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     On Dealing With Psychopaths and Stalking

Chapter 9 -

The Alachua County Office of Emergency Management itself has been a very serious problem for me not only in how it has repeatedly ignored my harassment complaints about the people it works closely with, but most notably and unbelievably in how it actually personally interfered with my ability to investigate the harassments with other agencies and organizations (GPD, UPD, the NWS, GARC, and GARS for examples) and thus my ability to try to protect myself. On more than one occasion Emergency Manager Dave Donnelly inappropriately offered personal opinions to investigating officers in the Gainesville Police Department and at the University of Florida Police Department, convincing them that I was a problem, not the victim, while having absolutely nothing tangible on-hand - no facts, no evidence at all - to actually prove that I was the problem that he said I was. A very bad form maneuver meant to protect his friends, whom he didn't want to get in trouble. It only inspired a prejudice in the officers. Because of this, a cyberstalking investigation was destroyed, as was as a computer hacking investigation. The unverified "gossip" from the emergency manager caused the officers to believe that I was actually attempting to use the law to harass innocent people and that the harassers were the victims, instead. As a result, in violation of Title 18, Section 242 of the U.S. Code, "Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law", a GPD officer deliberately sabotaged my harassment case, and a UPD officer, sabotaged a computer hacking case, because they believed that an emergency manager, having the clout of County government behind him, was official enough and authoritative enough to "know" what he was talking about, and thus, immune to any investigation to verify his statements. In the case of the hacking, it wasn't just Dave Donnelly that convinced the UPD officer. The Gator Amateur Radio Club's then Faculty Advisor, Jay Garlitz, also had a hand in convincing them that I was making stuff up. They may have truly believed that they were protecting the innocent; but in actuality, they caused great harm to a completely helpless victim who could do absolutely nothing to prevent it all because they had all the power.

They were deliberate acts; not accidents. Just because some officers were misled by someone in authority does not make what they did an "accident", nor does it make it justifiable. They consciously chose to take shortcuts in the law and to completely skip over a victim's civil and due process rights. They're still responsible. Those actions caused harm to and endangered the victim. I'm not gonna sit here and pull punches for these guys. What all of them did, conspiring together to do it, was extremely wrong, and in violation of the law. It was a deliberate act of endangerment towards another without care for the consequences for the victim.

Emergency Management's handling of my plight has been extremely irresponsible, incompetent, and insensitive, has shown no sympathy towards my problem, and in fact has shown an outright contempt and denial of it all. I challenge ACOEM to back up any effort they might say they have made in the handling of my situation with documented proof of anything done; anything. There is nothing. No investigation. No questioning. No documentation. No witnesses. And I'll bet even upper echelon didn't have a clue that anything was even happening underneath them. But actions were definitely taken against me. How are they going to explain them? ACOEM has nothing to cover itself with. The officer in GPD claims to have had conversations with Chief William May, and with Asst. State Attorney Lee Libby. I would like to know what those conversations were about. What was it that Chief May said? or that Libby said? ...Because after that, some officers went rogue. It appears that I'm a victim of inappropriate oppression-related conversations and actions, here. It looks like there was some conspiracy-related planning to "take care of the bad guy" being set up between all of the involved parties.

Now, ACOEM, Dave Donnelly, Chief May, And Atty. Libby are all in fear of a lawsuit, with no understanding of why...or of what just really happened. Still, it all could have been avoided had they kept me in the loop, and talked to me about things. But for whatever odd, inexplicable, reasons (not to mention reasons which were against standard policy and procedure)...they did not, and I was kept out of the loop of the gossip. I make no apologies. This was wholly their own fault. They have no excuses, here. They probably could have helped to prevent all of the eventual problems that occurred had they just kept in touch with me, and stopped treating me like I was being ridiculous. But they chose not to, and my stalkers ended up (however unintentionally on the part of Emergency Management) only being encouraged by EM's lack of proper due diligence and observance of proper procedures to make sure nothing like this could accidentally happen to innocent people and that civil rights weren't inadvertently thrown out the window.

You know what the really sad part about this whole thing is? At some point along the way, I know there has to be a point where everybody began to realize that I had been telling them the truth after all. I know that ACOEM did finally begin to see Melissa for exactly all that I had been telling them...years later; and that they'd realized they'd just picked on the wrong guy and maybe even caused him a LOT of trouble. They actually fired her and cancelled her EM training. (Red Cross did, too, at the exact same time, for the exact same reasons as ACOEM.) I know they had to realize what a serious problem Scott West was, too. And after some time, they had to put the pieces together to realize that Mr. Capehart wasn't as mature and responsible as they originally thought and that he really was torturing me and harassing me and encouraging the other hams to stalk and harass me. But at that point, there's where somebody somewhere was supposed to pull me off to the side and say "I'm sorry, we didn't know, we thought we were doing the right thing, and we were wrong." But nobody did that.

...BUT, you see, they can't apologize or admit the truth or the huge mistake that they'd just made because it could open themselves (and many other people and agencies and organizations) up to criminal charges, a lawsuit, or some other sort of really heavy bad news. So everyone kept their mouths shut, kept it hidden from the public, and from upper echelon (i.e., City and County Commissioners/government) - and especially from the Press. Because I assure you, if City and County leaders had known what their people had just done to someone, and the huge embarrassment that it could cause for the City and the County, they probably would not have allowed it to go without investigation and severe reprimand. And if this got out into the Press!... Everyone involved was oh so very irresponsible, here.

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