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Subject: FYI...Off the record, though...

Hi Dave,

  Just FYI for now.  I'm not taking any actions against people, but I may have
to start doing that.  This is getting out of hand and it's been going on for a
while now.  It's not going away.

  What these people are doing borderlines on stalking behavior...I THINK.  Ever
had to deal with that before, yourself?  If so, what did YOU do to make it all
stop?  I'm finding that ignoring these people and hoping they'll go away and
just stop is apparently NOT something that works, because these people are
people who apparently do NOT think along the same ways that most people do.
Their psychology in fact appears to be just a tad backwards to everyone else.

  I don't know what to do.

  This is new.  I've never had to deal with this before.  If this is a "side
effect" of being in the public eye then it's kinda scary.

  At any rate, for now, don't say anything or do anything because at this point
I'm not really SURE what to do or how to even HANDLE it.  But the thing Jeff
told me about the things Jay Lieberman is suggesting...that especially scares
the hell out of me and I won't allow him or anyone to tarnish my best friend's
good name just because they don't think I'm doing an adequate enough job in
SKYWARN.  If I take action on THAT threat, though, then it would put Jay in
some really big time trouble because this is military law we're talking about
here, not civilian law.  If I understand things, it's a BIT more strict.  And
Jay is ex military.  ...He's threatening an officer in the Navy, here.

  Okay...enjoy the read.  (Below.)


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Subject: RE: Steve admitted he goofed

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> From: Jeff Capehart [mailto:w4ufl@ham.w4dfu.ufl.edu] 
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> Subject: Steve admitted he goofed
> In case you didn't notice the irony...
> Did you notice that Steve admitted when he goofed and told his family it 
> would just be a Cat 1 and wouldn't be much of a storm in S. Florida for 
> Katrina?
> Also did you notice that no one else publicly pointed out someone else who 
> made wrong predictions about certain tropical activity last year in our 
> area?
> Steve seems to be able to admit when he made a mistake and go on.  I think 
> that is commendable.  He didn't seem embarrassed about it and even had a 
> good laugh over it.   Something to think about...
> Jeff

Steve who?  Steve...ABRAMS?

Steve didn't have people stepping up in all of his public appearances/
presentations and repeatedly - REPEATEDLY - bringing up his "mistakes" as a
joke that was really designed to call the world's attention to the fact that he
MADE a mistake.  (you)

Steve didn't have people repeatedly pestering him about his mistakes in email
after email, phone call after phone call, and in just about every appearance
with his friends that he would have.  (you)

He didn't have friends writing very important, extremely necessary emails to
Asst. WCMs at the NWS Offices trying to get them to officially "TALK to Todd"
about the errors of his ways and make him "see the light."  (you)

Steve didn't have people scaring away potential new friends/romances.  (You,
Scott West, Susan, Jay Lieberman...people whom these new potential friends
consider "just too many weird people hanging around me" and "too much drama in
my life" to deal with.)

Steve didn't have people calling him on the phone at all hours of the night
leaving useless and sometimes threatening messages.  (Scott West)

Steve didn't have people sending him email after useless/threatening email at
all hours of the day and night.  (Scott West)

Steve didn't have people filling his pager at all hours of the day and night
with useless and sometimes threatening pages.  (Scott West)

Steve didn't have people sending the AWCM at NWS-JAX emails requesting the
official help of the NWS in removing the Dictator Todd from power in AC-SKYWARN.
(Scott West)

Steve didn't have crazy, always-low-on-insulin, diabetic ex-arsonists
threatening to call up the Navy and accuse his best friends of "fraternization"
with people who were "national security risks" just to bog them down so that
Todd can "focus more of his attention on SKYWARN" because he feels that his
best friend is "distracting him from his SKYWARN duties."  (Jay Lieberman)

Yes, you're right.  Some people just make a huge deal out of nothing and I
can't see why people just can't let some things go.  You're righty, there.
Steve has people around him who know how to just let things go.  Steve doesn't
have people around him who can't leave his personal life alone.  Steve doesn't
have people around him contradicting him all the time, setting up "official"
things he did not ask for or approve, making public announcements about things
he didn't agree to, pushing things to happen without authorization, bickering
with him and fighting with him at every step, putting him down in front of
others, and putting him down when he's NOT around.  And Steve certainly doesn't
have people pulling things which borderline that word, "stalking."

The scariest part of this whole thing is...

Every single one of these people is a ham radio operator.

I made my decision to quit the GARS Executive Board to get away from Scott (AND
Susan, too, back then).  I OFFICIALLY complained to the GARS Exec. Board and
ASKED for sanctions against Scott for what he did and the club did nothing,
they put nothing about it in the Minutes, they made NO mention of it at the
regular meetings, and in fact they gave that freak JOBS to do during the
hurricanes, and then patted that man on the back for being such a great human
being...effectively ENCOURAGING and EMPOWERING him and showing him that he can
do whatever he wants to Todd and the ham world will just ignore his evils and
pat him on the back if he does enough favors to make up for it.  I'll NEVER
forgive GARS for that.  There ARE provisions within RRoO which allow for
sanctions against members who are acting in manners contrary and not acceptable
to moral rules of society or to law.  GARS chose not to bother with it AT ALL
over fear of lawsuit.  That's the problem with everybody.  Everyone is so
afraid of lawsuit that we're letting people get away with doing anything they
want, or letting it stagnate us into not being able to do anything at all.

I made my decision to quit GARS and GARC to get AWAY from all of you, because
people were getting FAR too involved in my personal life, and making it far too
much of their own BUSINESS, and because people were actively beginning to
AWAY from everyone and to make people stop.  I thought being out of sight, out
of mind would make it all die out.  This is actually a GARS philosophy:
"ignore it and it will go away."  Guess it doesn't really work.

...It's actually getting worse.

Steve doesn’t have to consider possible thoughts like "where is the LIMIT where
I should actually have to break down and call the police on people who used to
be my friends...just to make them stop and leave me alone?"

It was OVER a year ago now that Scott did what he did.  Susan's been stabbing
me for over THREE years - publicly and behind my back.  LATELY, she's been REAL
smart and acting like the world's best human being and I'm wary and want to
know why.  ...PROBABALY because I've been getting really tired of things and
bringing it more into public view and she's scared.  Susan of all people
probably needs to be especially careful and she knows it because she knows
there ARE witnesses to how she's treated me in the past.  You've stopped doing
things publicly but you STILL harass me behind the scenes.  Scott has been in
hiding from me, and quieter, and in the background; but he's still on his
anti-Todd rampage.  He's just smarter about how he does it, now.  He knows now
that I'll actually go to Bellsouth and officially complain when he harasses me.
Now he's recruited Jay Lieberman to the anti-Todd thing, though.  And Jay's
making threats against my best friend...and she's all the way out at Mayport
NAS.  She's not even HERE!

Jeff, this all has to stop soon or I'm going to have to start setting public
examples to MAKE people stop and to make them see that picking on Todd realy
ISN'T such a good idea, after all.  And if I do that, then some wives will be
upset with me, and/or one son will be upset with me and without a father,
and/or some families will be publicly embarrassed and humiliated (but those
people will stop all the whispering about my brother because they'd finally
understand what it is to have an embarrassment in the family), and/or a
diabetic will end up in a padded room under constant supervision, and/or one or
two clubs will have to admit they had some deviants as members whom through
negligence of taking not any action whatsoever they allowed them to go so far
as to become deviant of the LAW towards a another fellow member...and they'll
always have someone asking about that, or talking about that..."why did they
let it go on for so long?"  "Why didn't they take action or do anything?"  "Why
didn't they want to help?"  "What DID they have against Todd, anyway?  What did
he DO to these people to deserve all of that?"  No one will be able to answer
that within the bounds of morally acceptable reason.  But if I go to the
police, that's what will happen. Some lives will be ruined with permanent
things in their records.  And some clubs will have to admit that they knew
about these people but did nothing, and they'll have to explain that to people
for a long time when they try to recruit new members.

Now...what were you saying again?  And WHAT was it's relevance again?


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