to jump to the most sick, twisted, and horrific conclusions, to want to believe in the most hateful rumor, in the absurd, in the ridiculous - without any evidence available to back it up, to believe in that "Frankenstein's Monster", to hunt someone down and cause them so much pain and sorrow, to rally behind one single individual's Hitleresque words of hate against another, only to find themselves suddenly caught up into the most god-awful holy trouble once discovered. ...Just like what happened to the German people. And then they want an out. They want forgiveness. "We didn't know!", they decry.

Some nutcase passes around some pamphlets and starts a slow hysterical paranoia to build up until it reaches a crescendo and next thing you know people you thought were of good heart and sound mind are doing things you never ever would have believed them capable of...killing Jews.

And then they scramble in the sixteen cardinal directions when they finally realize that...OOPS!...they were wrong! The Jews weren't the bad guys after all!

I'm shocked at how quickly people want to pick up the pitchforks, the knives, the stones, the clubs, the torches, and attack the maliciously defamed "monster"...just like the Germans did. But when the tables are turned, and now they're the ones in the frying pan, it's funny how they seem to know all about what the laws are, and about things like...

- the rules of kindness,
- of fair play,
- of understanding,
- compassion,
- "brotherly love",
- the Golden Rule,
- God,
- the Ten Commandments,
- and all those really-cool-sounding red-fonted verses spoken in butt-end of the Bible that obviously meant so very much to them that they practiced them every single day;
- and they can come up with a thousand reasons why you should forgive them and "turn the other cheek"

...because, after all, God BLESS 'em, "Isn't that just the right thing to do? [wink-wink]".

In the quickest possible nutshell, I was stalked and harassed by six local amateur radio operators, who made four levels of government, nineteen government agencies, eight police departments, and four civilian organizations all believe that I was such a serious problem that meetings about me became mandatory, that serious actions needed to be taken against me, and that I was such a mastermind criminal genius that official standard operating procedures wouldn't work against me. Therefore, it was necessary for an Emergency Manager who didn't really know what was going on to convince an officer at GPD to sabotage a criminal case that I'd filed against the amateur radio operators. The officer in subsequent years then convinced other fellow cops to sabotage other cases I'd filed over time, and to destroy evidence or to prevent it's gathering. (The cops used the exact same M.O. every time. They were so confident no one would care that they didn't even bother to hide it.) That Emergency Manager also convinced a local area NWS Field Office and everyone within it's entire County Warning Area to believe that I was a problem. Emails and memoes were sent from one NWS office and EM agency to another all over north Florida. Those actions then caused even more harm to happen because it only encouraged the hams and then they only got worse. And by the time everyone had realized that they were wrong about me, and that I wasn't the bad guy, it was way too late. Serious libel damage had been done. Serious criminal actions had already been taken. And now, more than just the hams had become responsible. Government leaders were now responsible, and so were their governmental employers...all because they had believed in the hams without asking one very important question of them first:


That question was apparently deemed not necessary by everyone who'd become involved. Why? ...Because after the filth had left the mouth of the hams, it was from there on carried on by people who wore shirts with logos. ...And who ever thinks to challenge a shirt with a logo? I mean...they're "responsible." They're "professionals." Right? ...And they always know exactly what they're doing. Right?

Somewhere along the way, I think everyone also forgot along the way to let me know exactly what the hell it was that I did. You know...

  1. You have a right to know what you're being accused of.
  2. You have the right to know who is accusing you.
  3. You have the right to be able to face your accusers.
  4. You have the right to answer up in your own defense, and if necessary...
  5. You have the right to a trial by jury.

And YOU know..."equal justice under the law"...and all that.


...But what hell was it that I had done? and why am I not allowed to know?

And I'd repeatedly asked that question, and was always ignored. If anyone did ever answer, I got "That's official government business and you don't have a right to know." If anyone ever officially tried to ask for proof that I was notified of anything, verbally or in writing, they'll just shrug their shoulders. It doesn't exist. No one ever sat down with me. NO ONE. ...And it's required by the Constitution.

I'm pretty sure that not one single official entity ever even bothered to obtain any hand-signed affidavits from those hams, either. They acted solely on the talk, alone. But I guarantee you that since this blog went up they've probably tried more than once to obtain them. ...And I'll bet they're still trying, today. Thing is, you're supposed to get those things BEFOREHAND, not after the victim wants a piece of your head on a platter for causing all of that pointless, unnecessary damage and destruction to his life. And I guarantee you this, too...that the hams are laughing their asses off at just how completely irresponsible Emergency Management had acted in the handling of all of this, and at just how easily they were able to manipulate them.

And to this day, I still don't know what it was that I did that warranted all of that. I was never told...not officially, or even unofficially. No emails. No letters. No phone calls. No personal visits. No invites to meetings. No subpoenas or summonses. No restraining orders. No Cease & Desists. There was never any back and forth at all. Nothing to clue me in from any official sources about what I had supposedly done. Whatever meetings there were, it was all handled quietly, without my participation, behind some closed door that I wasn't allowed into. I guess notifying me just wasn't deemed important. After all...I was guilty of whatever it was that I did. ...Right? Therefore, it was probably considered that notification to me of my "infractions" wasn't necessary because obviously I already knew. You see, this is how a bunch of innocent people ended up horrifically burned alive at the stake a few hundred years ago. It's called...the witch hunt. It's also known as..."mass hysteria", and ..."the Frankenstein's Monster Hunt".

And then there's all the reprisals by the authorities and by the public that you have to deal with during all that rumor onslaught, too. Everybody wants to jump on the bandwagon of taking up some official "policy" against the monster - you show their "solidarity" with all the other agencies.

But you know, in reality, no one ever admits that they were wrong, and what actually happens is that even if a few people do start to realize they were wrong, the hatred still continues out there...if but maybe more in secret. And eventually, it slowly builds back up into another belated crescendo again at some point, that comes back to haunt the victim again and again.

See, it's inevitable that what usually always happens in these kinds of situations is that once you teach people to hate someone, that hate always remains in most everyone who heard all of that original malignment. People want to hate, and they don't want to stop. It's human nature to do that. See that's why "intelligence" was supposed to rise us all up above the cave men - because we were supposed to have something called "reason" to help keep us in check. And then we could be oh so proud of ourselves for being "better". Eh. That was the theory, anyway. But the hoped-for era of the "better human beings" of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek isn't going to happen for us. Instead, people want to believe in the dark negativity and in the conspiracy theories. So when someone comes along and says that it was all a mistake, that it was all wrong, that the bad guy was really innocent, they say "Oh yah, right. Like we're gonna believe that! They must think we're stupid!" And so, the hatred and malignment continues on forever...even after a judge or jury renders the malignment against the victim to have been unjust. The judgment doesn't matter. People were taught to hate and they're just going to continue to do that. That's the reality of "defamation of character". So convincing the masses of the opposite of the filth that was contained in all those pamphlets is a very hard thing to do.

But as I've said before...when the tables are turned, and now they're the ones in the frying pan...

You know, everyone, every agency, every organization listed in this blog...has read this blog and contacted a lawyer or a police department about it to try to find some way to make me shut up or to force me to take it down. Every cop...every lawyer...took a look at this blog at some point or another and, every time, their BEST recommendation given to the complainants has probably been to just let the damned thing go, with advice probably not too far from the likes of...

"You're involved in something that is just way too big, and you've done way too much to this guy, and this guy's got so much on you...that you don't really want an investigation begun; and our best recommendation is to just let it go."

And so, this blog remains without any official, public, out-in-the-open challenge whatsoever since its publishing in 2009. Isn't that incredible? ...No reaction!...from any of the real public officials whose names are being mentioned herein, or from any of the official government agencies! No investigations, either!

There's no malicious content in here. There are no threats made. I've made careful sure of that. It's simply one man's story about a good many criminal actions taken against him by many people - including many public leaders - which occurred as a direct result of malicious gossip and rumor. ...And whether they like it or not, he has a right to talk about it. That's just a basic Constitutional right that no one can argue against. And trying to go to Google about it to complain (and I suspect that it's already been tried), well...they'll just tell you that I do have a right to talk about anything that actually did happen to me and, that if you wanted to try to do something about it, then that's actually between you and that guy, personally, and doesn't involve Google. And then they'll likely advise you to get a lawyer. And since the perpetrators have already been there and done that and they ran into a dead end, well...then that's where it always stops dead in it's tracks. Because to engage upon the trail of actual "Due Process" is to cause an out-of-control investigation to happen which could turn up stuff. And people don't want any stuff to be "turned up". See how that works? Nobody wants to touch this thing. But I do find it laughingly interesting though, how a bunch of people who talked about a guy and got him into so much serious trouble and caused him so much suffering and these very same people want to get this same guy into some form of trouble again because he "talked" about them and got them into some serious trouble, because it's just, well..."wrong", you see. Right? Am I missing anything, here?

Yah. I know. LOL. ...Interesting, indeed.

It was difficult to make it all stop. Impossible, in fact, at first. Once the bulldozer started moving...well, it...bulldozed. Another analogy would be boulders tumbling down a mountain, hitting other boulders, which hit more, and which hit even more...and in the end they all came down upon me, trapped in the valley at the base of the mountain. In the beginning, all it takes is the one boulder.

I was scared out of my mind, every minute of every day, because I never knew what they were going to do next, or how bad it was going to be, or just how stupid somebody's upper echelon was going to be, and how far they were going to further it. I never knew if the cops were going to come and take me away for some infractions that other people had made up and that a lot of shirts with logos had begun to believe in; but I was sure that whatever happened, that I would be hit with it by total surprise. And that's pretty much exactly what kept happening to me - one shocking and mind-blowing surprise after the next.

...And there was nothing I could do about it. I had to really think outside the box for some unorthodox ways to make it all stop. The answer always came back to me being forced to take on the task of defending myself because the authorities who were supposed to do it had obviously decided that the doctrine of "equal protection under the law" (the 14th Amendment) - while it may have applied to everyone else in the country - did not apply to me. The bad guys had a lot more friends in the police departments than me. I was obviously on my own.

There are people who stand frozen in front of the head lights and just stare at them until they get run over; and then there are people who do something very simple. ...They take some action, and move over. But, even I'll admit that this is a learn-ed act. In the beginning, you don't expect that there are people out there who get off on trying to run over innocent people. They have to get hit a few times, in fact, before they learn to do the take one step off to the side and force the truck into the tree because it wasn't paying attention because it was so hell-bent on the concentration of causing you some sick and twisted pain. But if that doesn't work, and the bullies actually follow you off the road to come after you, then you have to get proactive, and start digging ditches filled with landmines, and stringing up the Claymores between the bushes, so-to-speak. The dumbass rednecks driving those big trucks chasing after that innocent little animal don't really expect that. Seeing a deer driving a giant bulldozer painted in camouflage and coming straight after them and pushing them backwards over the cliff isn't exactly the first thing that their brains concoct when they're so busy bullying. It's kind of a weird unusual way of thinking for most of us. But that's the kind of thinking that you have to engage in. And you can use that moment of confused shock over your refusal to retreat to your advantage - to buy you time. ...Either to think, or to be able to take the next defensive action.

Basically, you're forced to realize at some sick point that you have to save yourself, and that they're not backing off, and that they really do mean to cause you harm, and that they're going out of their way to do it. Once you're over the shock of that surreal realization, you have to find someplace out of the think in some peace about what to do about it.

...And being the wimpy-assed non-violent person that I was, I had to concoct a way to do it without actually physically harming people. Can you believe that, man? I didn't want to harm people who were going so far out of their way to harm me. What the hell is wrong with me?

...So I came up with this blog.

This blog serves so many very useful and very powerful purposes...

  1. To stop the bullying;

  2. To interrupt the bully's offense and to put them into defensive "damage control" mode rather than a mode of harm;

  3. To spread the word about what really happened to myself and others involved with Alachua County SKYWARN, and to point out how the bullies effected it all;

  4. To force government agencies and civilian organizations to realize that they had been duped by the bullies;

  5. To force those agencies and organizations to realize how cruel, irresponsible, and negligent the bullies have been;

  6. To force those agencies to realize that they'd been conned into becoming co-conspirators, and that they're just as responsible;

  7. To force those agencies and organizations to cease cooperating with the bullies or face the possibility of...

    1., out-of-control, extremely embarrassing public exposure not only for the bullies but for the agencies and organizations sponsoring and employing them because they can be held responsible for the bullies' actions,
    2. ...of possible lost jobs,
    3. ...of possible civil lawsuits (not just against the hams),
    4. ...and even the possibility of criminal charges relating to stalking, harassment, endangerment, evidence tampering, destruction of evidence, and by working with the offenders, conspiracy, conspiracy to commit, cyber-stalking, cyber-bullying, criminal hacking, and even using coercion to force a theft by a government agency of ground station equipment that belonged to a civilian organization, and for the attempted hostile takeover of a civilian organization by a government agency without any attempt whatsoever to communicate with that organization about it.

  8. To force everyone who was accusing me to recognize that if they're going to publicly accuse someone of being a Frankenstein's Monster, they'd better be willing to own up to that accusation, and to face the responsibilities, the realities, and the consequences of that; and that if they weren't ready for it then to realize that it entails dealing with a certain very large amount of undesired publicized nightmare in and of itself, hopefully forcing everyone to think a heck of a lot harder and straighter,

  9. To make everyone realize the tremendous power to wreak an ungodly havoc that they've unintentionally given me by going so drastically overboard with their unchecked monster hunt, and that I'm not afraid to utilize that power. I don't have to stop at just a blog; I can go to the Press if I want to. Then everyone would have to deal with not just the public asking questions, but upper echelon - within each agency - asking what the hell is going on too, and why they're just learning about it now, and being forced to explain it all and not having any really good answers. Nobody ever stopped to think very hard at all about what the heck they were doing, here.

  10. And finally, Number 9 is not an "Agreement" or a "Guarantee". I reserve the right to yet go to the Press or even to write a BOOK about this if I so any time. If that happens, everyone is going to be S.O.L., regardless.

But if the above is too long for you and you'd rather I just "nutshell" it all into one really good point? Then alright. ...Be kind to each other. You never know when someone might write a hugely publicized blog about what you did to them - one that you won't be able to do anything about if it contains nothing but truths. And you can't complain, or call the cops, or get a lawyer, if what's being publicly published about all the things that you did to someone is indeed the truth. And any official complaint would only backfire on you by causing an undesired official response, which would mean a courtroom, which would mean an official investigation. And you know where that would only go for you. Hey man. It's as horrifically simple and as complicated for you as that. So there you go.

These stalkers"bullies" - they're not working with a full deck, here. They're not of their right minds, and I've learned that you can't play poker, or chess, or brinkmanship with them. It doesn't work. They always win. They know all the right people, and they have all your normal, logical action-versus-reaction courses of actions predetermined and already planned out. You have to instead use some very real and harsh alternative rules with them, or they just won't stop, and they'll keep coming after you because they get off on it. So you have to make it an extremely painful and extremely embarrassing and extremely risky game for them to play. Then they won't want to play it, anymore.

This isn't a joke. This is a very frightening story about stalking and harassment...about what a few bad ham radio operators can do with just a few carefully-selected evil words spoken to just a few all-too-paranoid people in just the right high places, and how an innocent person's entire life can be turned upside-down, and how one's civil rights can be quite easily taken away by those with paranoia, prejudice, and hatred in their hearts, and who have just the right "connections".

Mr. Capehart, my lead stalker, used to remind me of that with an oft-repeated line: "It doesn't matter what you say to people about what we did. It's in who you know that matters more. After that...what you have to say means jack."

Do you know what it's like to be treated by an entire town like you're a criminal? Do you know what it's like to be accused, tried, convicted, and sentenced - in secret, under the table - for a crime you didn't commit, to be treated like you're a monster by everyone around you...and yet, not ever see the inside of a courtroom, much less know what you've been accused of? ...Never to know why people were treating you like that? Four levels of government were brought to believe that I was a very serious "problem"; a seriously bad person...and I was never allowed to know specifically what it was that I did wrong. It sure seemed like everybody else knew, though.

Mass hysteria is an amazing thing to watch happen...who can spark it, how far it can go, and the damage that it can do...before anyone first realizes that they were even influenced by it. What led up to it, how it happened, what happened during, and what happened for me a large-scale learning experience in psychology, sociology, and forensic puzzle-solving after the fact.

I watched helplessly while six ham radio operators took complete control of my life. They stalked. They harassed. They threatened. God, I even tried to hide and make myself scarce. They just tag-team hunted me like I was some animal. They teamed together in their efforts. They went after my family, friends, associations, and even my professional contacts, and tried to make people frightened that they would be attacked too if they continued to associate with me. ...And there was no one to stop them because they were friends with everyone in Emergency Management, the police departments, and everywhere else that mattered. It was fun and games to them - like a big joke. They could do anything they wanted to me and no matter how many times I'd try to get the authorities to help me, the authorities would just roll their eyes and shake their heads and assume paranoia and refuse to take me seriously. And if they did investigate they put a half-assed effort into it just to sooth-speak me, while making inexcusable mistakes, and screwing up the cases as a result.

But it's common for the authorities to do this. And this is why many cases like this often end up with very serious consequences for the victims. Many victims aren't taken seriously. Then something bad happens.

They rang the phone off the hook, and left threatening messages. They repeatedly threatened me with physical harm. They email bombed me, pager bombed me, cellphone bombed me. When that wasn't enough then they systematically went to people in local and higher government circles and caused them to believe that I was such a serious problem that drastic tactics needed to be used to take care of me and Alachua County SKYWARN, a public service organization that I ran. I'd spent many years putting it together into an organization that did so well it had become nationally known and which did nothing but good things for people.

No one ever questioned the hams. The hams had even been able to convince everyone that I was so smart and so bad that normal due process could not be used to handle me because I was supposedly too smart for those processes to be used. So everything was handled under the table, unofficially, without notification to superiors, or to upper echelon, or even on official paperwork. Due Process and the other Constitutional Amendments and Codes of law and SOP manuals were all thrown out the door because people wanted to believe that I was bad. People wanted to believe more in the paranoid story than the more rational sounding ideas. To them, there were no other possibilities, no other explanations, and they would entertain no other theories which would dispute what they wanted to believe. Using carefully chosen speech, the hams caused a very frenzied fear and panic over an organization and it's leader. They'd created mass hatred against a Frankenstein's Monster. It was like Hitler handing out pamphlets of paranoia and making people see what was not there, causing an uprising against something that never actually existed. ...And there was nothing that I could do about it except sit back and watch, and cry, and scream "WHY?!!!" to the sky and to God.

Once paranoia gets a foothold, it spreads like a cancer, and it becomes it's own monster...indestructible, unstoppable - a boulder hitting two, then four, then eight, then sixteen, and thirty-two more, etc. - all building up speed on their way down the mountain. And all those boulders come down the hill to roll OVER the victim, and his friends, and his family, and his professional associations, causing an unbelievable amount of destruction and havoc and ruined lives. And when it's all done, and everyone suddenly realizes that they made a really huge mistake, and that they were completely wrong...well...then everyone who caused the damage starts running for a hiding place, and denies their own involvement to a quite expert pathological degree, while at the same time leaving the victim in the same place of a completely decimated reputational status and a permanently destroyed life. ...With no acknowledgement of the wrong, and no apologies, and no recompense, and no effort made to help him back up to where he was before. Quite frankly, this is because to admit the wrong is to open everyone up to lawsuits, and criminal charges, and wide-scale public humiliation and chastising.

Gossip is not funny. Malicious words are not funny. ...And "sticks and stones" is utter bullshit. You remember "Sticks & Stones". Right? It was always your response to bullies when you were little.

The stalking and harassment became so bad that I quit the Gainesville Amateur Radio Society and the Gator Amateur Radio Club, and ceased hanging around most ham radio operators. I tried to hide from them for a while in the hopes that they would forget about me and go away. That didn't work. They just continued the harassing phone calls, and the harassing emails, and to "bomb" my email, pager, and cellphone with lots of needless, threatening or harassing messages. And they only used my absence to spread more malicious gossip and rumor to scare people while I wasn't around to defend myself.

I never understood bullies. You'd think that people like that couldn't possibly exist in this world considering how we're all supposed to be intelligent and how this is supposed to somehow rise us up above the animals and all. Have you ever noticed how they like to work together in packs and gang up on you? Have you noticed how they seem to get this synergistic sadism going while they kick the shit out of you? What kind of people are these? It's like they don't know mercy, care nothing for it, and like they become strengthened and empowered over all the pain and suffering and damage that they cause to you. And that all in itself is frightening enough...realizing that you're not dealing with a normal group of human beings, but rather, with some people who are pretty deep-heartedly sick and twisted and dark. You might be laying there on the ground in a pool of blood, with broken bones, and broken teeth; and yet...they still kick. ...And they kick some more, and then some more, and they continue to punch, and kick a few times more. What kind of people are these, indeed. That is the kind which was chasing after me. Oh, they didn't actually kick, or punch. Instead, they lied, and slandered, and lied some more, and slandered some more...until 4 levels of government, 13 government agencies, 7 police departments, and 4 civilian organizations all believed that I was a serious problem that needed to be "handled".

Much evil exists in this world. Such darkness...more so than you know. ...So much so that you would not care to believe. But it exists, nonetheless. And it can come...from people who are pretending to be your best friends; your biggest supporters. ...From people...who pretend to be of God; and people who pretend to be there to protect you...

You know, Oscar Wilde once said: "He has no 'enemies', but is intensely disliked by his 'friends'." (sigh) He was talking about something completely different but in my own situation I have found this statement to be true, not beceuse I was some kind of mean, overbearing jerk or a dictator. That would be farthest from the truth; but rather, because most of the people who tended to hang around me seemed to always want something from me, or to use my associations...and I was too stupid and naive to notice it at the beginning. They weren't really interested in me, but in something else. They pretended to be friends while causing me problems wherever they could and then blamed me as if I had put myself in the situations that they had caused. I was surrounded by so many who claimed to be my friend; people who caused me absolute havoc while hiding behind words designed to make it all sound like the havoc was done in my "best interests". You "help" me. However, I challenge anyone who reads this story to still hold the conclusion by the time they are done that anyone mentioned herein had in any way acted as a "friend".

It should be noted that NO names have been changed, here. These are real people - many holding real, public positions. I have not held back.

This blog entry has been up (since December, 2009), and it has been visited by everyone mentioned within it, as well as by three local police departments, the local State Attorney's Office, and the FBI. I have the IP logs to prove it. The names include officers in those police departments who actually sabotaged cases to protect people whom they thought at the time were innocent, but who were actually duping them. No ONE, no lawyer, no police department, has even so much as sent me a Cease & Desist, a restraining order, made a phone call, knocked on my door, sent me a letter, an email, tried to talk to me or contact me in any way, or tried to take me to court over it. No one herein named wishes to make this any more public than it already now is. To do so could ruin their lives. To publicly stand up and fight me, to call attention to everything they did, would mean immediate political self-assassination. In a perfect Sun Tzu realization, I began to notice that the bad guys are very frightened of this blog and curse it's existence but do not seem to be able to do anything about it without calling some form of highly public wrath upon themselves. ...And the sad thing didn't have to BE this way. It all could have been so very easily prevented if just one person at any level had spoken the following very words, which I'll say yet again: "Do you have any proof of that?"

Sun Tzu's very first law was that if you aren't willing to deal with the very real and bloody consequences of the war then you shouldn't have the war. Why did these people have to have the war? Most of all, why didn't they first try to find PROOF that the bad guy was actually a bad guy before they took any actions at all? Sun Tzu also taught that if your enemy cannot put down the sword, then you should show your enemy what the sword really means, and you should fight the war more aggressively than your enemy, and, in the end, chop off your opponents head and hold it up for all the other enemies to see. That is what this blog is. ...And the most ironic part? that the sword that is cutting off their heads, so to speak, doesn't really belong to me, but instead to my enemies. For some "primitive" guy who was around several thousand long years ago, Sun Tzu really knew what the hell he was talking about. Even thousands of years later, his teachings still ring undeniably true, and always seem to win the test of the challenge; and this blog is testament to that. It actually held back the FBI when someone in the NWS tried to invoke them to harass me into silence. I'm assuming that the NWS didn't like that I was mentioning names of federal government employees in my blog, and wanted to "take care of it". The FBI investigated the blog and noted that people in city, county, state, and federal government were apparently picking on a guy who was a federal government employee himself. That I guess changed the whole ball game. Then, as quickly as it was all started, the FBI just..."went away". Interesting, huh? I guess so much for using the FBI to take care of me. Oddest thing I've ever experienced in my life.

Actually, it now appears that a rogue agent of the FBI is who was investigating me - not the FBI, itself. That is...not because any bench warrants had been issued to authorize any real investigation of me, or because a judge's signature had been affixed upon any official piece of paper to begin such a thing. This agent was apparently acting completely alone, surreptitiously under the noses of his superiors, as a favor to Al Sandrik, the Lead Warning Coordination Meteorologist at NWS-JAX. Al had been led by the hams to believe that I was a problem, and it now appears that Al was apparently on a personal mission to take care of someone whom he perceived to be an asshole. And it would seem that when Al targets you as such a person then Al can apparently become a mean-assed, belligerent son of a bitch who forgets everything going on around him while he gets a tunnel-visioned focus on making sure that you understand that he is God and that he has all the power of the universe behind him.

After some investigating of my own, it quickly became apparent that Al had a friend at the FBI with whom he had once worked in the past in Naval Criminal Justice, as he once ever-so-proudly bragged during a spotter training class. It was a huge mistake because in one beligerently-intended sentence, which I'm beginning to think now was probably meant just for me and no one else, it made a whole lot of things finally gel together for me. ...And that single very cocky brag, probably intended to scare me about his all-powerful awesomeness and the god-like powers that I was meant to understand that he had, solved a slew of mysteries about why Naval Criminal Justice and the FBI and the NWS would investigate right on the heels of each other, simultaneously, all using the same exact keyword search phrases, in the same exact order, showing a line of communication going on as they did so. That single oh-so-tiny bit of information pointed me in an investigative direction of my own. Al had pulled a "Kevin Mitnik", right there in front of me, and in front of every other spotter wannabe who was sitting there that night. Although at the time, no one else in the room knew that it had happened. He'd meant to social engineer me, but only ended up accidentally giving up very crucial information that I was able to use to instantly put all the pieces together and pin everything down, instead. I struggled so very hard to keep my face blank. You can't understand how difficult it was not to jump to my feet and shout out "YES!" But I didn't do it. I stared at my girlfriend with widened eyes. She looked back at me as casually as she could out of the corner of her eye. She knew immediately why I was staring at her. She quietly put her hand on mine and patted it to remind me not to react, and continued staring ahead. In an instant, Al had given it ALL away in a single very proud, very overly confident brag. From there, I was able to put two and two together to finish a very dark and insane puzzle. And at the same time, I had to contain my coincidental anger because once I realized...I wanted to rush up and beat the crap out of him, too. But that would have served no purpose except to get me into trouble and to hand them on a silver platter a free criminal charge to press against me. So I yet again, sucked it in and took it up the ass. I continued the class to the end without a clue handed over to anybody.

Like I keep telling people...bullies get a tunnel-visioned focus on the hating, so much so that they don't pay attention to what they're doing, and they always make mistakes that you can then use against them. If there's one thing that they're consistently "gold" to, it's that. And Al was no exception to that physics-rigid rule about the universe. ...Ego. It has to be one of the Devil's most favorite sins. ...And when it helps me to track down crooked, egotistical, way-too-powerful, beligerent stalker assholes and call them and all their other little minions out simultaneously, then it becomes one of mine, too. ...And as everyone knows by now, I have the gumption to and I will use the opportunity to use it right back against my stalkers at every door of opportunity that they're so stupid enough to leave open to me. ...And in so doing, they learn to leave me the hell alone, and that maybe screwing with me was actually a really, really bad idea. And that's all that I wanted...for peace; and for all the stalking and harassment to stop. GOD, I just wanted it to STOP!!! HOW did everybody end up going so far, and letting themselves and the situation get so very far out of control??? (sigh)

The rogue agent friend at the FBI was working at a lonely little 4-man "satellite outpost" of sorts in the middle of nowhere in the outskirts of Blacksburg, Virginia. After a few days of the hits, I'd decided that that's just enough. They'd gone to far. "Jesus CHRIST! What the hell is going ON, here?! I'm sitting at home waiting for a battering ram to take my god-damned door down, now! WHY?! This is fucking ridiculous! I haven't done anything!" I said to myself out loud. So, I picked up the phone and called FBI Headquarters in DC. Damn it! I was going to get to the bottom of this!

I was able to track the IP address right to that outpost with the help of a really nice old man who told me that he used to be a Field Agent long ago, and who was now a telephone operator for the FBI. Apparently he "loved mysteries" and piecing puzzles together and he became interested in my story. After giving him the rundown, and answering some questions, and after lots of clickety-clacking on his computer keyboard, he was able to help me pinpoint the exact location of the building, and even it's phone number. During the call, he asked me, "Are you aware they're hitting you, right now?" (They can SEE that???) Well, I mean...YAH. That's kinda why I was calling him in the first place. By that time, it had been going on for a few days.

A later phone call to that very building nabbed me how many people were operating it, although the agent who answered would not give me any names. (Not that I expected any.) I had deliberately timed my call to coincide with the exact moment that they were hitting my blog - when I knew that it would be right up there on their screen, live. Then I called. It must have been a really creepy, frightening feeling for the FBI agent to have my stuff up there on his screen at the same time that I'm on the phone asking if I can "help" him with anything. I HOPE it was creepy. I really, really WANTED it to be creepy for him. I certainly meant for it to. And I didn't have to be present to be almost sure that as soon as I hung up that phone, there was very likely a pretty panicked phone call or an email communication made to the NWS Field Office in Jacksonville. At least, I like to imagine that happening, anyway. :)

I just wanted people to understand quite perfectly and loudly clear: that I'm NOT a fucking dumb ass, and I could easily see what they were doing! I rather enjoyed pointing out in very certain, very sourly-understood (for them) terms for them that in fact they were not professionals in that moment; but rather, they were being pretty carelessly and amateurishly incompetent. I have to admit that I was feeling pretty proud. I nailed the FBI. I'm not going to let them live that down. ...A presumed "dumbass"...caught them.

This building wasn't a six-story, 6-thousand-man building. It was a simple four-man outpost. Four people is much easier to track. And I think now that the man whom I was talking to WAS the guy who was Al's friend, giving me the runaround. I'd be anxious to investigate a little further to see if either of the four employee names crosses paths in a background employment history check with Al Sandrik in Naval Criminal Justice. If that turned out to be dead spot on - if there was a connection - then that would be very interesting indeed, and Al, and the agent, would be nabbed. That would be it. Now you understand why I wanted to jump up and shout during that spotter training class. Now you see where it was going. See, I have this theory that Al sort of still fancies himself a "detective" and something of the "knight in shining armor" coming to the rescue of a fair maiden or something. And I believe that Al decided to cull some of his friends in Naval Criminal Justice, and in the FBI, and using the resources of his co-worker Angie Enyedi's husband, Matt, at Fidelity National Financial and Lender Processing Services, both out of Jacksonville, to use their resources to help him paint a picture that I was a bad guy. ...But he was not able to gather what he thought for sure that he was going to find, and his efforts failed. You can't find what isn't there in the first place. He really needed that in order to justify all of the actions taken against me. Finding nothing, he's got a problem. He was the catalyst for all the other agencies and organizations thinking that I was a "serious problem" and taking actions against me which caused me harm. He is directly responsible for all of that. Having nothing ON me, he is forced to realize that he was wrong, AND that he's got actions to own up to, now. admit that is to end his career and to possibly his freedom...and he's not going to allow that to happen.

It is insane in fact, the amount of trouble that one Department of Commerce employee was able to bring to bear to cause one single innocent man so much pain and sorrow and havoc. ...And on just an assumption...a guess. ...An obsessive compulsive one that he couldn't put down. You know...the "I'm-uh gonna GIT this bad guy" kind of thing. He's the obsessed cop who can't put down the idea that his "bad guy" might actually be the innocent victim; and he just won't allow the entertainment of any theories which would contradict his own mind's picture.

Can't help but wonder if this is the very reason why Al no longer works for Naval Criminal Justice, now, and why he's instead working in a wildly different career path the weather service. I mean, was he fired for doing just this sort of stuff before to someone else? Did he get caught, and did that person have more money and resources than I? ...And was he fired for it? Does Al have a past history of Code of Conduct violations within Naval Criminal Justice? I'm curious to find out what the real behind-the-scenes story is, there.

But no...there was no real, official "investigation" of me. It was just Al...misusing/misappropriating government resources to dig up informational dirt on someone that he apparently disliked, trying to cull a "favor" of a past friend he once worked with in the Navy, I suspect.

Had the FBI really been investigating, there would be a lot more to this story. But there isn't. So it becomes painfully apparent that what actually happened was done under the noses of the FBI, by a agent acting surreptitiously who didn't want upper echolon to know. I know. As I've said, I've called and made complaint, and asked questions about it. They have nothing in their records to show any official paperwork filed, and so no official signatures properly recorded anywhere, to begin any actual investigation of me whatsoever. Odder still though, was that on notification of this weird "event", there was no further followup FBI investigation of it, either, as you might expect. Wouldn't you think that they'd want to know who was doing all that mis-using?...and if it was even true? Seemed a little odd to me. I guess so much for the FBI "taking EVERY report seriously". I guess it's just not true. Somebody somewhere really dropped the ball there on that one. Anyway...

So Al Sandrik had a friend in the FBI and he'd tried to curry his favor, and the rogue agent utilized official government resources to "investigate" someone without the knowledge or approval of FBI HQ, without the authority of a Judge's signature. Want the correct legal terminology? ...A rogue agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in the course of doing a favor for a Department of Commerce employee, both acting without the knowledge of permission of their respective agency's superiors, misappropriated United States Government equipment and resources to investigate someone for whom no Bench Warrant had actually been issued to authorize such an investigation or resource use, with the intent of sharing the gathered information with unauthorized third parties for the purpose of... Well, no one actually knows. See, that's usually stated in the Bench Warrant. But that's a pretty damned serious no-no, and Al could get into a lot of trouble for doing that, and so could his widdle FBI "fwiend".

Ironically...placing this blog up was the only thing that made all the harassments actually stop. It is testament to the fact that "bullies"...just don't like publicity. No matter how much they might tell you to keep your mouth shut; no matter how much they may threaten you and how frightening it initially feels to experience that...the moral is that you should NEVER keep your mouth shut and that you should always complain as loudly in fact as possible. Otherwise, they retain a complete control of you and they will always hold the upper hand over you. And when your bully has the upper should break it...with as loud a snap as possible for all their friends to hear. I realize that it may sound like a pretty sickly-described metaphor's dead-on. This very strategy has actually worked extremely well for me, in fact. ...Unpredictability. They don't know how to handle that. My bullies instead ran away and stopped everything dead rather than continue doing what they were doing and chance being caught in the act. Getting caught is a very frightening thing for bullies to deal with. They're actually pretty chicken-shit, at heart. It's a big secret that most victims don't know about. A lot of victims may never realize this though, and that's why bullies are so often allowed to get away with what they do. It's why they're often so successful. The victims are usually too afraid to stand up for themselves for fear of even worse reprisals. They also get caught in this cycle of wanting to forgive and to forget and to reset, hoping that "they won't do it to me again anymore". And as a victim myself, I was no exception to that. I didn't realize that secret either, in the beginning. I had to learn it over an agonizingly drawn out period of time by effectively getting my ass kicked one too many times by them, just like every other victim...and finally being forced to turn around and fight back in self defense. You have to with bullies, because they get a sadistic pleasure out of hurting you and you'll learn that they just can't stop once they get started on you.

All that being said though, today I still find that I am extremely frightened of ham radio operators and I really don't ever want anything to do with them ever again in my entire lifetime. I'm scared shitless of them. I still have my license, and I keep a 2-meter radio in the car for dire emergencies, but it is disconnected and otherwise not used. I still have my ham tag on my car but its main purpose is mostly so that so that my callsign remains seen by all of the people who caused me so much harm so that they know that I'm still here and that they haven't been able to make me completely disappear; and hopefully, it also causes them something of a serious migraine. ...But really, that is as much as I ever want to do with ham radio anymore because of what the hams here have been so easily able to do to me. Hams scare me because of how much POWER they are blindly given by emergency management and other powerful agencies, and because of how many times that I have seen them severely ABUSE that power to cause harm to others.

While I understand that there are those who had nothing to do with the Alachua County hams, I no longer see ham radio as something which should be supported by emergency management or any other government services to any real trusting degree. This is because in all of my lifetime's experiences with ham radio operators, I have seen too much infighting, too much rabid talk, too much hate and spite, too much jealously, too much irresponsibility, and far too much immaturity. When hams are given too much power, they become arrogant and get a god complex. They are far too willing to be able to use it to cause harm to others. Until such time as I see a change in this attitude and behavior, I am also defacto scared of emergency management and how easily it can be manipulated by hams. Local emergency management has shown just as much irresponsibility and immaturity. In terms of my personal treatment by local EM, it was extremely unprofessional, and dangerously negligent. Ever since we lost Craig Fugate and he became the Director of the Federal Division of Emergency Management, things just haven't been the same here in Alachua County. Dave Donnelly just isn't as responsible and I've found that a lot of his actions just haven't been well thought out or very prudently handled, and he has allowed himself to fall into the line of fire for some very seriously actionable things - by taking gossip and rumor and acting upon it without first taking some very simple steps which could have easily stopped it all dead in its tracks. But for some god-awful unknown reason, the man decided to skip normal common sense and instead engage in the negligent and beligerant courses of action that he did, and an extremely dangerous situation resulted. ACOEM, and NWS, at this time, are not in possession of any affidavits from their supposed "sources" that touted that I was such a "problem". And they cannot now later obtain them, after the fact, either. This is turning out to be quite a nightmare for them, now.

You know, it occurs to me that if there were ever to be a way "in" found by terrorists into our government operations, it would be through emergency management by posing as trusted ham radio operators, who today apparently aren't checked much beyond a lowest-level security check.

While I'm at it though, I feel compelled to make one thing perfectly clear here so that there is no misunderstanding... We're not talking about government conspiracies in this blog. I just don't believe in those. What I do believe is that ignorant people with self-serving interests can obtain positions in government and then abuse the powers which are given them; and/or that otherwise good people who hold government positions can become manipulated by self-serving amateur radio operators whose goal is to twist facts in ways which serve themselves and to use that to cause fear and panic (mass hysteria) in innocent-yet-gullible leaders who don't know better. THAT...I actually believe in. (Those leaders are still responsible for their actions and inactions, though.) THAT is what is being described, herein...and nothing more.

Finally, it is hoped that what is contained herein may be of some actual, helpful learning service to others who have been victims of bullies - otherwise knows as "psychopaths".

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