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Chapter 6 -

Well, you just...

  1. Forge a business card with your name on it and call yourself "Coordinator" of Alachua County SKYWARN.

    (It's okay. No one in Emergency Management will call you out on it or try to actually verify it with the real Coordinator.)

  2. Enter into a local Emergency Management office.

    (It's okay. If you say you're with the local ham radio group, it means you're "in" and they won't question it.)

  3. Tell the Emergency Manager that you're the new Coordinator of the local SKYWARN group.

    (It's okay. He won't verify it, either; and you won't be given more than the lowest level background security check, so they won't find all of that kinda hinkey stuff about you in the Clerk of the Courts of both West Palm Beach and the County of Alachua.)

  4. Tell them that the old Coordinator "gave" you the position and that he wanted you to take it from here.

    (It's okay. He won't actually call him to verify whether it's true or not.)

  5. Convince the Emergency Manager that you want him to write up documents that actually take control of the "new" Alachua County SKYWARN program, and to make it a part of the local Emergency Management Office.

    (It's okay. Again, they won't call the old Coordinator to verify anything. And get ready now, because when the Emergency Manager then sends him a copy of the new "SOP Manual" dictating how his position and the organization that the Coordinator had founded will be run by the local Emergency Management Office, it should be SO damned funny! Might wanna make sure you've got a camera ready to capture both the faces of the old Coordinator AND the Emergency Manager when the old Coordinator gets rude to him over it. It'll be classic!)

  6. Make sure that you contact the local NWS Field Office and tell them the same thing - that you're the new Coordinator and that the old Coordinator has handed you the position and that he wants you to take charge from here on out. This will be especially easy if the local Emergency Management office "confirms" that they have "official documentation" (i.e., your fake business card) which shows that you are now the new Coordinator.

    (Again... It's okay, because they won't call the actual Coordinator to verify this, either.)

  7. Now contact the Gainesville Sun and TV-20 News and tell them that you're the "new Coordinator" of the "new and better SKYWARN program".

    (It's okay. Neither business will realize that they were supposed to verify your information first or even think to contact the old Coordinator to get his viewpoint on the whole situation or what parting words he might have for the "new Coordinator" because this information is by now coming from "shirts with logos". And as we all know, shirts with logos have already previously done all the required verification work and know exactly what they're doing because they're mature, and responsible, and trained, and are "vetted" by...well...somebody (and it's not important to reasearch who, exactly). So you're completely safe here, too.)

  8. Now that you're in, go to Yahoo and forge an account in the old Coordinator's name. Use this account to send the old Coordinator a harassing email threatening "changes coming real soon for Alachua County SKYWARN". Then delete the account so that no one will know it was you. You know...because Yahoo's not smart enough to keep backup logs of IP addresses which could identify you. When the Coordinator goes to the cops to file a complaint, make sure that you're in tight with the Emergency Manager so that he can contact the investigating cop and tell him that the old Coordinator was just trying to use the law to harass innocent people - even though the Emergency Manager really didn't have any evidence at all to that effect. The cop will then fudge and delay subpoening the ISPs IP log information which would have helped to identify you (in other words, involving himself in the criminal act of deliberately destroying evidence) until the logs become deleted after reaching a 6-month expiration point, saving the day for you. And it'll be even grander because the investitgating officer will then go to the State Attorney's Office for a "second opinion" and they'll conveniently call it "civil" rather than "criminal" (because the officer didn't give them all of the information needed to make an educated decision), giving the officer further seemingly legit reason to simply close the case. Now the attorney at the SAO will also be on the limb over this so you should by now have the both of them between your fingers. If we're lucky, this will be the point where the old Coordinator suffers a breakdown, or OOH!, maybe even a heart attack when he finally begins to realize that even the cops are on the take and that they're not only not protecting him but actually deliberately sabotaging his cases for you! This will be SO great! We'll have to wait and see what happens! Oh boy!

  9. Also, you should take some classes to become an Emergency Manager while you're at it, so that you can REALLY have the power to boss and bully people into compliance with things.

  10. Oh and, don't forget to brag to everyone about what you did so that they can mosh pit you over their heads into happiness and fame and glory, and revel in your now proven superior intelligence over them.

(sigh!) I've long said that if terrotists would ever be able to find a way inside of our government it would be by using methods like Melissa Royce did, above; and they'd have ZERO trouble or resistance in doing it, too.

Melissa Royce (now remarried and going by the name Melissa Shires-DeSantis, who identifies herself in online places with the username "mesochic") simultaneously convinced both ACOEM and the National Weather Service, and a number of clueless ham operators who worked with her, that I was relinquishing control of ACS and handing it over to her. Melissa forged business cards, possibly even letterheads, gave herself made-up, nonexistent titles to make herself look and sound official, told them that I was "leaving the program", that I was putting her in charge, that I was "passing the torch" on to her. She convinced them to create their own actual Standard Operating Procedures Manual for ACS, placing ownership and control of ACS into ACOEM hands, dictating the powers and duties of everyone in ACS, including me. Neither ACOEM nor NWS had any clue that she was duping them. No one questioned her at all. (The linked version above is ACOEM's final version, still using the name "Alachua County SKYWARN" within it. I downloaded this from their site in case they might one day try to make it disappear.)

But Emergency Management has Melissa to thank for one thing: If Melissa can so easily forge a business card, and all she had to do was say that she had this or that title, and be ACCEPTED by Emergency Management, AND be given a broad range of powers that could be used to harass and harm others, then ANYONE can. ...And this brings about a very SERIOUS FLAW in the way that Emergency Management works with civilians. Let's replace that word "civilians" with "terrorists" and now this exposes how serious the problem is. Theoretically, all ANY terrorist has to do is simply SAY that they're someone with this title, and that background, and they'll be given carte blanche immense power...even WITH a background check. The background checks performed apparently didn't include a check of the Palm Beach County Clerk of the Court - which is where Melissa had come from. Had they DONE that, they would have noticed some things that might have been a red flag. (As of the time of the writing of this blog, there are currently now some additional records in the ALACHUA COUNTY Clerk of the Court, too, which dupe an event that occured down in WPB.) Melissa was able to use powers given her by Emergency Management to stomp on and to attempt to take OVER a pre-existing organization and she led them to believe that it was all someone who was not a lawyer, not a politician, not a lawmaker, not an Emergency Manager, not anyone in official power to do ANYTHING. And they followed her BLINDLY, and without QUESTION. I'd like EXPLANATION, there. How could they be so STUPID?

Like I said... Where did I have any power?

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