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E-mail 1:

> -----Original Message-----
> From: David Donnelly
> Sent: Friday, September 29, 2006 1:52 PM
> To: Todd KB4MHH
> Cc: Will May
> Subject: Re: I'm fighting this...
> Todd,
> Before you go further here is Chief May's response (he asked me to send
> as he is in a meeting):
> First, I request that everyone cool down until we have an opportunity
> for us to meet.  If everyone will commit to meet and discuss I'll begin
> finding a time suitable for all to meet.
> Todd, I assure you that all Alachua County Emergency Management is
> interested in is to assure a high degree of professionalism and
> accountability in all matters that impact (and potentially impact) on
> countywide Emergency Management.
> I know of no one officially associated with Alachua County Emergency
> Management or the Alachua County Fire Rescue Reserves that is
> specifically interested in "taking over" SKYWARN.  There is great
> interest in assuring that SKYWARN is closely coordinated with Emergency
> Management planning and activities to assure that the citizens of
> Alachua County are served to the highest level, consistently, and
> professionally.
> Please, all parties advise me of their interest in me providing the
> platform for discussing the issues and moving forward to resolving the
> problem(s).
> Chief Will May
> Emergency Services Director
> Alachua County, Florida
> David A. Donnelly, FPEM
> Assistant Director of Emergency Management
> Alachua County Fire Rescue
> ph.: 352.264.6510
> fax: 352.264.6565

From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Sent: Friday, September 29, 2006 6:49 PM
To: 'Will May'
Subject: Re: SKYWARN Stuff

(Sorry. I didn't catch you in the CC originally so I sent this to Dave to
send to you.  This version has been modified a little from the one Dave has.
But...(sigh)...I have a feeling you're not aware of some things going on,
here.  What is happening right now, Chief, is a culmination of things that
have been going on for YEARS and which involves a lot of incessant harassment,
and peaking with the arrival of Phil and Melissa from West Palm Beach.  Phil
is an overbearing egomaniac who is aggressively confrontational.  Those two
have been a pain in my ass ever since they moved up here.  `Melissa was calling
me up all the time, even while on the clock, talking for hours about nothing
important; I asked her to stop; she ignored me; and I got mad and wrote her
husband about it and he flew off the handle after that.  He protects her
regardless of whether she's right or wrong.  Since that incident, he's made
claims to people in EM and NWS that I'm doing a "piss poor job" running
SKYWARN.  He's told them things like I'm trying to claim copyright on the
SKYWARN logo.  He's telling people I'm trying to take control of all the
SKYWARN programs in the North Florida area.  Totally ludicrous things that
are NOT true!  He's freaking crazy.  He's apparently trying to make me sound
like an overbearing dictator of SKYWARN rather than a coordinator, when in
fact I've tried to keep things loose and simple and uncomplicated.  Anyway...
The below should fill you in on what's been happening past five years with
these people.  And please understand, I'm only mentioning the more major
things.  There's been so much more.  And it's been incessant.  IT got so bad
with Susan and Jeff harassing me at one point a couple years ago that I was
seriously considering suicide.  At any rate, this stuff with the SKYWARN SOP
has been going on underneath me without my knowledge.  No one has been sharing
the existence of this with me - except with vague hints and clues like "change
is coming and you won't have to worry about SKYWARN for very much longer", and
the first I'd heard of it was when Dave gave me the copy of the "Coordinator"
document.  I have a feeling everyone in EM has been of the impression that I
knew, that I was aware of all of this or something, and that it was being done
with my cooperation.  It was not.  In actuality, the below mentioned people
have been doing it in secret, leaving me OUT of the loop, and please trust
me...the intentions were NOT honorable on the part of these people.  They were
obviously hoping that everything would be locked in stone and made permanent
EM policy before I found out about it.  I don't think they meant for Dave to
show me what he did when he did.  You don't understand what's been going on,
and they've been keeping a AWFUL LOT of the background story from you, it now
seems. What you think is an honorable effort to make a working program, is
actually an effort by angry people to "control" and humiliate me and put me in
my place.  There is nothing honorable in what is being attempted.  The program
already exists.  It doesn't need to be reinvented.  This is just vendetta.
Might wanna grab a cup of coffee, here...  :)  -Todd)

Dear Chief May,

confrontational and vindictive towards me.  It will not solve anything.  I
will talk to you and/or Dave ALONE, however.  I've tried talking with these
other people, though.  It's not going to work.  Their minds are set.  They
are determined to pound my face into the dirt at all costs.

Second, I think you should take a better look at that manual Kevin et al are
developing over there.  It's going into FAR more detail than you apparently
are aware, and is using verbiage that does INDEED show a hard intent to do
just that..."take over" SKYWARN.  I cannot interpret what I'm reading in any
other way.  Maybe it's a much revised version of the document you originally
saw some while ago?  Maybe you're not aware?  There is obvious effort at
corralling and controlling the Coordinator position, too, that I think is
totally unnecessary.  Take another closer look.

Third, this whole thing has nothing at all to do with public service, and
trust me, it has EVERYTHING to do with getting back at Todd for some "wrongs"
these people feel I have done them.  This actually goes FAR beyond just my
disagreement over documentation dictating how a ten year organization should
be "run by" an external agency, but digs deep into the world of harassment,
cyberstalking, threats of physical harm, and destruction of my reputation and
credibility inside of EM and NWS circles. It's not so cut and dry
as the "taking over SKYWARN" complaint. People are USING EM as an unaware
"tool" to try to harass me with documentation purporting to attempt control
of a SEPARATE organization that EM actually has no control over.  ACS has been
around for ten years now...on it's own.  There isn't any need for the wheel to
be reinvented.  I get the feeling the upper echelons of ACOEM don't fully
understand that. I'm starting to get the impression that upper echelons have
thought all along that ACS was part of EM, itself, internal to EM. Perhaps it
was because Jeff Capehart, to my objections over the idea, arranged without
my permission or approval "meetings" to occur concurrently with the ACFR
Reserves Communications Division meetings.  (This is something Jeff has
repeatedly done to me in the past, and VERY OFTEN it comes back to bite me
in the butt, while he runs away to avoid the angry masses and leave everyone
thinking his ideas were MINE and that everything bad that happens is MY
fault.)  Anyway...  No. ACS is a civilian organization of it's own.  It has
run itself.  It has COOPERATED with EM in the past.  But it was never RUN by

I really don't understand why the need to have official rules and regs
governing the operations of Alachua County SKYWARN in the FIRST place - a
completely separate organization that was neither founded by nor ever
operated by EM in the past.  I don't understand why anyone even thought they
had that RIGHT.  I don't see it as an OPTION...without cooperation from ACS
itself. (holds up his hands)  ...SEE the problem?  You think the Sierra Club
should be able to come in and dictate changes to the Gainesville Amateur
Radio Society? Should ACS be allowed to do that to GARS?  Why not? There you

These newly composed rules and regs DO attempt to do just that, to take over
and govern the operations of another entity that has been of it's own
existence for TEN YEARS.  It puts authority in the hands of EM to dictate how
that other organization is operated and what it can and cannot do.  It
defines what people in the organization HAVE to do.  SKYWARN is NOT - in ANY
NWS Instruction or document, or in any FEMA document - stated to be an
EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT controlled project.  Phil Royce has incorrectly given
people in EM the impression that that is so, and it is not.  Phil talks loud,
and he sounds official, but one must learn that you have to QUESTION HIM
THROUGHLY to find the truth.  It is a mistake not to, as you're now finding
out.  In some locations, yes, EM controls SKYWARN.  That's something the
local people DECIDED, not something that was MANDATED by FEMA or the NWS
or...WHOEVER.  On others, they are non-profit CIVILIAN-controlled
organizations, such as has been the case here.  The NWS doesn't CARE how the
SKYWARN programs work, as long as they serve the public, and there is SOME
COOPERATION going on with Emergency Management...which is something that I
have ALWAYS stated that I support.  The NWS has NEVER stepped in to say
"SKYWARN is to be controlled by EM and EM only", or, "EM has the right to
dictate how all SKYWARN operations may be handled, regardless."  This sounds
suspiciously like something that Phil Royce once said to me about how he
thought SKYWARN was operated and run, which was COMPLETELY wrong and is, I'm
pretty sure, a viewpoint garnered from the National SKYWARN Home Page.  Not
many people realize though, that the NSHP page is a PERSONAL web page now run
by a COMMERCIAL COMPANY and that it is neither "official" nor "officially
SPONSORED" by the NWS.  It is not OPERATED by the NWS.  It is a personal web
page with personal opinions, and in fact their list of other SKYWARN sites
across the country was lifted from my own site by their own admission.  I
have great issue with that web site because it is EXCEEDINGLY misleading the
public by it's use of that title.  Everyone assumes defacto by it's name that
it is some sort of official SKYWARN site and it is NOT.  Phil, evidently, was
also taken in by that, and he must have gone to Kevin Rolfe with it, and gave
Rolfe the impression that he could create whatever document he wished to
dictate how SKYWARN will be run from this point forward.  ...And Al Sandrik
has NEVER stepped into say, as Phil purports, that ACS must be controlled by
EM.  Al NEVER said that.  Al has personally stated to ME...that it is NOT the
intention of NWS to dictate how SKYWARN groups are operated or who runs them,
and that he does not intend to ever get involved in that.  Phil misstated
some stuff there and I don't know how he intends to back any of that up.
The man sounds authoritative and he's very pompous and confrontational and he
is the only person in my LIFE I have ever met and on FIRST ENCOUNTER KNEW
that we were going to end up butting heads in the very NEAR future.  And
sure enough, that actually DID happen.  I've NEVER come across a human being
I felt that way about but Phil has so much testosterone in him that he just
EXUDES "I'm an egomaniac and I'll be a problem in your life."  I've NEVER
come across another human being so threatening and confrontational.  He
doesn't know what he's talking about.  And he's even been giving me the
impression that you know about this and that you condone it.  I don't think
you fully understood what was really going on, if so.  Then, it really BUGS
me how Phil tried to use your name to back up his arguments to me about how
SKYWARN should be if your word was final or something and there was
nothing I could do about it.  I quote:  "and by the way it's not even your
program it's is governed by the Alachua County Emergency Management Office
under Chief May, the National Weather Service has stated that they do not
govern the Skywarn programs in the counties that they manage and if you
don't believe that as your Coordinator Al he is the one that stated it.  So
go away."  That is COMPLETELY false and I don't know where he gets that idea

The only reasonable explanation at this point for the existence of this
document (the "new" SKYWARN SOP) is simply an attempt by these individuals
within GARS and AC-ARES to con EM into unknowingly pressuring me into doing
things the way THEY personally feel it should be done.  Often their ideas
have been rejected by me for one good, legit reason or another, and they
could not follow my wishes or directions.  I like to put good thought into
all decisions. I think about the future repercussions.  If I see a flaw or a
possible problem, I'll reject the idea.  Jeff can't stand this, because he
always has ideas.  One of the BIGGEST problems with his ideas would be that
they were always lofty and required a HUGE amount of time, and/or effort,
and/or money...and when asked how he would help he'd say "Oh no!  I thought
YOU would handle this!  Besides, my wife doesn't like you and she wouldn't
allow me to help you because she thinks it would only make you look good."
That's not a joke.  That's verbatim.  And when I'd reject his idea, he'd try
to push it ANYWAY without my knowledge, and FORCE it into my hands, somehow.
He could NOT adhere to the chain of command, and he had a PROBLEM with my
authority and ACTIVELY, CONSTANTLY made effort to subterfrack it.  For
example, he once told people in ACFR Reserves, CERT, and other Fire/Rescue
related programs that SKYWARN had TONS of pagers that he was going to try to
get Todd to GIVE to the admins of every group as a "gesture" and "thanks"
for the public service work that they do.  He NEVER got with me about it.
NEVER asked me if I agreed with that idea.  Next thing you know, Michael
Heeder, Van Wheelock, and other leaders in ACFRR were emailing me wondering
how they too could get one of those free pagers.  (We only had a limited
supply and I originally intended to give them to SPOTTERS....ONLY! a
thanks for THEIR work.  So everybody in ACFR, CERT, GARS, GARC, and you fill
in the blank got their stupid pager, leaving SKYWARN with smaller, minimal
capability pagers.  (If Jeff pulled this stuff with his boss, he'd be
fired.) Most recently, he arranged an "antenna party" that would include
working on the EMWIN satellite dish and tying in a TV antenna to it so that
the club station could receive TV.  He called in the services of a satellite
technician to do the work and he never consulted with me or asked me if I
when I actually arrived there that day. (Dr. Garlitz asked me to come in to
disconnect some EMWIN equipment so that other people could do some "work",
but Jay didn't know that I wasn't aware of what was going on.)  So I got
there and disconnected the equipment and only AS things were already in
progress and the work was already DONE did I find out that Jeff had again
pulled another project behind my back, without my knowledge.  I am tempted
to contact Dr. Garlitz and tell him that I don't want the TV antenna
attached to the EMWIN antenna because I don't LIKE the idea of the increased
lightning risk.  As well, I DON'T like the fact that Jeff got away with
ignoring my authority once again.  Jeff isn't responsible.  If damage
occurred from a lightning strike to both the EMWIN equipment and to the
station equipment, Jeff would likely tell Dr. Garlitz that the club station
equipment should be replaced but to leave the EMWIN equipment to Todd
because he's responsible for it. ...And he's done things like that before.
I repeatedly told him not to attach station computers or equipment to the
EMWIN UPS.  He ignored me and hooked the Virtual Weather Station computer to
the EMWIN UPS, REGARDLESS.  A power outage came along, and neither computer
had enough time to shut down and *I* ended up with a fried UPS to repalce
with my own money and a disk to defrag...while Jeff surreptitiously removed
the VWS computer's plug from the EMWIN UPS and then called me up to tell me
what happened and..."oh by the way, you'll need to get another UPS because
this one's fried."  Later he admitted accidentally that he'd had the VWS
computer connected to the EMWIN UPS.  Jeff always does things HIS way and I
do NOT like working with him.  I CANNOT trust him.  As well, he's constantly
complaining to others about how Todd sucks as a Coordinator and doesn't do
what he needs to do to make SKYWARN go the way it COULD.  What he MEANS is,
"the way *I* think it should work."  In doing this, he encourages all the
more volatile people to focus on me, and he KNOWS it.  He's NOT stupid.
He's a freaking jerk.

I have suffered from real harassment and real harm by certain individuals
within Alachua County ARES/RACES and GARS.  ALL are hams.  Jeff is even
Captain in the ACFR Reserves.  Jeff has been acting as the main antagonist
in the harassments, working up other people who are already KNOWN to be
rather explosive and volatile and then sitting back and watching while Rome
burns and the explosions happen.  I'm just tired of it.  At this point, I
am developing a real fear of ham radio operators because too freaking MANY
of them seem to have some sort of mental problem or fixation or another,
and they ALWAYS gravitate to ME, and point their fingers at ME, and harass
ME...because I'm in the spotlight.  They also want to do things their OWN
way, and they have a NASTY habit of doing what they want regardless of the
rules they KNOW exist, and they have a SERIOUS problem with authority!  :(

Now it appears Phil or Melissa recently sent me a harassing email sent using
a Yahoo account forged in my own name, touting upcoming "changes" in SKYWARN
soon.  It was vague to me and I didn't have any clue what was going on...until
Dave sent me that "Coordinator" document to "go over."  It now makes COMPLETE
sense.  (So now it becomes apparent that indeed the email I received DID come
from SOMEONE INVOLVED in the creation of the "new" SKYWARN manual.  I'll let
the detective know about this info.)  The email by itself may seem trivial,
but understand that in the past I have been email bombed, pager bombed, and
have had lots of harassing and threatening messages left on my machine by
Scott West...because Jeff Capehart couldn't keep his mouth shut or avoid
talking about me to Scott even though I've REPEATEDLY PLEADED, BEGGED AND
TOLD him not to, personally and in verifiable emails.  Every time I ask him
to (stop discussing me with people), he gives me crap, and excuses, and tries
to turn the blame around on me instead, touting that if only I was a more
responsible Coordinator, people wouldn't act like this.  As well, Jay
Lieberman, again, while in conversation with Jeff Capehart, tried to get the
name and rank of my best friend who is an officer in the Navy, with intentions
of actually calling up the Navy and telling them that she was "associating
with a KNOWN security risk", so as to get her in trouble so that "Todd can
concentrate more in his SKYWARN duties."  Now, understand, Jay is a mental
case.  He's a diabetic.  He doesn't take good care of himself.  He's always
prone to diabetic, frenzied fits of rage.  When he does, he goes nuts.  He
makes threats.  He once threatened to use a gun on people at a GARS meeting
when he got mad.  He was apparently arrested (but for some odd reason not
convicted and he is VERY evasive about that story) for ARSON in the past.  He
believes in UFOs.  He is adamant that he was once abducted.  He has an overly
extreme paranoia and distrust of the government.  He's sure people are sitting
outside his home watching a monitor and reading everything he types on his
keyboard.  The man is a fruitcake.  He's UNSTABLE.  I consider Jay capable of
ANYTHING...especially the older and the more irate he gets...and ESPECIALLY
when he experiences his diabetic rages.  That was an attempted attack on a
FRIEND, this time.  That was an escalation, right there.  It went BEYOND me
and started to include my personal friends.  Jeff in the meantime, has played
down ALL occasions of the harassments, advising me that if they haven't
stabbed or shot me, then I'm being "ridiculous."  I hate that man.  He's an
antagonist, and he hides behind his public service and his ranks and titles
and acts so confidently like he's got some sort of a RIGHT to cause to happen
what he has.  Behind him is his wife, Susan Tipton, who by his own admission
bitches about me all day, in restaurants, at home, and even in BED!  She
tells Jeff not to associate with me.  She tells him not to help me in anything.
She admittedly does not like me.  He advises that she thinks I'm "taking away
his glory."  She is the background antagonizer who keeps Jeff going.  If Jeff
appears to "side" with me as he puts it, then, by his own admission to me, his
wife even goes as far as to withhold sex from him until he caves. She treats
him like a dog...offering him "rewards" when he is good.  (I'm not
exaggerating.)   The man lives in an environment of psychological torture and
abuse.  His wife is a sociopath who is obsessed with me and making sure the
world knows just how stupid and irresponsible I am.  It's something she MUST
do.  And he is the "sleeper" who comes to her rescue if anyone challenges her.
Jeff once told me that she got ALL excited when the UF's College of
Engineering Journal arrived and in it was a photo and bio of my best friend,
Alisa, whom I was desperately trying to keep all info out of everyone's hands,
for good reason.  Jeff came home, and she met him, dancing up the hallway to
the door, waving the magazine over her head, so excite, touting "*I* know
something YOU don't know!  I know something YOU don't know!"  (This is just
too weirdly, strangely OBSESSIVE...all this attention to my LIFE, who I'm
DATING, who my FRIENDS are, attacking my friends, writing and calling my
friends, destroying budding friendships, trying to convince my friends to
make me see things, trying to sabotage the ACS program...)  At the hamfest,
she once placed her dogs on top of the display tables that I was attending
and she pretended not to notice while her dogs walked back and forth across
my brand new $1000 laptop.  A lot of people saw that and shook their heads
with their mouths agape, because they know Susan has a high IQ and is
obsessive about rules and social behavior.  She calls up the Press behind me.
She calls up my professional contacts and makes sure people "understand" who
Todd really is and how stupid and irresponsible he is.  During one GARC
meeting, she openly stated "Don't give it to Todd; he'll screw it up."
(There was no basis for this.)  During various presentations I've given about
EMWIN, she's loudly harassed me in front of everyone present.  She tries to
find every possible error in my statements, and every time she catches them,
she makes sure that I am loudly embarrassed.  Most recently was the misquote
by the Gainesville Sun on SKYWARN spotters' use of a special number during
certain times of the day to call in reports to EM.  This was actually
something arranged in the long past.  The press twisted my whole statement
around to say "Mr. Sherman recommends people don't call 911 during
emergencies", or something to that effect.  Which was DRASTICALLY incorrect.
Susan called up the paper and REAMED the reporter and she called me up in
TEARS telling me how mean that woman was.  I apologized and told her not to
worry about it, that it was spilled milk and done with.  I even ASKED those
people before it was printed, if I could SEE the final product before it was
printed to make sure there were no errors or misquotes.  They TOLD me that it
wasn't possible.  Next thing you know, you're writing me emails demanding I
not speak "for" emergency Management or the 911 system.  You had it TOTALLY
wrong, but you weren't in the mood to hear the explanations.  Chief, you may
tell me that Susan didn't call YOU personally; but someone brought that error
to your attention.  If not Susan herself, that person was probably CALLED by
Susan.  You just wanted the problem taken care of.  That is how *I* see
things, too.  That is where I'm at now.  I don't give a damn what everyone's
personal reasons are for harassing me and for making my life miserable and
for destroying everyones' opinions of me, or how this makes it okay to harass
my friends.  But it's GOING to stop.  NOW. ...Any way that I can make it

I have filed a complaint with GPD over the recent harassing email, which
appears it may well have come from Melissa Royce in an effort to try to bug
me.  At first I thought it was Scott West, and the police actually went over
to his residence and questioned him.  So whoever did this affected a SECOND
innocent person, as well.  But in conversations with Jeff, it seems it was
likely her.  Regardless of who did it, and regardless of how relatively
inconsequential the recent email may seem on it's is, nonetheless,
"harassment/cyberstalking" and where I let Scott go the last time because he
had a wife and kid, I do NOT intend to use that same method of thinking THIS
time around. I have instructed GPD that regardless of who did it or their
family status, or how much they're sorry...these people KNEW how sensitive I
was to this stuff.  They KNEW it would bother me.  They KNEW it was against
the law.  They did it anyway.  ...And I wish to press carges.
Harassment/cyberstalking is a first degree misdemeanor  It is punishable by a
mandatory jail sentence of up to a year, and a fine of up to a thousand
dollars.  (Repeat offenses are 30/$15.)  Now, I also have emails from Jeff
Capehart stating how Phil has apparently been going around bragging how "(he)
better not catch (me) in a dark alley."  That is a threat of physical
violence.  Am I wrong?  That's mandatory jail of up to 5 years, and a fine of
up to $5000.  Florida law takes this stuff pretty seriously. I'm awaiting word
from GPD on what they find in the logs subpoenaed from Yahoo and Bellsouth,
Phil and Melissa's ISP.  Jeff thinks it was Melissa because two hours before I
got the email, he and she had talked about me and my latest activity on the
AC-SKYWARN alert list, publicizing the SKYWARN-L list, and introducing Alisa
Marchionno as Asst. Coordinator.  I guess that must have bugged her.  At this
point, everything must be considered circumstantial, but itís not looking good
for Melissa.  And if Phil gives me any shit, I'll press against him for the
threats. But be aware, the two people you may at this point be the most proud
of and who may even be the most active and seemingly productive...may well
soon end up in jail for things you had no clue was going on.  And I will
admit...I do NOT like Phil and I am TIRED of his argumentative threats and
harassments and I'm pretty much 100-percent SURE that he's going to do or say
something that's going to piss me off enough to tell the cops to go ahead and
arrest him, too.  These people have KIDS.  What kind of EXAMPLE are they
setting for their kids?  "It's okay to seek revenge on people you don't LIKE?"
Another reason why I probably shouldn't hesitate to put them away. Let their
grand parents foster the kids while they serve their sentence.  I really don't
care, anymore.  Peoplke have pushed me too far and all I can see is the
necessity of setting a scary example for EVERYONE to see right now.  I've
tried everything else.

I'm just sick of this stuff, and I've had it.  I don't want to sit down and
TALK anymore.  I don't want to come to "agreements."  I want it (the
harassments) to end.  ...PERIOD.  And I want people to leave ACS alone as
well.  We've done just fine for ten years.  And we're celebrating our tenth
anniversary.  But then, I think the people pulling this KNOW that.  And there
is now no WAY that I can EVER believe that this latest stuff with SKYWARN and
EM is NOT connected to their petty childish angers and I cannot in any way now
look at it all in any favorable or enjoyable light.  IT is reminder of selfish,
power hungry people looking for a way to destroy someone's reputation, and to
harm him.

would only be intimidating and frustrating and it would accomplish nothing
because everyone would be interrupting each other and yelling and screaming.

Bottom line is...I am being harassed and there is no excuse for the things
that have been happening to me.  My reputation is being completely destroyed
in the eyes of EM and NWS by these people.  People have engaged in first
degree misdemeanors and third degree felonies to get at me and I want it to
stop, to halt, period.  ...No more.  I'm done with it.  It's gone on for YEARS
now...from harassing me during presentations in public to threatening my
friends, to letter campaigns to people in my personal life to try to embarrass
me and to convince these people to force me into a certain way of thinking
about certain things.  They have destroyed friendships, caused other people to
question my intentions and my sanity, and caused definite, tangible and obvious
harm to my credibility and reputation within both EM and the NWS.

Chief, I'm sure all this comes as a total shock you had no clue about, and
I've tried over the years to resolve this by myself...including:

  Telling everyone to stop, of course.
  Quitting the Gainesville Amateur Radio Society so as to be out of view of
the harassers.
  Not using the local repeaters.
  Quitting associations with the Gator Amateur Radio Club except to maintain
the EMWIN system.
  Ceasing attendance of the ACFR Reserve Comm meetings, for the same reason.
  Ceasing association with anyone in the CERT program, fire/rescue, and police,
because I'm afraid someone will know me and someone will mention me to these
people and then it'll all start all over again.
  Total abandonment of my favorite hobby, ham radio, and not using the radio
at all.
  Cessation of all public appearances and presentations EXCEPT spotter training
  Less bulletins to the AC-SKYWARN Email Alert List (especially with my
signature tagline attached).
  Not answering the phone whenever any of the above-mentioned people call, or
answering any emails when they email me.

  ...It has NOT worked.  It has only apparently escalated.  Meanwhile, my
personal life, I have noticed, has ended.  I have become a hermit without even
recognizing it, apparently.  I'm NOT succumbing to that anymore. I'm NOT
hiding for the rest of my life, here.  I have a RIGHT to my life!

  These people have changed me.  I used to be an INCREDIBLY patient,
EASY-going, amiable person.  Now, I'm short with people, and I don't take crap,
and I TRUST no one.  I don't like that.  I hate that, in fact.

  I can't wait to see who the NEXT oddball nutcase to appear out of the
woodworks is.  The numbers aren't dwindling, here.  They're INCREASING over
time.  So far, it numbers SIX PEOPLE who have either now or in the past been
involved with harassing me, and stalking me.  And let's not beat around the
bush, here.  Stalking IS the correct word.  Because it applies.  These people
ARE obsessed with me.


E-mail 2:

From: Will May
Sent: Monday, October 02, 2006 7:55 AM
To: Todd KB4MHH
Cc: David Donnelly
Subject: Re: SKYWARN Stuff

Todd, although you don't want to meet with representatives of all
relevant entities, it may very well be that in the end you will have to
do it.  If such a meeting occurs I will be the moderator.  I will spend
a few weeks reviewing your allegations and researching all related
information before moving forward.

Thank you for your response,

Will May

E-mail 3:

From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Sent: Monday, October 02, 2006 4:23 PM
To: 'Will May'
Cc: Alisa Marchionno; 'David Donnelly'
Subject: RE: Harrassments and SKYWARN...

> Todd, although you don't want to meet with representatives of all
> relevant entities, it may very well be that in the end you will have to
> do it.  If such a meeting occurs I will be the moderator.  I will spend
> a few weeks reviewing your allegations and researching all related
> information before moving forward.


For the time being, since there IS an ongoing investigation, please do NOT
discuss the details of the CURRENT harassing email case with anyone
else...until the investigation is over.  I WILL tell YOU...that the
originating IP on the harassing email...goes straight to Phil Royce's
personal web page.  Granted the IP's could have been forged.  That's WHY I'm
also subpoenaing the logs from Yahoo and BellSouth.  If BellSouth shows a
definite connection FROM Phil's house at the time the Yahoo logs show the
Yahoo email account was created, the email was sent, and the account
deleted...then they're nailed.


You're the FIRST to say that you're going to investigate.  Thank you.  I
complained to GARS, and to GARC long ago.  They have Robert's Rules and there
ARE provisions to handle members who are breaking laws and not acting in a
civil manner towards other fellow members and BOTH clubs chose to ignore
everything instead and chose to hope that it would "just go away."  This only
_empowered_ the harassers; made them feel more confident.  In my view they're
partially responsible, because they effectively patted these people on the
back by doing that.

I have emails from Jeff backing up what I've said about Susan.  All WILL make
denials.  They'll all hem and haw.  They'll all try to point the finger back
at me and say that "if only Todd was a better Coordinator then these people
would not have done what they did."  I argue that regardless of how they
PERSONALLY felt about the job I was doing, NOTHING makes EXCUSE for the things
that they have done.  But, that has consistently been Jeff's argument and he
has been a pain in the A**!  I ask that if Jeff starts to try that...if he
avoids your questions...that you cut that bastard off right pronto and you
FORCE him to give you a straight answer.  Yes and No.  Nothing else.  That man
is THE catalyst for every person who has harassed and threatened.  He talks
about me when he knows they're volatile, and when he knows they may ACT on
their angers.  He's showed NO conscience.  If you ask him a question, demand
a straight answer.  In my dealings with Jeff, it's like pulling teeth.  You
have to NAIL HIM DOWN...CONSTANTLY.  HE WILL AVOID taking blame at all costs.
Take no beat-around-the-bush answers.  NAIL him to the table!  ...Facts.
...Yes and no.  ...Did you do this?  Did you not?  ...PERIOD.  No "But TODD's
stupid and HE should do this's..."

Scott West will have no choice but to admit what he did to me.  I'm aware that
he's no longer a part of ACFR-Reserves.  I don't know about CERT or other EM
programs, though.  I know he's constantly trying to get into something in EM.
He was reprimanded by BellSouth because I filed a complaint against him.  He
also ADMITTED what he did to me previously to a GPD police officer when the
idiots actually walked up to his door a month ago and ASKED the man if he'd
sent me a harassing email recently.  (Idiots!  Might as well give him advance
notice and warn him to erase his hard drive and destroy all evidence while
they're at it!)  He admitted to the officer his harassments in the past, but
DENIED involvement in this recent event.  (Now he wants apology, which he's
not getting.  As I see it, and so would any judge...if you didn't want to be
accused in the future of first degree misdemeanors and third degree felonies
when they occur, then you should not have ENGAGED in them in the past.)
Scott's involvement was to force me to make him an officer so he could
manipulate AC-SKYWARN funds.  I denied him that opportunity.

Jay Lieberman...I don't want anything to do with that man.  He's crazy.
...Period.  Jeff knew this, too, when he was talking to Jay.  I want Jeff to
shut up.  I want Jeff to stop talking about me behind my back; and I want him
to stop deliberately enraging people he KNOWS are unpredictable into taking
actions that he probably thinks are just too funny and something to giggle at.
In Jay's case, had he OBTAINED Alisa's name and rank in the Navy, and had he
EXPERIENCED another one of his crazy diabetic frenzies, he very well might
HAVE gone to the Navy and carried OUT his plan.  Jay is explosive.  I don't
like to guess and gamble whether or not he'll DO this or that.  (sigh)  I
don't want to KNOW how the Navy might have actually ACTED in this modern day
of post-9/11 paranoia if Jay HAD called them.  But I would imagine they would
take EVERY threat seriously and ACT.  Jay ESPECIALLY is someone to be
especially careful about.  He is DANGEROUS.  Jeff KNOWS this. Again, Jeff
should have just said "Get lost!"  He did not.  Jay believes I'm not doing my
proper SKYWARN job because Jeff is complaining about me to him.  So Jay
believes Todd must be made to "see."  Thank you, Jeff.  But Jeff just CANNOT
be made to see what he is doing and NO amount of begging and pleading with him
has had any effect on him working people up.  Oh and by the way, Jeff at FIRST
actually dangled this in front of me - for about a MONTH! - deliberately
WITHHOLDING Jay's name from me.  The man actually TORURED me with
it...DELIBERATELY!  He told me someone was threatening some form of harm to my
best friend...and then WITHHELD THE IDENTITY OF THE PERSON!!!  ...GAMES!
These people think it's all just a damned GAME!  They're putting me and my
friends at RISK!...and it's a GAME!  It's fun!  It's FUNNY!  It's just a LAUGH
to them!  Let's SCARE Todd and his friends and sit back and WATCH the fun!

Jeff KNOWS people are engaging in threatening activity here, and activity
which is deliberately designed to harm me or harass me, and yet he continues
sharing info with these people about me.  I have TOLD him, OVER and OVER!, to
STOP talking about me AND AC-SKYWARN to people because the WAY that he talks
to people is in an irresponsible manner that apparently incites and enrages
and puts me in danger of harm.  Jeff would argue that Jay never DID act and
that I worry too much.  But I argue that he pushes things to the LIMIT and
TRIVALIZES everything and that is DANGEROUS.  He needs to just shut up.
PERIOD.  He asked me what I wanted him to do when Scott cornered him to ask
him about me.  I told him, "tell him to get LOST! And that you're not GOING
there! And that you're not getting INVOLVED! everyone ELSE does!"  He
laughed and thought that idea ridiculous.  He has no balls.

But it doesn't matter, because if ever I WAS able to put conscience and
understanding in him, Susan would only tear it down again when he got home,
bitching at him incessantly about me, making him "understand" about Todd, and
basically putting the vice of psychological torture on him about it.  And it
would only begin again the next day.  And that's actually what has been Jeff's own words.  Jeff is his own wife's worst witness.

As for Phil and Melissa, theirs is solely vendetta.  ...Getting back at Todd.
...Making Todd "see".  ...Making Todd writhe and suffer.  What they are
attempting to convince EM to create here is not an SOP.  It's a manual of how
to crush and "control" Todd, in actuality.

I believe the document you should have been going after with ACS was called an
"MoU", or "Memorandum of Understanding," and you should have worked WITH ACS
on it, not composed it behind it's back and then shoved it on it last minute
once it was almost finalized and approved.  But that's not your fault because
I think you were duped, here.  I think you thought I knew about all this going
on.  I think you thought they were cooperating with me somehow, and approved
the whole idea or something.  That has not been the case.  This has been done
surreptitiously.  I want you to think about that.  If done surreptitiously,
then there's only one reason why people might do that, use it as a
tool to harass.  EM has been played, here.

Meanwhile, again, I do have that report filed with GPD.  I want no interference
on it.  ...No one talking to the detectives and trying to curry favors or force
an outcome this way or that.  And I'm worried about that.  Phil works on
contract for the Sheriffs Office Communications Division.  Apparently he works
on their radios.  I can't complain to ACSO, though, because technically he's
not on their payroll because he works for another company which is CONTRACTED
TO them; so I'm not able to touch him because he and everyone else keeps this
company's name a secret.  He also is good friends with Officer Randy Kerr, and
I worry what Phil might attempt to push Randy to do for him...favors or
something.  I don't know Randy.  I don't know how his mind works or what he's
capable and how "loyal" he is towards his friends.  I don't know Phil.  I don't
know what Phil is capable of.  But it's beginning to look like he or (more
likely) his wife might have sent that email, now. If so, then to me this means
they could be capable of any kind of thinking.  If they're capable of breaking
the law, they're capable of attempting to manipulate it, in my book.  I'm
waiting for the ISP logs to come back.  Jeff has admitted to me that just 2
hours before I received that email, he and Melissa were talking about an email
I'd sent (over a month ago, now) to the ACS Alert List which talked about
changes to another list we run called SKYWARN-L, and which also talked about
the Asst Coordinator, Alisa Marchionno, being the new moderator of that list.
(Whom, by the way, I'd like to be put on the CC list of all correspondence
related to this, since this involves her, too, personally and on the AC-SKYWARN
level.)  Jeff's theory is that it wasn't Phil, but rather, Melissa.  I would
have to agree. can't act on circumstantial evidence.  The fact that
the email predicted "change" for SKYWARN, would seem to point to someone
actually working ON the creation of the SOP Manual, now - or privy to
witnessing it's creation.  Whoever did this, isn't very bright.  Whoever did going to jail...because I've instructed GPD to press charges once
they find out, and to disregard the last minute crying and repentance, any
political position or affiliation, and family status.  This has been going on
six years.  All involved are WELL AWARE of my sensitivity to just this sort of
stuff.  They KNOW the laws. mercy.  Scott West had a wife and
a very little kid when he pulled his stuff.  I did not press official charges
against him with the police back then BECAUSE he had a wife and a family and I
was worried about the embarrassment the rest of his family would have to
endure.  I knew her and his kid.  They're nice people.  They've never done
anything wrong to me.  I let it go because of that.  But it only empowered
Scott instead, and he went on to letter-campaign the NWS and apparently all
surrounding Emergency Coordinators in an attempt to rally support to "oust
Todd from power."  (sigh)  At any rate...I will NOT use mercy this time.  I
made a serious mistake last time and showed kindness and understanding, and
that was apparently the WRONG thing to do.  I NEED to set an example...a BIG
one.  ...A SCARY one.  ...For EVERYONE to see.  ...And to make everyone think
twice before harassing me again.  I want it to STOP.  I just want it to STOP.
I want my LIFE back, dammit!  I'm sick of hiding and being this....HERMIT!
I've lost my life, my hobbies.  I can't do ANYTHING anymore without fear of
seeing these people and I hate that my life has become that and how they have
so much CONTROL over me.  I'm taking my life BACK!

In ALL of this, for YEARS, ALL I have done is show mercy and compassion.  But
it's been a mistake to do that, and NO one has taken notice of that.  To make
these people stop, I MUST show strength.  I must not show FEAR.  I must show
CONTROL.  I must show DETERMINATION and be STEADFAST.  I MUST reprimand, now.
So I WILL be pressing charges on this recent email thing, regardless of how
trivial the email itself seems.  Don't miss the real point.  It's part of a
larger harassment thing and it's been going on for years.  And what I for you and the other groups and agencies involved to BACK ME UP,
and HELP me.

Meanwhile, please take serious consideration into what these people are
engaging in.  They are SO adamant about harassing me that they have literally
forgotten about the danger of political embarrassment that they are putting EM
at risk of.  These people have been pretty selfish, and so petty, and so
childish.  I have a right to go to the Press and complain right NOW.  But I
won't...because I want to see how this all pans out.

But PLEASE try to keep in mind here...I'm not just complaining about some
stupid manual, here.  I'm making official complaint of harassment and
stalking.  I expect EM to act accordingly and to fully investigate it.  In the
end, I want reprimands and punishment.  I want things to happen that all clubs
will see and take NOTE of.  I want all involved groups to know that when stuff
like this occurs, there WILL be serious repercussions.  I want signed
agreements between all groups and agencies involved guaranteeing the rights of
people who are harassed in the some ACTION when people engage in
harassment.  I want guarantee that in the future, all related clubs and
people engage in this kind of stuff.  I want all participants to AGREE TO DO
THAT.  Otherwise, you get clubs like GARS ignoring things, and letting them go
ON. In the case of GARC, what do you think might happen to GARC if the Student
government found out about all of this and how some members and associates were
engaging in what they were engaging in?  Would you not think that club would be
wiped from the earth...kinda akin to how they bulldoze frats when they become
embarrassing?  I think GARC would be no more.  I've said NOTHING to SG, either.
But I could.  These people just aren't THINKING about the RISK they're putting
everybody in...GARS, GARC, EM...  I'm SO patient!  I'm SO understanding!  But
I'm at wits end, here.  I'm up against the wall, now.  It's not going away.  It
hasn't stopped regardless of all that I've done to try to make myself
disappear.  I don't know how to make it stop anymore.  But I'm GOING to...SOME


E-mail 4:

From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Sent: Monday, October 02, 2006 5:14 PM
To: 'Will May'
Cc: 'David Donnelly'
Subject: Contact Info...

Phone numbers:

  Home: 379-****
  Cell: 256-****

Mailing address:  

  **** ** **** *** ****
  Gainesville, FL 32653


E-mail 5:

From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2006 4:47 AM
To: 'Will May'
Subject: Just thinking...

You know, I was just thinking about things...  You can't possibly have all
these people together and be able to ask them all the questions you need to
ask of of them and get straight answers out of them when, for example, Jeff is
the one who is the witness against Melissa regarding his conversations with
her just before the harassing email was sent to me (and considering the fact
that she's ARES AEC, working underneath him), and have him do that in front of
her husband, PHIL, which would be uncomfortable.  

And you can't possibly get Melissa to confess to anything with her husband
present, and angry, advising her not to answer anything.  You won't possibly
be able to get Jeff to answer anything with HIS wife present to tell him to
keep his mouth shut.  Etc.  It's just NOT gonna work.

This just occurred to me WHILE I was asleep.  (Yah. Sometimes I dream about
the day just occurred.)  :)

So yah, everyone is going to have to be interviewed separately, sitting in
FRONT of you to guarantee no one is pressuring them on the sidelines.  You
don't want them all coercing each other to answer or not, or HOW to answer.
And you don't want them to know what questions you ASKED the other person,
either...until you've already gotten all the answers first, and so as not to
give the next person a heads up what to say or to back the next person's
statement up with a lie.

You have a difficult job ahead of you in this.  That's for sure.  :(


E-mail 6:

From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2006 6:57 AM
To: Chief Will May
Cc: Alisa Marchionno
Subject: How Jay Lieberman's threat originated...

First I'd like to make note of how much I HATE having to pour through years of
past emails and having to in effect re-live all of the bitching and moaning and
whining and complaining and bickering and insults and humiliations that have
occurred.  Since 2002 there are like nearly 10000 emails between Jeff and I
alone.  It is extremely depressing to have to sort through things in order to
find the proof that I need.  :(  Thank god that as much as Jeff has harassed
himself, he's an idiot in how he just can't go without sharing information back
and forth between parties, or I'd have no proof of anything.  He's not very
bright in keeping things quiet.  He just HAS to gossip, and it's proving to
help me.  But this should be enough to prove I'm not making things up and that
it really happened.  This one in particular upsets me the most because it
involved a threat made against my FRIEND in order to get at me.  It's SCARY as
HELL that someone could even CONSIDER that!

With the below email, over a year ago, Jeff advised me that someone was
attempting to attack my friend, Alisa; but he deliberately WITHHELD the name of
the person who said that to him so that I could not do anything, and obviously
so as to bug me.  He could have easily mentioned who it was but instead he put
it in a "HA-HA! You're gonna have to GUESS who it is" kind of form, instead... 


-----Original Message-----
From: Jeff Capehart
Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2005 8:59 AM
To: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Subject: On Susan and the Skywarn meeting...


However, there is one loose cannon out there who I have repeatedly tried 
to calm down who wants to know "that navy girls name" so that he can 
report her and get her in trouble.  I'm not sure if you know who this 
person might be.  He's also someone who wants to "overthrow" the Skywarn 
caeser.  And I didn't really think there was someone out there more rabid 
than Scott, but apparently so.



Jeff at a later date then personally elaborated to me in more detail that Jay's
intent was to tell the Navy that my friend Alisa was associating with someone
who was a threat to national security in the hopes of getting her bogged down
in investigation and/or put away so that she would be out of the way and "Todd
could concentrate more on his SKYWARN duties."  ...But I had to ask Jeff a
NUMBER OF TIMES before he'd tell me WHO it was who had said that and just what
exactly was said.  He withheld the info for some time...a month and a half, I
think it was.  He also mentioned that Jay tried "very hard" to get Alisa's name
and rank from him, repeatedly, when they talked.

Alisa means a HECK of a lot to me and she's my best friend.  I DON'T appreciate
how with this, hams actually crossed the line into attacking my friends in
order to get at ME.  I'll protect this woman at all costs.

Later email from me to Alisa regarding...


-----Original Message-----
From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 4:51 AM
To: Alisa Marchionno
Subject: Ready to give up...

  Jeff supposedly had some stuff to give me and I met him at the Lil Champ gas
  station on NW 34th near the DMV.  Just a bunch of useless pamphlets from his
  trip to KSC, front section of today's newspaper, and an old NASA meatball
  patch he 'bought for me.'

  But he told me that Scott is still at it, and now he's getting with that
  diabetic fat guy I once told you about - Jay Lieberman.  Apparently Jay's
  been pretending to be my friend and sucking info out of me and getting it
  back to Scott West.  Apparently he and Scott have banded together and
  according to Jeff they're both going to try to form Alachua Co. SKYWARN
  themselves and swipe the name out from underneath me.

  This crap just never ends.  People aren't going AWAY by my ignoring them,
  they're INCREASING in number.  I can't believe this!

  I just want to give it all up and throw it to the wolves.  I don't fucking
  care about anything anymore.  I don't.  I'm NOT winning this battle.  And
  these people just ARENíT going away.  They REFUSE to leave me alone.

  And I'm not almost positive that out mystery complainer was probably Jay.
  When I think about it, it sounds JUST like something Jay would say in one of
  his diabetic raging fits.  ...Which is very common for him.  I knew it
  sounded baseless and nonsensical and when I think about it it just sounds SO
  much like something he'd say.  So I wouldn't worry about it.  Jay doesn't
  know what he's talking about.

  What bugs the shit out of me is how Jeff held that back from you and me.  He
  still didn't admit to me that Jay was the one who said it, but last month he
  DID send me an email saying something like "I didn't know there could be
  someone more rabid against you than Scott, but apparently there is."  So
  there you go.  I'm sure it's Jay.  It all just fits, now.

  But I'm so sick of this shit, Alisa.  I really am.  I'm SERIOUSLY thinking of
  just letting it all go.  It's not worth it.  It's not.  It's my sanity we're
  talking about, here.  These people are deliberately attacking me from all
  sides, plotting, coordinated attacks.  I can't fight this.



Email to Jeff requesting further info on the Jay thing...


-----Original Message-----
From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Sent: Monday, September 05, 2005 6:43 PM
To: 'Jeff Capehart'
Subject: RE: Just toying with ideas, here...


  At ay rate...I'm SERIOUS about keeping it quiet, though.  ESPECIALLY with
  Susan, Scott, or Jay...but really, don't tell ANYONE.  Susan will only start
  another anti-Todd/anti-EMWIN campaign and if she does I'm just issuing
  restraining orders because I'm not puttin up with THAT again.  The woman
  always goes way too far.

  Scott as well will only be encouraged by this news to work harder at any
  stupid ideas he and Jay may have.  So say nothing to them.

  As it is I'm looking into putting Jay in jail for (if but vaguely)
  threatening Alisa.  I won't put up with that shit.  I want people off my

  People don't have any real, logical, reasonable explanations anymore for
  attacking me so much and for what they're doing to me and it's simply become
  nothing more than Pavlovian instinct, now.  So I've decided to fight back and
  I need people who are stupid enough to give me examples to set.  Jay's just
  made himself the easiest one.  Scott's next after that.  (I should NOT have
  let that man go.  He's been stabbing me in the back for that favor ever
  since.  Not a very BRIGHT criminal mind, I have to say.)

  Since we're on that...

  Incidentally, I need to know exactly the words Jay used re "getting that Navy
  girl in trouble."  First, I need to know if it's TRUE.  Verifying that it is,
  then I need to take action upon it as soon as possible.  Alisa and I BOTH
  want to hop on this ASAP.  That's why she called you.

  This really needs to be done, Jeff.  Some people just take so little care of
  themselves that they begin to become a dangerous problem for others as they
  get older, and Jay is apparently reaching that point where he's no longer
  able to take care of himself enough to remain an acceptable human in the
  company of other humans so he needs to be dealt with, apparently.  He's
  making vague/veiled threats to my friends, now, for no other reason than
  because they want to help me with SKYWARN, and that's just not reasonable nor
  acceptable.  Jay is obviously now in a very anti-social state and he needs to
  be under the supervision of others who can watch him, because he's apparently
  not able to keep ahead of his diabetes.  But then, he's pretty bad even when
  NOT low on insulin.  He thinks he's been abducted by aliens.  He believes in
  UFOs.  He thinks the government is out to get him.  He's paranoid of people
  in general.  He doesn't want people to know where he lives.  He meets people
  elsewhere rather than his home and doesn't want people to SEE where he lives.
  He uses a false name in the phone book.  He's a ex-con with at least two
  arson convictions.  He has a temper and is prone to outbursts.  He has a gun
  and has REPEATEDLY threatened to use it on others.  Now he's just threatened
  my best friend.  He needs help.

  If Scott encouraged him or any of this, then I'll deal with Scott, too.

  Did you hear this personally, verbally?  Or did Jay (or Scott) send you an
  email?  If an email, I'd like to see it because the moment the threat was
  made all privacy rights went out the window and the email became evidence of
  a wrong that was contrary to law. So don't think you're going to be in any
  legal trouble for sharing any related email(s?).

  I mean, I can use the email you already sent which alludes to it, and
  confirms that a threat was made; but you'd only be questioned by an attorney
  for this very same info anyway, later...AND the email that I requested.  So
  you might as well send me a copy if one exists.

  Alisa means a hell of a lot to me and she's become the most steadfast and
  loyal friend I've ever had, and I've vowed to protect her from these
  people...and that's what I'm doing.  SHE wants him, PERSONALLY; but really,
  this was all obviously designed to get at ME in the end of things.  So the
  both of us should be able to have at him, really.  Twice the counts would put
  him twice away.



Finally, after meeting with Jeff personally and getting the answers then, I got
him to repeat what he more or less had said to me in an email, later.  Also
note how Jeff so easily suggests I break the law to get Jay in trouble as a
means to "get Jay".  GOD!

Note:  When Jeff encounters these kinds of people, Jeff oddly OBLIGES TALKING
WITH them about me, REGARDLESS.  He doesn't say "get lost."  He doesn't say "I
can't talk about this."  He just stands around with them, laughing and gabbing
about me and further working these nutballs up into a frenzy, instead.  He
SHOULDN'T DO THAT!!!  HE CAUSES my problems most of the time.  I can't REMEMBER
how many times I've asked him to STOP, either, now.  But I have emails
repeating "STOP" going all the way back to 2004 that I've so far found.


-----Original Message-----
From: Jeff Capehart
Sent: Monday, September 05, 2005 11:36 PM
To: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Subject: Jay

This wasn't in email.  I think it was during a phone call.  I told you Jay 
and Scott wanted to set up a meeting with me at the Library.  That hasn't 
gone anywhere because I haven't played into their hands.

Jay doesn't care about Alisa.  He can't even remember her name.  He wanted 
*ME* to give him her name.  I did not do that.

He wanted to say she was "fraternizing" with someone who was a threat to 
national security (or some such words) and he figures since he is 
ex-military, that his word is good as gold and the Navy will be forced to 
investigate her and terminate all relations with you.

He seems to think she is distracting you from doing your required skywarn 
coordinator duties and if he can get her out of the way, then you can get 
back on track with Skywarn.   Or who knows.  Who can understand how Jay 

If you wanted to "get Jay", you would do much better talking to Randy 
Kerr, a sworn law enforcement officer who overhead Jay make a threat to 
bodily injury (death threat) to an ACFR employee.

Or, you can dig up the charges and record for Jay.  Look him up.  Send it 
to the FCC.  You could get his license revoked.  Just hope he doesn't find 
out you were the one who took it away.  Or, it could be you could turn Jay 
into a jammer.  He is the type who would resort to that.  That old "if I 
can't play with it, then you can't either".


  On Mon, 5 Sep 2005, Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH wrote:

> Incidentally, I need to know exactly the words Jay used re "getting that
> Navy girl in trouble."  First, I need to know if it's TRUE.  Verifying 
> that


So Jeff becomes witness of what Jay attempted.  He proves that it happened, and
that I'm not making it up or exaggerating anything.

I wouldn't exactly go giving the man a MEDAL, though, for it.  He WITHHELD the
info from me for a LONG time, preventing me from doing much of anything until
he confessed; and at first used it to even harass me.  :(  And it was SO hard
getting the info finally out of him.  GOD!  He's an ANTAGONIZER and works
kinda like a Devil's Advocate - getting each side worked up, while he sits
back and enjoys watching the mayhem ensue.

If you want I'll also try to gather info for you about Scott West's stunt a
couple years ago.  As for the recent harassing email thing, I want to wait and
see what happens with GPD before I go into that anymore.


Email 7:

From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2006 2:19 PM
To: Chief Will May
Subject: On Phil's jokes about meeting me in a dark alley...

Again Jeff trivializes stuff like this.  But the simple fact is, other people
hear this kind of crap being spoken and take it more seriously; and then MORE
idiots appear and jump on the bandwagon; or the current ones become psyched up;
and MORE harassments come.  He just doesn't GET it.

How many other people has Phil stated this to?  And how many people agree with
it?  You know?  This is how things begin to get out of hand, when people joke
about stuff like this and then the more volatile people who hear it ACT on Scott and Jay, for example.

At any rate, you have your proof of Phil's threats now, too.


-----Original Message-----
From: Jeff Capehart
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2006 10:03 AM
To: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Subject: Re: So...

On Tue, 5 Sep 2006, Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH wrote:

> How many times DID he joke about meeting me in a dark alley anyway?  PLEASE
> TELL me he didn't do it as a joke in front of the whole club.  PLEASE!  How
> about at breakfasts and other functions?
> Did he only do it that one time over the air or does he say that quite
> regularly?
> Todd

He doesn't go to breakfasts.  I think I heard it from him once in casual 
conversation.  I don't recall it being stated in front of a group like 
GARS.  Did he say it over the air?


I didn't fully read the laws you sent.  Does it say that publicly making 
someone the butt of a joke is harrassment ?  Because I assume that's 
what Phil's comment is supposed to be.  I think he's trying to convey his 
sense/level of anger and frustration in a humorous sort of way.

But I understand what you mean about someone else not interpreting it as a 
joke and thinking they will "save the day" and "fix the problem" and "take 
care of that guy for you".  It creates an atmosphere of fear for no 
purpose other than to harrass and annoy, possibly to force someone to 
cease doing things or to do something.  Or, maybe they don't care about 
any of that and just think it is funny.  There could be plenty of reasons 
to speculate about.  I don't know if it does any good to do that.  But 
usually if you can find out the "why", you find out someone's motivations 
and it will help guide you to a solution to cure/fix the problem that is 
being caused.


Email 8:

From: Will May
Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2006 3:07 PM
To: Todd KB4MHH
Subject: Re: On Phil's jokes about meeting me in a dark alley...

Todd, lets stop the communication/discussion for now.  You have the
investigation going on, and don't want to meet with the group to hammer
out the issues and develop a resolution we can all live with.

There is no point in continuing the discussion since there is no
interest in working out the details.

Will May

Email 9:

From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2006 7:31 AM
To: 'Will May'
Subject: RE: On Phil's jokes about meeting me in a dark alley...

> Todd, lets stop the communication/discussion for now.  You have the
> investigation going on, and don't want to meet with the group to hammer
> out the issues and develop a resolution we can all live with.
> There is no point in continuing the discussion since there is no
> interest in working out the details.

  But what can be "worked out" with the harassment, stalking, and assault
  issues?  I don't understand.  They broke the law.  There can't possibly be
  any bargaining.  They obey the law or go to jail.  There IS no "working out
  the details."

  That's what I don't understand.  What exactly ARE each of us talking about
  here?  I've been on the harassment subject, mostly.  I think you're on the
  SKYWARN subject.  ...And we've been getting confused.  You have not specified
  exactly what you're wanting to "work out" with me, yet.  You mentioned
  "talks," and "resolutions"...but over what?  ...The SKYWARN issue?  ...Or the
  harassment stuff?  ...Are you trying to group both together at the same time?
  You don't think that appears improper?  Do you see the conflict?

  I think we're getting the two very separate issues confused together.

  Both the issues (SKYWARN operations and the harassment/stalking) mutually
  involve the same people - the harassers.  That is where we're both running
  into a problem.  You want me to sit down with people who have broken laws and
  REPEATEDLY shown me (and my personal friends) nothing but belligerence and
  malicious intentions.  I'm feeling like I'm being forced/pressured into a
  compliance.  See?  :(

  What exactly would be DISCUSSED at these "talks?"  What is the PURPOSE of the
  "talks?"  That hasn't been made clear to me, yet.  Give me a quick rundown on
  what you intended.

  ON the investigation thing...

  (pausing for thought)

  Well...what exactly would you be doing?  What I mean is, are you going to be
  asking questions directly of each person?  ...Are their answers going to be
  permanently recorded to paper or something; i.e., their admissions and
  denials?  (sigh)  Okay...then if so, why not.  Alright, go for it.  Ask
  whoever you want whatever you want and take as long as you need.  If I can
  get a copy I can take it to GPD, afterwards...I'd be okay with that, then -
  because it might actually HELP them and it could be added to the official

  As for SKYWARN itself, I'm open to an MoU.  We should have that anyway.  But
  I don't know about the "SOP Manual" where EM actually dictates every
  function, and every officer, and every member of an already pre-existing
  organization.  Can you understand where I'm coming from?  (Who ARE all the
  people currently involved in the creation of that document, anyway?  Was I
  correct when I assumed Jeff, Phil, Melissa and Kevin Rolfe?)


NOTE - 12/13/2009:

Even though the Chief implied contact at a later point, ALL later further attempts at contact were ignored.

Now that a few years have passed, and things have happened, I am beginning to put things together slowly here and it is becoming painfully suggestive here that Chief May may have talked with the cop and they both convinced each other that I was being ridiculous and that a conversation between the Chief and Detective Mayo may have been what set off Detective Mayo into sabotaging my harassment case.

It is very scary how very, very often "prophetic" my words were in terms of how these people were going to act and the things they might be capable of doing, and what actually ended up happening to me. While these people may have thought me nuts, I knew the local ham radio operators very well...too well.

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