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     On Dealing With Psychopaths and Stalking

Chapter 7 -

SUMMARY: Chief William May, then the ACOEM Emergency Manager, was told that some ham radio operators were attempting to convince Alachua County Emergency Management to take over Alachua County SKYWARN without any notice to the Founder/Coordinator. When ACS requested an investigation he refused, instead insisting ACS leaders sit down and come to an "agreement" with the perpetrators, who had also been involved in stalking and harassing the Coordinator, as well as his friends, family, and professional contacts, and even the Asst. Coordinator. The Chief actually became angry when I advised him that I objected to being forced to sit down to come to an agreement almost as if asking the rapist and the rape victim to sit down and come to an agreement. It doesn't happen like that. I also told him that there could be no "talks" while a criminal stalking investigation was ongoing with the Gainesville Police Department. It just wasn't appropriate at that time. Chief May was completely oblivious as to what was actually happening or that he was being duped by the hams and he was not willing to listen and instead cut off all communication and accused me of not wanting to "work things out". His reaction was a shock and unexpected coming from a professional. This action on the Chief's part actually caused that situation to become much, much worse. What the Chief, nor the ACS Coordinator, didn't realize was that Melissa Royce had forged business cards which named herself as the "Coordinator" of ACS and she had apparently proclaimed to Chief May and Asst. Emergency Mgr. Dave Donnelly that I had "quit" ACS and was wanting it to become a sub[part of ACOEM. This wasn't true and the incredible fact is that no one at ACOEM had ever thought to get with ACS first to confirm anything. They simply assumed Melissa was acting under proper authorization and she was not...

In September, 2005, I sent Dave Donnelly (then the Assistant Emergency Manager at ACOEM) an "unofficial" email describing problems that I was having with some local hams3, and warning him that if I was not able to make these people stop that I might have to resort to filing real police complaints against them. I did this because these people were hams, friends of his, with whom he was working within his organization, and, aside from being something that I was required to do, I felt he also had a right to know.

A year later, in March 2006, I'd just had a face-to-face with Dave regarding the same local area hams (who were coincidentally involved in ACOEM-run programs such as ACFR-Reserves, and CERT, for examples) who were stalking and harassing me. We'd actually met at Big Lou's Pizzeria in downtown Gainesville for lunch specifically to discuss just that.4 We continued communicating by email about it, but it quickly became apparent that I wasn't actually being listened to when suddenly, out of the blue, Dave sent me a copy of a section of a "Standard Operating Procedures Manual" governing "Alachua County SKYWARN". In specific, the section dealt with the "Coordinator" position in Alachua County SKYWARN.5 He asked for my "approval" of it, and that started the decline in the relationship between me and ACOEM.

Its revelation to me was completely out of the blue and a sudden shock. "What the hell is THIS?!!!, I said to Dave. But he didn't understand. He just didn't get it. Dave must have thought that I was nuts.

Apparently, without my knowledge, Jeff Capehart and Melissa had been telling him that I wanted to do this - with Melissa even going as far as to forge business cards which had "Coordinator" printed upon them after her name. And when I got angry, they both implied to him that I was changing my mind and reneging on my word. Dave was totally clueless and I was getting very angry with him because he wasn't acting very responsibly or very intelligently at all considering his title. In all of this he never once got with me and clued me in to what was happening. I never knew it was even going on. He had assumed that Jeff and Melissa were always proceeding lawfully and with my knowledge and consent, and keeping me in the loop; but...without personally verifying that that was indeed the case. Dave was starting to look very different to someone very weak-willed who was being played like a puppet. Dave was supposed to be the good guy. He was supposed to be the responsible one. He was once someone I respected and admired and looked up to; and now suddenly he was making me his enemy and I was taken aback. He wasn't interested in investigating the situation or even in justifying his irresponsible actions in this situation. He was acting on some kind of automatic pilot. Something akin to someone holding up their palms over their ears and singing "LA! LA! LA! LA! LA!", and I just couldn't break this "spell" that he was in. He truly believed in Jeff and Melissa without fail. He didn't seem to want to believe that his favorite crew could be duping him, and he seemed to much rather want to believe that it was instead me who must be crazy, I guess. (If you're paying attention, you'll note that this theme reoccurs a lot: people who don't want to believe that they're being duped by people who are supposedly such great allies and public servants.) Mr. Donnelly simply ignored the details of the situation as much as he could, and he'd obviously decided that he didn't want to get "involved". But he'd already gotten involved. He'd already acted to help commit this damage, himself. Dave was completely blowing me off and keeping me out of the decision process loop, and then feeling anger towards me when I complained - as if I was going to be the problem, period; and that was the way of Life.

It wasn't so simple as he wanted it to be, though. You can't just help the bad guys and then just "decide" to not take responsibility for it and to back out, now. (In my lifetime, I have noted this to be a very consistent thing among people do things to cause damage, and when the crunch comes and it becomes apparent to them that they just did something to dreadfully screw something [or someone] up, even supposedly GOOD people want to flee the scene and on the way out they'll throw up their arms and try to make the standard claim "I just don't want to get involved!", and hope that this is sufficient excuse enough to make it all "just go away" for them. And they do this while slowly trying to back out the front door. The high prevalence of this in today's society would seem to suggest a deficiency in previous generations in teaching their offspring important moral ideas and values such as taking responsibility for one's own actions and "owning up" to the mistakes you make because it's the "right" thing to do. Seeing it thrown to the winds in government leaders is not at all encouraging; but then, not at all surprising, either. When a highly public leader screws up, he can lose his home and everything that he owns to a lawsuit. Oh yah, man.)

I was getting so sick of the insane psychology that I was seeing in people all around me. The recent face-to-face meeting with Mr. Donnelly had apparently meant nothing. I couldn't believe the man had sent me that document, knowing that it had been composed by the very people whom I had JUST TOLD HIM had been harassing and stalking me! It never occurred to him that maybe the wool was being pulled over his eyes, that he'd just been played for "stupid" by the very same people I'd earlier complained to him about*. But again, he trusted my stalkers instead, and assumed that I was the problem. I mean, considering how complicated all of this is, it's just easier to believe that. I understand the problem. I'm not stupid.

Now things were beginning to make sense. I'd just been sent a harassing email from someone threatening "changes soon" for Alachua County SKYWARN. I had no clue what it meant. It suddenly became plainly obvious. It was Melissa, trying to tell me that she had been busy conning Mr. Donnelly into believing that I was quitting, and to use the power of ACOEM to take over another organization without him realizing it, right under his own nose.

I went to Chief Will May (now retired), and asked HIM for help, and told him about this problem I'd been having with hams stalking and harassing me, attacking my friends and family, too; hams who were concurrently involved in many ACOEM functions (ACFR Reserves, CERT, etc. - and thus under ACOEM's responsibility), and now they were apparently attempting to convince ACOEM to actually take over control of Alachua County SKYWARN - an organization neither founded, created, owned, operated, funded, nor run by ACOEM itself. Chief May had insisted to me that "No one was trying to take over Alachua County SKYWARN"; and yet, in the same breath he suggested that I sit down with all of my harassers and "come to a mutual agreement."6 I was taken aback at that. I told him that I intended to do no such thing. I don't sit down with the criminals and sign documents agreeing to let them take this and that from me so as to obtain...what?..."protection" from further harassing and stalking in the future? You don't ask a victim to sit down with the rapist, and then ask the victim to "come to an agreement or we won't listen to you." I was so angry. The Chief's response had been blindly made without knowing anything about the actual facts and he was obviously making a starting bell assumption that the problem lay with me and thus, that there was no problem at all with his people, because why that's just impossible. Then the Chief broke off all communication with me, and would not respond to me anymore, which was childish and irresponsible, and violated my rights.

The thing that's important to realize here is that the Chief WAS God. He blows you off; that's it. His reaction was not appropriate considering the subject matter that he was being told about. It was serious. This was an official complaint about stalking and harassment going on from people within his control and employ. It was in his mission, and his agency's mandate, in the Florida laws for him to take it seriously and to investigate. But he had obviously personally labeled this as something that was not serious enough to warrant any attention on any official level, not a matter important enough to entertain, or to investigate. He effectively shut the door in my face. ...And my stalkers saw this.

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