Harrassment Case Logs


08/30 - Received harassing email from faked source/name.

Unknown harasser IP address: Originally assumed the harasser likely Scott West because e-mail written in manner similar to his M.O., and contained typo, which is typical of him. However, Scott's IP NSLOOKUP resolves to adol-072-148-073-092.sip.gnv.bellsouth.net. Puts it in Gainesville.

08/31 - Called GPD and filed a complaint over the e-mail harassment.

GPD sent a STREET cop to fill out the report. Then this cop went to Scott West's address and actually ASKED Scott: "Did you do it?" Scott denied involvement in this incident but admitted to harassing me in the past. (What an idiot.) Now Scott demanding apology from me. (HAH!)

Case assigned to Joseph Mayo, Det. Div., Computer Crimes Div., GPD. 334-2484, M-TH, 8a-5p. mayojr@ci.gainesville.fl.us.


09/13 - 3:45pm, Called Det. Mayo. He will subpoena logs tomorrow and will be in touch in a few days. Hadn't done anything with case yet when I called. (Now two weeks since filed.) Emailed him a copy of the harassing email.

09/14 - Emailed a quick history of current case to Det. Mayo.

09/28 - Email to Det. Mayo. Did logs come back? Status? No response.


10/17 - 4:23pm, Called Det. Mayo. Logs sub'd a couple days after I'd called him last. (Which would be 9/15.) Nothing yet. Says Yahoo and Bellsouth subpoenaed. Yahoo said they're looking but could take a while. Advised Bellsouth may charge outrageous fee (trying to discourage subpoenas). Says sometimes these guys charge for the web logs, so there could be some costs involved...not to me, but to the PD. Cox, for example, charges $40 to $50 for web logs. Other companies free or nominal fee ($10). (I've got this weird gut feeling about him. Seemed like he was attempting to get me to change my mind about subpoenaeing the logs. Doesn't seem enthusiastic, and it felt like he was toying with me. But he was a cop...)


(no contact)


(no contact)


01/11 - Email to Det. Mayo requesting status of case. No response.


02/05 - 3:33pm, Called Det. Mayo. Answering machine. Out of state for trial til Monday. Left message to call me about case status.

02/07 - 9:48am, Called GPD Records Department. 334-2471 - Secretary of Investigations Dept. (in Det. Mayo's department). Talked to female. Checked status of my case to make sure it hadn't been closed without my knowledge or something. Case No. (02) 06-17550 was still open. Asked to be transferred to Detective Mayo's phone again. He actually answered. Going to review it with the State Attorney's Office and see what they say. "Could be civil in nature." The IP logs came back...some of them. But some others did not, yet. He said upon initial looking over them that there could be some spoofing involved. Said it looks like someone may have been using an anonymizer in some places - including the IP addresses. He said he will meet with SAO today or tomorrow and get back with me tomorrow.

02/07 - 11:00am, Call-back to Detective Mayo. Suggested he question Jeff Capehart. Ask him "do you know anything which could help this case?" and see if the pressure makes him cave. Strange he knew that it might be Melissa, and to check that typo. Detective said he was thinking of doing just that, and possibly questioning Phil and Melissa, too. I told him Jeff works at OIG (Office of Inspector General) in Tigert Hall. Go up stairs to 2nd floor, go right, a few doors down. Can't remember which room, specifically.

02/09 - No word from Det. Mayo as promised.

02/20 - 4:15pm, Called Det. Mayo. Soon as I said my name, sounded frustrated. He's busy. Something about having had to take two days off and being two days behind. ***I WANTED TO KNOW IF I COULD STOP BY AND MAKE PHOTOCOPIES OF THE IP LOGS SO-FAR RECEIVED BACK.*** (NOTE this, and then note what happens the next day.) Said didn't have time and to try back tomorrow. Said he didn't get a chance to drop off logs with SAO, or to go tlak to Jeff, Phil, or Melissa. Was anxious to hang up phone. So, still, nothing done since last successful call two WEEKS ago. I feel someone got to GPD and I'm being put off. :(

02/21 - 1:35pm, Voicemail message from Detective Mayo, GPD:

"Hello, Mr. Sherman. Uhh, this is Detective Mayo, Gainesville Police Department. Uhm. Well, I've got BAD NEWS for you. I've, I thought the case, originally, when I got it and read it and everything, uhm, you know, and received your, your paperwork that it was CIVIL. I contacted, ahh...I FINALLY did get ahold of the State Attorney's Office. We reviewed the case, annnd, in fact, THEY also say it's a CIVIL case. Which, of course, THEY'RE the last WORD on this...(breath)...issue. (breath) And (breath), when (breath)...I've reviewed the case also with my supervisor and he also advised that, uhm, it was civil. He didn't have, uhh, any other ob- objections or anything like that, anything like THAT, or...contrary opinions. So I'm sorry to say, sir - the case IS BEING CLOSED." Uhm. There's NOTHING I can do. Once a State Attorney basically, uhh, has said that it's a civil matter - and also, you know, I I think is IS a civil case...uhm...There's nothing else we can do on this matter. Okay, sir? Ahh. Take care. OH, and when I told you that I had received uhhhm... (long pause) ... th'uhm... (long pause) ...SUBPOENAS concerning the headers and what-not and everything, I was mistaken, annnnd, I confused your case with another case. I work...I've got 40 or 50 of these cases, at LEAST - and I confused your case with someone else's case...okay, sir?...uhm...that involved, uhm...the same companies. Okay? So, and I'm constantly dealing with, uhm, the same companies also. So, I'm sorry but I did confuse the-uhm , your uhm, header information and subpoena and other information that I got from them with another case. Okay? And uhm, sorry about the bad news, sir. Take care. Bye."

02/21 - 1:45pm, Called Detective Mayo back. Wanted to clarify some things with him...

"Are you saying you DON'T have the IP logs? For seven months you told me you'd subpoenaed the logs, that you got them back, that there was some spoofing and anonymizing going on. Are you telling me that you DON'T have the logs?"

"Yes, that's correct. I confused you with another case. I have like 50 cases here and I got yours confused with somebody else's."

"...For seven MONTHS you got mine confused with someone else's?"


"...So you DON'T have the IP logs?"

"No. The SAO said it's a civil matter. I believe it's a civil matter. I have even from the beginning."

"...So you didn't even TRY subpoenaing the logs?"

"NO. As I said, the SAO said this was a civil matter. There's nothing I can do once they've made a decision."

"...And when did you TALK to them?"

(long pause with stuttering) "I...eee...uhh...uhm...Today."

"I don't understand. I asked you to subpoena the logs and you didn't because the SAO said it was a civil matter, but you only just talked to them TODAY? So what were you doing for seven months?"

"I'm not arguing with you, Mr. Sherman. The SAO has made their decision. I've made my decision. It's a civil case. And the case has been closed."

"Okay. Will you put that into the report, then?"

"Put what into the report?"

"...that I requested the logs be subpoenaed seven months ago and that the reason why you didn't was because the SAO's Office said JUST TODAY that it was a civil matter? WIll you put that into the final report?"

"Uhm, Mr, Sherman, I'm not going to argue with you about this. I don't have to put anything else into that report EXCEPT that it is being closed because the State Attorney's Office said it is a civil matter; nothing else. And that's that. Uhm, I'm not going to sit here and argue with you about this. I'm going to hang up now. Uhm...bye."

So why didn't the detective subpoena the IP logs when I requested him to 7 months ago? Why did he continually put me off and lead me to believe that he did? He did absolutely NOTHING for my case in seven months time; and now it's too late because all the logs have been erased from the Bellsouth and Yahoo databases.

MARCH 2007

3/23 - Cryptic excerpt from email from Jeff Capehart regarding contact from Melissa Royce:

Did I tell you she paged me and called me at the conference too?

Oh yeah... it was about that subject that Phil has told her not to discuss and that Phil's boss has told him not to talk about and for Melissa not to talk about... and yet she can't keep herself from bringing it up.


On later questioning, it would turn out that Jeff was talking about the fact that Detective Mayo had apparently gone to Phil and Melissa, Chief May, and Dave Donnelly, and talked about my case, and complained about how stupid he thought I was, how he thought I didn't know what I was talking about, how he had a "gut feeling" about me, how he didn't like me, how he thought I was just trying to use the law to pick on innocent people, how he complained about all the emails I had sent him ("this thick"), how he was baiting me and saying everything he thought I wanted to hear, how he delayed things until it was too late. "Phil's boss" is a reference to Dave Donnelly. Phil works at ACSO, in their Communications Dept., and he fixes radios in the patrol vehicles. Loosely speaking, Dave is his "boss", because they're all part of the CCC Building, as he sees it; and he and Phil and all the other hams all work with Dave as part of their public service activities. He was NOT talking about Sadie Darnell.

Jeff will not talk about this in email circles, he insists on only talking about it in person or on the phone, he will not repeat it in public, and when I try to get him to go to GPD's Internal Affair's Department with it and report it, Jeff uses the excuse that this is "hearsay" because it came from Phil Royce. He ignores all my emails about the subject, deliberately.

ADDENDUM (02/05/2010): The shocking thing about that is that Jeff was not involved in this case in any way and he should not have known anything about the case at all. Yet, It was scary as hell having these confidential details about my own case being repeated back to me from this of all persons! It's just so wrong that this asshole seems to be able to get whatever information about me that he so desires from people in places which are supposed to be a lot more careful about that. Unless you have it happen to you, you have no clue how frightening that is. You feel so helpless, and like you have no control at all over what is happening to you. You feel like this guy can do or obtain whatever he wants and there's nothing you can do about it. And worse yet is the most obvious thing that slaps you right in the face...THAT THE POLICE DON'T CARE AND NOT ONLY *REFUSE* TO HELP YOU, BUT THEY'RE GOING OUT OF THEIR *WAY* TO HURT YOU AND YOUR CHANCES OF MAKING THESE PEOPLE STOP!

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