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Chapter 15 -

...So Phil had said, bragging to Jeff Capehart about what he had done to me and Alachua County SKYWARN.

SUMMARY: Phil Royce/KE4PWE, Melissa's husband, convinced a number of local government agencies that I was a problem and made them paranoid of me. He worked for the Communications Division of the Alachua County Sheriff's Office at the time. Mr. Royce apparently became enraged with me after desperately emailing him about the problems that I was having with his wife and begging him for his help in stopping her (after that incident where Melissa had nearly cost my mother her life). Instead, he became rabid, and went on a frenzied campaign to multiple government agencies attempting to get them to stop working with me and to doubt and fear me. I'm told by Jeff Capehart that he made multiple threats about causing me harm - advising people that "he better hope I don't catch him in a dark alley!" Mr. Capehart once sent me an email advising that Mr. Royce had complained about me to the National Weather Service in Jax, and to NWS HQ in DC, to the Alachua County Office of Emergency Management, to the Florida Division of Emergency Management. Mr. Capehart told me at one time that Mr. Royce said he deliberately tried to say everything that he thought would take advantage of everyone's worst fears, and to make everyone paranoid about me, and to doubt me. He attacked everyone's fears and gullabilities, preyed upon their worries, and generally made me sound irresponsible, and incompetent. Capehart said that Mr. Royce had even told them I was attempting to take over all the SKYWARN operations across the entire northern Florida area; that I was preventing other organizations from being able to hold spotter classes, or to form their own spotter groups, which was completely fabricated. He told people that I was trying to claim copyright on the SKYWARN logo.

In the end I was left asking, "How was this allowed to go SO FAR?"

Nothing that Mr. Royce had said was true. And incredibly, no one ever asked Mr. Royce for proof of his information, either. They apparently simply accepted him at his word alone. No one stopped to think how one man (me, of course) could have so much supposed power over so many government agencies. But I guess everyone just wanted to believe it. And that they did. Apparently, his campaign worked...very well. And no one bothered to ask for proof or verification of anything. Everyone...unbelievably...simply took his word at face value and trusted it to be the truth. How can so many people in so many agencies be so stupid and so gullable! I mean...COME ON!!!! I just can't believe that one guy was able to do all of this simply with ingratiation alone! But there it is. (sigh)

But there's something else that you probably didn't notice either while reading the above...

...Jeff Capehart admitted knowledge that someone was deliberately stalking and harassing me, and he didn't take it to the police. This is a continual, repeating offiense with Jeff Capehart. He gathers important information about other people engaging in stalking and harassing activities, sends me emails, calls me on the phone, gets me all worked up. But does he take his information to the police or to other authorities so that they can know? NO! It's much more enjoyable to watch Todd squirm. And the guy that the world holds up on high, and refuses to believe can do no wrong. He did it to me with information regarding Scott West, with Melissa Royce, with Jay Leiberman, and here now with Philip Royce. Mr. Capehart...the man in the know. ...The man with all the information. ...The man with information that someone who supposedly isn't involved just shouldn't have. ...And yet, he always does. And no one ever notices this.

There are public civil records that people can look up about Philip and Melissa Royce...apartment evictions, domestic abuse complaints:

[See Alachua Co. Clerk of the Court Records]
[West Palm Beach Clerk of the Court]

Type in "Royce, P" or "Royce, M" or "Shires, M" (Melissa's maiden name). The "Spoffard" entries are also Phil.

Jeff Capehart also remembered Phil once saying that he wasn't going "to let (me) kick HIM out of town...'again'". That sentence struck me as being very odd and made my blood curl; and I'd always wondered what he meant by "again". But I knew that it couldn't be good if someone else had tried to "kick him outta town" before.

Again Jeff always having to be the one with the information, he once told me that when the Royces left WPB, the hams down there had celebratory parties because they were glad they were going. Jeff would not elaborate on the club or clubs that had these supposed parties. But then as usual, Jeff was living up to his character of doing research in something not his business (nobody was causing him any problems) and then finding out information, sharing it with me, and withholding the important stuff, like names, so that I could gather witnesses of past problems with these people if I wanted, or even just confirm his BS. Jeff really got off on this sort of thing in a major way.

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