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Chapter 10 -

SUMMARY: Detective Joseph Mayo, of the Gainesville Police Department, after some inappropriate interference from the then newly appointed Emergency Manager, Dave Donnelly, who suggested to him that I was attempting to use the law to harass innocent people who were his personal friends, deliberately sabotaged an ongoing criminal investigation into cyberstalking and harassment on the part of Melissa Royce (and possibly her husband Philip too), who had sent me a harassing email using my own forged name at Yahoo to advise me that "changes were coming soon for Alachua County SKYWARN", and who had forged business cards touting herself as the new "Coordinator" of Alachua County SKYWARN and had used them to dupe the local Emergency Management office and con them into attempting to take over control of ACS. (Was that too much? Wanna read that again?...)

There's a scene in Cape Fear where a lawyer (Sam), stalked and harassed by an ex-convict, is consulting with a private detective...

Sam (upset): "...I mean why can't anybody do anything for me?! What, what good are cops and laws and due process?!!...

Detective (holding up his hand): "Sam, Sam, Sam... Lem'me explain something to you. See, the system is set up to handle generalized problems like burglary and robbery...but if some lone creep out there targets you for some obscure reason...the system's slow and skeptical. It's pathetic, even..."

In a nutshell, I went to a cop to protect myself against people who were stalking and harassing me. Only, my stalkers ended up giving me a play-by-play of all of the yet-unpublished details about my case four months before the case was actually closed, torturing me with intimite details apparently shared with them personally by the cop. ...And the reason he apparently did this was because, according to one of my stalkers, the local Emergency Manager had inappropriately told him that I was attempting to use the law to harass innocent people - people whom the EM happened to work with sometimes in amateur radio. So the cop decided to do him (and thus my stalkers) the "favor" of deliberately delaying the accumulation of evidence which would have proven them to be guilty until an expiration point had come and the evidence was thereafter destroyed by the company in possession of it. In other words, a local officer, violating quite a number of my Constitutional rights, felt that because an Emergency Manager wearing a shirt with a title on it said that I was using the law to harass, that this must therefore be true - with no challenge under the law being necessary. And therefore, he felt that he was allowed to violate the Constitution with impunity because it seemed to be backed up by "an official who worked for an official local agency."

Remember that scene in The Silence of the Lambs?...

Jack Crawford: "Hey Starling. When I...when I told that sheriff we shouldn't talk in front of a woman, it really burned you. Didn't it?" (pause) "...It was just smoke, Starling. I had to get rid of 'im."

Starling: "It matters, Mr. Crawford. Cops look at you to see how to act. It matters."

Jack Crawford: "Point taken.

...Different situation maybe; but the same point still remains. The cop's negative reaction towards me was based solely and implicitely upon the condescending tone that the Emergency Manager had inappropriately set; and from that point on, Due Process and Civil Rights no longer mattered. Mr. Donnelly's opinion should not have mattered at all and it was irresponsible and completely unprofessional and had no business being considered at all by the Gainesville Police Department EXCEPT as a personal opinion which may or may NOT be true - unless ACOEM was willing to go officially and publicly on the record with its statement. But it was not. Mr. Donnelly's statement to the officer was intended to remain unpublicised, hidden, but still taken into consideration enough to cause the officer to react - without any official acknowledgement of why. It was an illicit interference by the Alachua County Office of Emergency Management in a real, ongoing criminal case; and Mr. Donnelly's personal opinion actually adversely affected the outcome of that investigation. Because in the end all that mattered after that was that Mr. Sherman was the bad guy, and the people he was filing internal and criminal complaints about were not. ...At least as far as Mr. Donnelly had laid it out. And from there, Standard Operating Procedures Manuals, Codes and State Statutes, and Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure...none of that mattered any longer, and as far as they were concerned had nothing to do with the agenda at hand which was...protecting Mr. Capehart and his friends.

This officer even tried to blame it on an attorney at the Gainesville State Attorney's Office, citing that Attorney Lee Libby had told him that "...this looks more like a civil than a criminal case." But there was no explanation of how my case looked more civil than criminal. Obviously I was just supposed to take that answer, shut up, and go away. (I'm really kinda blown away by the expert criminal acumen of the local cops. I'd say "Don't quit yer day job"; but then, that wouldn't hold true, either. These guys are real idiots. They truly believe that their uniforms give them god-like powers of auto-attorney-accumen. They're irresponsible and have done nothing but screw things up deliberately.)

Yah, that's it. (points finger) "HE TOLD ME TO DO IT!" That's a valid cop defense. Right? Except that...if challenged, there's no way Dave Donnelly or Asst. State Attorney Lee Libby are going to admit to any of that. So this officer is now left fending for himself on his own for a pretty serious wanton violative action taken involving evidence tampering, evidence destruction, and obstruction of justice which had nothing in print or in verbal command to officially or logically back it up. Far too often officers take shortcut actions such as these believing that their uniforms give them the power and the authority to act without having to offer explanation or even to have to answer to the law, themselves. As a result, my case was completely and utterly destroyed, and my stalking nightmares only got worse. Regardless of what the officer may have thought he was doing, the officer had only succeeded in case destruction, and in endangering me further...because he failed, deliberately, to take my complaint seriously.

Detective Joseph Mayo, of the Gainesville Police Dept. was the detective who was assigned to a harassment case that I had filed in 2006. Someone had sent me a harassing email. At first the case was against unknowns (because we weren't sure who had actually sent the email), but which, when the email's header information was checked out with greater scrutiny, later turned out to be against a husband and wife team - Phil and Melissa Royce. The "originating IP", when plugged into a browser, took you to Philip Royce's personal web page...or more accurately, to an IP address belonging to Phil and Melissa Royce.

At the same time, unknown to me, apparently Melissa Royce had been working very hard on local Emergency Management leaders trying to convince them that I was handing an organization that I'd founded, called "Alachua County SKYWARN", over to her, and that I had made her the new "Coordinator" of that organization. No one had bothered to contact me to confirm it. Emergency Management allowed Melissa to even go as far as to draw up an actual "Standard Operating Procedures Manual" which dictated how ACS was going to be run - under the Alachua County Office of Emergency Management. All of this effort was kept from me, and I had no idea at all that it was even going on.

Not long after that began, someone then apparently opened up a Yahoo account using my name (spelled incorrectly), then sent the harassing email, and then deleted the Yahoo account in order to erase the evidence. It threatened Alachua County SKYWARN. The email itself contained no threats of physical harm, but mentioned "changes coming" for the organization, itself. ...It came on the heels of years worth of stalking and harassment by multiple area hams, and I was tired of it, and I wanted it to stop.

I'd already warned people that if it didn't stop that I was going to start going to the police 1) to start putting things into the record, and 2) to start filing charges against people, and 3) because apparently it was necessary to set public examples, and I desperately needed those examples, because there currently weren't any consequences out there to make anyone think twice about what they were doing, and they were getting bolder and bolder in what they were pulling. ...Whatever it took to make all of this ridiculousness stop. After all, that is exactly the procedure recommended by the police to do whenever you are stalked and harassed. Even Dave Donnelly, the Emergency Manager at the Alachua County Office of Emergency Management, had told me during a meet with him at Big Lou's Pizzeria about the situation that if people were stlaking and harassing me, then I needed to go to the police. Now...remember all of that. Okay?...

So when this happened, I did just that. I wanted Det. Mayo to subpoena the IP logs from Bellsouth and Yahoo - a very simple task, to confirm the IP information in the email header which, when actually checked, pointed to Philip Royce/KE4PWE's personal web page. (OOPS!) I needed to prove that the header information was not forged or made up. I needed to verify it, back it up with logs from an outside, third party source. That was the detective's only mission. It was very simple. It required no effort except to fill out a form and submit it to the service providers.

At some point during the investigation, Det. Mayo was apparently told by Dave Donnelly, the same Emergency Manager mentioned above, that I was a "problem" and without anything to back that information up in documentation or signature or in any official way, without any evidence given to the detective to substantiate it, Det. Mayo took it upon himself to deliberately delay subpoenaing the legal documentation that I had requested - which documentation would have helped me find proof of who had sent me a harassing email. I found this out because word of this was bragged to me midway through the case by one of my stalkers, Jeff Cepahart, who told me that Det. Mayo had shared everything about my case to the two very people whom I had filed the harassment complaint against - Phil and Melissa Royce. Jeff told me that Det. Mayo was saying everything that he thought I wanted to hear, and that he was deliberately delaying getting anything done. What was shocking was that I'd said absolutely nothing to Jeff about what was going on with the case and he seemed to have all the intimate details of it...what was said, who was mentioned, what was said in emails to the detective, how many emails were sent to the detective...everything.

Do you know how scary it is to hear your stalker tell you all about your case - all the intimate details that he SHOULD NOT KNOW - right back to your face?!

Again, Mayo had one job: to subpoena the IP logs from Bellsouth and Yahoo. He had six months to do it and all I got were excuses. He never called me; I always had to call him. He never had time. He was always out to a seminar, a meeting, a class, or something. He always feigned interest, even promised that he was the best; but his voice betrayed otherwise. It sounded...acted. I...suspected he wasn't being forthright with me from almost the very beginning. And he was constantly telling me that "it would probably be better just to drop the case". "Are you sure you don't want to just drop the case, Mr. Sherman?" I never felt comfortable talking to him, or like I didn't have to worry. His voice was always condescending and I always felt like I was really screwing up his day, putting him out. He took so long to get anything done. In the end, he lied to me and told me that he had obtained the IP logs and that they looked like there was "some anonymizing and spoofing going on". When I told him to make copies of them so that I could bring them to other expert witnesses to analyze, he called me back and told me that for six months he had been pulling the wrong case file - that he had continually pulled someone else's case file, accidentally...but repeatedly, over and over, for six months in a row. It just didn't make sense.

He told me that he had never subpoenaed the logs. that he never intended to subpoena the logs "because the State Atty's Office had always said that it appeared to be a civil matter rather than a criminal case." (This actually has nothing to do with subpoenaing logs; only which courtroom you're going to hold anything in. I know what he was trying to get me to believe but I knew too much and he didn't realize it. He was BS'ing me and I knew it.)

(sigh) I knew he was working to destroy the case and there was nothing that I could do about it. You don't know what a suck feeling that have to hold all that inside and keep a secret so that you're not clueing the bad cop in that you know what he's doing to you. I'll admit...I seriously thought about suicide at times throughout all of this.

I put him up against the wall and asked him when he had told the SA's Office about this. He hemmed and hawwed. I had to repeatedly ask the question, and push the answer out of him. I did it deliberately so as to force him off balance so that he didn't have time to make something up. Finally, he told me that he had only just asked them recently. ...Recently. ...Not at the beginning. ...Not at the middle. ...But just before he closed the case. I asked him who he had talked to at the SAO. Again, he stuttered and paused as if trying to think of what to say. ...As if...he was trying to quickly rationalize whether or not it was a wise idea to reveal this guy's name and whether or not it might come back to bite him in the ass; but he knew that he had to say something quickly or else it sounded like he was delaying. And I could feel all that in his voice. I kept the pressure on him. I repeated the question. He finally admitted..."Attorney Libby."

So he lied. He'd LIED to me!!! First he'd said that the SA's Office had "always said" - implying that he'd been in contact with them since the beginning of the case. In fact, when I asked for the copies, I think I must have scared him because he apparently realized that I was catching on, and he knew he needed an excuse or he'd be in some big trouble. So he then called me back and gave me that lame final explanation to "alibi" himself.

Here's something you probably didn't catch, though... Det. Mayo implicated the Gainesville State Attorney's Office in a crime. In specific, he implicated Attorney Lee Libby in an apparent co-conspiracy. I contacted Mr. Libby about this, later, and Mr. Libby had no recollection of any conversations with Det. Mayo. I suspect that if Mayo said anything at all to Mr. Libby, that the description had been exceptionally watered down and "nutshelled" to the point of sounding like something completely different from the actual, and Libby offered his quick, on-the-spot opinion. But really, that's all it could be taken opinion and not a mandatory course of action. I wasn't aware that you had to first pass a test with the SAO before you even got to make an appearance before a Judge. That's a new one on me. And this is what Mayo seemed to be suggesting. But this is apparently what Mayo was wanting and it was apparently "convenient" and Mayo took the opportunity to use it against me.

Mayo's got a real problem here. He needs Libby to back him up. But if Libby backs him up, I can sue the State because they apparently prevented me from being able to have my case tried in a criminal court, or to even begin a criminal investigation to gather the evidence needed for such a case. That's not a good accusation. It's a pretty serious one. So the SAO's position will obviously be one of denial to cover their own asses. This will leave Mayo out on his lonesome ass. This leaves Mayo looking like a liar, and like a criminal, as well as acting completely on his own. Mayo would seem to have no friends in this. He screwed himself with that particular choice of excuse. At the very least, Mayo acted exceptionally irresponsibly, making the City responsible for his negligent actions because he is their employee.

So...Mayo had made it all up. He feigned taking action, and never really wholeheartedly investigated at all. It makes sense, now, because nothing he'd said to me ever made any real sense.

...What a way to treat a victim, man. How could a cop do something like that to someone? ...Why?

In the end, he treated me like I was a tyrant for wanting to know what was happening with my own case, about what he had been doing with my case, and why he never acted in six months on something so simple as subpoenaeing those IP logs...and he hung up on me.

...In his own words:

"Mr. Sherman, I'm not obligated to tell you anything, I don't have to explain myself, and I'm going to hang up now. Okay, Mr. Sherman? Good-bye."

That was as much "justice" as I was going to get out of this. It was now too late.

Due directly to the officer's malicious and deliberate interference in my case, the expiration period had lapsed, and the logs were no longer obtainable because they had by now been destroyed to the ether by the two companies, who by law are not obligated to keep such logs beyond that amount of time.

The detective had sabotaged any chance for me to try to make people stop, or to set any examples. At the same time, he had now shown my harassers that even the police department was going to help them stalk and harass me, and to protect them from discovery and/or prosecution. This made them feel indestructible and completely untouchable, and they continued to harass me. Mayo had screwed me...on purpose, and I was completely helpless. I DID keep a running log of what was going on. This is interesting reading.8

What do you do when cops go bad? How do you defend against something like that? (sigh)

...Bad cops in the Gainesville Police Department. Oh my god! I can't believe it! But there it is.

And it wasn't to be the last time that I would be affected by stuff like that, either. In June of 2006 a Detective Metz at the University Police Department would sabotage another computer crimes-related incident - a server hacking case - against Jeff Capehart.[see] And in May of 2009, the Alachua County Sheriff's Office would blow off a case of endangerment and assault that I'd filed against a man who had sent his doberman pincer after me when he didn't want to participate in a mandatory survey that I had been tasked to his house by the federal government to complete with him.[see] In that case, it took ASO two months to respond. Negligence and irresponsibility in the law seems to be a common occurance.

The Final Report of Detective Mayo9 made no mention of phone discussions, exchanges of emails, the interviews with Emergency Management...just one phone contact with me. The final report made no mention of the fact that I had requested he subpoena the IP logs, or that he'd repeatedly told me that he had them, or any mention of his "mistakes". Where is it? Where did it all go? What happened to all of that interaction? His final report, in fact, was condescending, and was deliberately worded to make me sound like I was an idiot. There is no excuse for a report like that, after six months of supposed "investigation". It's a sloppy report done last minute - like a college student who'd waited until a couple hours before his final was due. It's half copied from the previous officer's inadequate report of the situation. But in the end, Detective Mayo's final report only makes damn sure that no future officer who reads that report ever takes me seriously....ever. His words were uncalled for, and his irresponsible handling of my case only caused me more problems and helped aid the wrong people.

While thinking he was helping the good guys, Detective Mayo directly, with aforethought and malicious intent, aided and abetted and collaborated with the bad guys in the commission of a computer crime, sharing intimite case details with the perpetrators and with people outside of the circle of "need to know", tampering with a victim, tampering with evidence, and through his callous indifference and deliberate inaction allowing for the destruction of evidence, and in committing computer-related harassment and stalking crimes against someone he was supposed to be sworn to protect. By stalling subpoenaing of the logs, and making sure that the evidence was erased and I couldn't do anything then about it first, and in working with the Royce's to do this, it became a conspiracy. In so doing that, he became a co-conspirator. He deliberately and with aforethought prevented evidence from being obtained. He interfered with it's collection. He also apparently must have given the State Attorney's Office false and/or misleading information which caused the attorney assigned to the case to label it as a "civil" case instead of a "computer crimes" case, which is what it actually was. What did Detective Mayo leave out of his report to Attorney Libby to bring him to that wildly incorrect conclusion? Acting like the Worlds Dumbest Criminal though, now Detective Mayo had actually implicated Libby! I don't think Mr. Libby would appreciate that!

These actions protected Phil and Melissa Royce. These actions caused the erasure of evidence. These actions...gave my stalkers carte blanche to continue harassing and stalking me. In working with the Royce's, a police officer in the Gainesville Police Department had now become the harasser and stalker, and was now co-responsible for the comission of the computer crime. Pretty hefty stuff for him to have to deal with, huh? He thought he was helping the good guys, and got duped into abusing the system and the law to aid and abet the bad guys instead. I'm sorry, but Mayo has only himself to blame, there. I went to him for help. He screwed me by his own choice; by his own actions. He alone is responsible for that. I didn't exactly hold a gun to his head. Same for Libby.

I'm resigned to the fact that I'm probably not ever going to get my name back, or to see Alachua County SKYWARN's reputation and credibility fully restored again. The cop knows people in Emergency Management, and they know people in the City and the County...the Board of County Commissioners, etc. And all they have to do is have one person do a favor for another, and do a favor for someone else, and documents or evidence can be made to disappear, or to be thrown out, or ignored entirely. It's in fact how I got where I'm at in the first place. One person in the NWS did a favor for the hams, who found someone in Emergency Management to do a favor for them, who had the cop do a favor for them, etc. (sigh) Sadder thing everybody doing these favors, these people became committed to crimes, to bad things, to bad people, and now they're all in positions where they could lose their careers at any moment. If just one person speaks too much, gets drunk, brags more than they should have...then all the other dominoes can start to fall. And I'm patient...and I'm waiting...and I'm persistent. I'm not letting this go; I'm not giving this up. [Stares at his watch, leans back in his chair, yawns, tilts his cowboy hat forward over his eyes and begins to rock.] I'm used to having to wait. I'm good at waiting.

Jeff Capehart was my lead stalker. He was the one who encouraged everyone else and gave them ideas. Jeff also described personal details about my case to me that he should not have known not being a party to the particular case himself at ALL. Jeff was just a civilian, not part of the "need to know" circle. Apparently the detective was letting them all know, at EVERY step, what new was happening with the case, so that they could prepare, or make up a cover, or whatever. For example, I'd mentioned to the detective not to give them any hint about wireless devices, in case they didn't have one. This way, they couldn't say that someone stopped by outside their home and tried to send the message from their system to try to make it LOOK like it was them. Not even a week later; NOT EVEN A WEEK LATER, Melissa was actually USING that very excuse. Son of a BITCH! And before the case was closed, Jeff approached me with questions about my own case: "Did you say (this) about Dave Donnelly? Did you say (this) about Chief May? Did you send the detective a stack of emails 'this thick'? Did the emails say this? and that? What did you think this would accomplish? Did you think it was going to GO anywhere? Do you think the detective takes you seriously? What would you do if I told you that the detective thinks you're stupid? that he thinks you 'don't know what you're talking about'. He thinks you're 'just using the law to harass innocent people'. I'm told that he's been saying whatever he thought you wanted to hear so as to delay actual handling of the case until the expiration time ran out." (sigh) What the hell was this uninvolved guy doing with all of this intimite information about the case??? How did he know??? Phil and Melissa had told him. ...And the cop, of course...had told that to Phil and Melissa. The detective acted completely inappropriately and acting on improperly on an incorrect personal gut feeling and which had no business in the case and which in the end caused me more problems and great pain. He inexplicably cooperated with and shared information with the other party.

I want everyone to be perfectly clear on this:

...Jeff Capehart contacts two other stalkers and they give him personal information about my case. The other two stalkers had obtained this information FROM THE COP ASSIGNED TO MY CASE, in violation of policy and protocol and the law. And so, Jeff BECOMES WITNESS TO THIS INAPPROPRIATE ASSOCIATION going on between the cop and the bad guys. As of the date of this writing, Jeff STILL has not approached GPD with this information, insisting that since it went from 1) the cop, to 2) the other stalkers, to 3) to him, that it is thus "third hand information" and "not admissible". I have repeatedly advised him that this is not the case, the he is DIRECT witness to Phil and Melissa admitting that a cop told them that he'd sabotaged a case - that the cop admitted this to the very people that the case was against! ...And Jeff is refusing to go to the authorities with the information, making himself an actual accomplice to it! He knows all about it! And yet he refuses anyway to go to the authorities! (No moral compulsion. It's completely missing in him. It's common with this guy to "logic" his way out of responsibility like this, and to continue to allow harm to come to me. He in fact has repeated this very thing over the years with me. ...Causes me problems, logics himself out of responsibility, blames me for bringing it upon myself, never comes to my rescue or does anything to make it stop.) To make himself feel better, he even went to a few local FDLE seminars about stalking and harassment that was put on by some local cops (in fact, he's repeated this tactic twice that I remember), and only gave them half of the information, left very important facts and details out, genericised it, and asked them if I had a case. The cops, knowing only so little and not understanding that they were being duped, would tell him "no". Then he'd bring this back to me saying "Yah, well the cops think something completely different and they think you don't have a case." Here's one of the emails he sent me as recently as March of 2009, after he'd broken into the AC-EMWIN computer, and after I'd demanded he do the right thing and finally contact GPD:

"Hey, I contacted an agent with FDLE in the Gainesville Field Office and presented him with the situation. He basically said you would have to file the complaint yourself with the local PD because the agencies don't pay attention to 3rd party complaints. The complaints have to come from the affected person. He also said the best you could hope for would be an administrative reprimand on his personnel file, but that it is likely not worth pursuing."

What he was doing was going to other completely uninvolved police agencies trying to get them to say things which would exclude him from having to do the right thing; and he did that by leaving all of the most important stuff out when describing the situation to them, and then waiting for the answer that he knew they would then give him back. Then he'd use it to try to convince me that I had absolutely nothing to go on. But he was very careful to never go to the involved agency and tell them what happened and see what they had to say. This isn't a man of conscience who wants to do the right thing. It's a man who knows he was involved in an unethical way and who doesn't want to call attention to that fact that he had obtained information he had no business obtaining, and no business knowing nor reason to know. ...Period.

And so, to this day, Detective Mayo has not yet been brought to justice, because Jeff Capehart will not approach GPD about it and tell them what he knows. Jeff keeps applying criminal law to the situation and since it's handled internally and he thinks there's no criminal consequences for him to compel him to answer, he sees no reason to help. This is psychopath thinking. He's just making excuses.

It's actually in his best interest not to come forward. You see, to bring this to GPD's attention means that the detective would get in trouble. The detective might spew...everything. His connection to Jeff would become obvious, they'd ask Jeff why he never brought it to their attention before, why he took SO LONG to come to them with it; and then Jeff might end up in trouble. Once the cop went down, he might spew about his other government connections, and what those people told him, and they'd go down. And the cycle might repeat until we got all the way to NWS-JAX. The entire thing might crumble and fall apart if only Jeff would just go report this to the authorities. But he's keeping his mouth shut 1) because he doesn't want to get into trouble, and 2) he doesn't want to have his involvement pointed out to the world that he's been working so hard to build up a "perfect nice guy" image to, and 3) because it's just too much fun torturing me and he gets off on it and he loves being able to be in control of me and my life. It's a thrill for him.

In all of my dealings with Jeff, I have always noted how remorseless Jeff has been towards me. He sees himself as doing nothing wrong. He has repeatedly told me that he does the things that he does to me to help me. He truly believes that he's doing favors for me. It's sick. I listen to him speak and all I want to do is wretch.

I have repeatedly told him to stop, to leave me alone, to stop working others up against me, that he is not to talk about me or Alachua County SKYWARN to anyone anymore...ever, that he's not to track where I go on the web, that he's not to pester my friends, family members, or associations. And he has repeatedly refused. One day he even said "NO!" in an email. He is relentless and will not stop even when asked. He is obsessive-compulsively fixated on me and in causing problems in my life and every time I try to catch him or go to the authorities people either ignore me or sabotage me. I cannot make him stop. I believe it is because the authorities have shown him that they do not care and that they do not intend to do anything about it and so, Jeff likely feels, he is being allowed to harass if a law out there says that he can. And this is what the police have done to me by sabotaging my case, and especially by treating me like I was stupid.

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