Contacts with Dave:

In March of 2006, Dave and I had arranged a face-to-face at Big Lou's Pizzeria on S. Main Street to discuss ongoing problems that I was having with local ham radio operators. At this meeting, I was going to discuss with him everything that had been happening at the hands of the local hams, and ask for his help, because these people were coincidentally involved in ACFR-Reserves, CERT, and other EM-related programs.

But apparently Dave said something to Jeff Capehart about it - my lead stalker. Next thing you know, Dave and I are sitting in Big Lou's, and both Jeff AND his wife Susan showed up. According to Jeff and Susan, Dave had told them that I was gong to have a meeting with him about some problems I'd been having with the local hams, and Jeff and Susan asked if they could join in so that they could "present some new ideas to Dave about improving ARES/RACES." Everybody is staring at me intently, waiting for me to speak. I'm pissed off, feeling caught off guard. I couldn't believe Dave had actually done that to me - placing me into such an uncomfortable situation like that. Jeff asked if I wanted to get what I had to say out first. I said, "No, thanks. I'll wait." I didn't want to say anything in front of my stalkers and engage in a fight with them right there, and I was REALLY pissed off that they were there. So I kept my mouth shut until after they left.

Having been quieted, Jeff and his wife IMMEDIATELY went into a presentation that they had prepared for this meeting, about "ideas" they had "for Alachua County ARES and RACES." Dave ate it all up, and when they were done, all our time having been used up, he just wanted to leave.

Sycophantic ass-kissing is a ploy that many psychopaths use to attempt to make themselves look elevated while making their victims look very stupid and in fact like downright complaintive troublemakers. What the person in power sees in the psychopath is someone who is JUST trying to do GOOD, and who is seemingly trying to "move forward", and to HELP. At the same time, sitting in front of the victim intimidates him into keeping quiet.

After my stalkers had left, Dave and I were walking to our cars in the parking lot behind Big Lou's. I tried to now instead quickly SUMMARIZE everything that I was going to present to him in the lot, because he was in a rush to get back to the EOC.

Dave kicked his foot in the dirt now and then. He stared at the ground. He stared up at the sky, up at the surrounding buildings, but never straight at my face. This wasn't a man concerned about helping. This was a guy who just wanted to leave.

Finally, in the end, all he had to say was: "If people are stalking and harassing you, you NEED to go to the police and file a report about it."

That was it. That was all of the involvement, all of the investigation that ACOEM was going to give me. We shook hands, retreated to our parking spots; and that was that. (sigh)

This very conversation is KEY. It was an official notification. It was during an official meeting. It was official business. He was on the clock for ACOEM so to speak. It was face-to-face. He acknowledged my complaints PERSONALLY. Nothing was DONE, but I CAN claim official notification of the proper individual.

Note that Dave TOLD me how to proceed. I did exactly what he said, too. I went to the police.

During that investigation, the cop questioned Dave about some things. And while interviewing Dave, Dave apparently had told him that I was a "problem", setting that cop's attitude, and that cop eventually sabotaged my case because he thought I was attempting to use the law to harass innocent people. But that's another chapter...

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