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Where'd Todd Go?...
     On Dealing With Psychopaths and Stalking

Chapter 14

...Veronica Salt. That's who Melissa reminded me of. So Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory this whole thing seemed. ...Everything so upside-down. ...Everything so backwards. ...Everything so surreal. Weird people were all around me. ...And one of the strangest...was Melissa...

Melissa Royce/KE4WBQ (aka "Melissa D Royce" in the FCC amateur radio database, and "Melissa Shires" in some other court-related civil databases, and more recently "Melissa Shires-DeSantis" after moving to Providence Rhode island and apparently remarrying) was a selfish narcissist and wasn't actually interested in public service, but rather in self-serving fame and attention for herself.

BEWARE of this woman! She is very slick, and will become very maliciously sadistic when found out. She seeks power by attempting to get into local emergency management and other public service-related agencies using organizatoins like Skywarn, and has in the past attempted to use this power to cause problems and harm to others.

As I mentioned before, by using forged business cards that said "Alachua County SKYWARN" with her name on it, with the forged position "Cooridnator" printed right next to her name, Melissa was able to con leaders in both ACOEM and the National Weather Service that I was quitting ACS and handing it over to her. She then convinced then Chief Will May and Asst. Emergency Manager Dave Donnelly that I wanted to make ACS a subgroup within the Alachua County Office of Emergency Management, and even convinced them to create their own actual Standard Operating Procedures Manual for "the new Alachua County SKYWARN". (This SOP manual is ACOEM's final version, still using the name "Alachua County SKYWARN" within it. I downloaded this before anyone got the idea to hide the evidence of what they'd done from their web site.) Not a single person ever got with me to confirm whether or not the "handover" was true. THIS IS BASIC LEGAL OBLIGATION HERE! No one engaged in it! So basically, Melissa tried to convince ACOEM to unwittingly help her remove control of ACS from someone whom she saw as being in her way to what she saw to be her attention, and her power, and her glory, and her fame. And as I said before, while I understand that neither ACOEM nor NWS had any clue that she was duping them, once they were told that something was awry, an investigation should have begun, and questions should have been asked. That didn't happen. Today, I still wonder why no one wanted to entertain the possibility that I might actually be telling the truth or to even try to investigate. But once that ball started rolling, that was it. When I asked Dave Donnelly what the heck he was doing, Dave incorrectly assumed that I was nuts and that I was "changing my mind". (Jeff Capehart told me that this is what Melissa had said to him when the shit finally started to hit the fan.) Dave went straight into the mode of ignoring me and blowing off my complaints right at the git-go. If ACOEM had simply gotten with me at the beginning, and verified it first, instead of trusting Melissa without checking behind her at all, then Will and Dave wouldn't have found themselves in the position that they are, now. As it was, I didn't find out what the hell was going on until Dave had sent me a draft copy of the section of the SOP manual that dealt with my position...the section about how the Coordinator's position would be handled under ACOEM [see]. (I still wonder why Dave sent me that section and no other. It's as if someone had suggested that it be sent to if...maybe...Melissa had suggested it to him, perhaps? Why not the entire SOP manual? Why just THAT section? I think it was done to harass me...and Dave had no clue that he was being whipped like a horse into doing what Melissa wanted.) At any rate, I told Dave to cease what they were doing and at first he ignored me. I had to threaten ACOEM with a lawsuit before Dave finally told them to stop. But now, the relationship with Dave was destroyed.

Melissa didn't stop there, though. She didn't just go to Will and Dave at ACOEM, but she also took the time to create a second, forged "Alachua County SKYWARN" Yahoo group, too. It still exists, today [see]. Seems Missy holds the username and password and my attempts to get ACOEM to force her to take it down (since she was doing all of this standing behind the ACOEM name, anyway) have failed. Not even ACOEM has been able to do anything about it. But wait! There's more! She did the same with a Twitter account [see]. Lots of people have subscribed to these accounts across the nation and there is nothing that we can do about it. While working Will and Dave, she also conned the Gainesville Sun. She contacted Jill Shatzen there and bragged of the creation of the "new Alachua County SKYWARN group". [see article] But if you look at the group's application, linked to above, you'll note that her "new" group used our already-existing name. Melissa was very busy, indeed...forging business cards with false identities, misleading city and county government officials, misleading NWS employees, misleading the Press, creating false accounts in my name and ACS's name in Yahoo and Twitter, using a false Yahoo account to engage in cyberstalking and cyber-harassment, using Spoofcards to falsify CID's and to send harassing phone messages... ...Busy, busy, busy. ...And ACOEM and the NWS apparently condoned it.

Feigning friendship at first, Melissa eventually turned on me when I began to realize what she truly was. Then she gradually became more and more of a stalking nightmare. She once put my sick mother's life at risk because she wanted to talk to me on the phone, feigning an emergency. She caused me ever so many greatly disturbing problems with everyone around me. When she and her husband were done, every contact that I had with emergency management and in the NWS was affected so greatly by the things that they had said that those agencies made every effort, officially AND under-the-table, to disassociate themselves with both me AND Alachua County SKYWARN. I'd eventually discovered that local EM and NWS had even held meetings about "the problems with Alachua County SKYWARN", and when I asked to be allowed to attend, they refused to allow me to participate in those meetings. To this day, I have no idea what was discussed; I only know the end results. I was not allowed to be there. I was not allowed to hear any accusations. I was not allowed to know who said what, or to be able to speak up and defend myself. Whatever was said to them was believed, and they thought me that bad. And at the time, I had no idea it was even going on.

She approached me by email just before moving up to Gainesville from West Palm Beach, bragging of being Coordinator of the West Palm Beach SKYWARN group, and of having much previous experience with the SKYWARN spotter program down there. She came at a time when I was really desperately looking for good people to try to help really get things going with Alachua County SKYWARN. I had some bigger ideas. I wanted people who knew their stuff to come help us go to higher places - people who could give educational presentations in addition to the spotter training classes, people to be PIO and handle getting the word out about us, getting classes going, etc; to be Lead NCS for spotter nets (if GARS would stop playing games with us); etc.

For example, I really wanted my friend Alisa onboard because she had two [ Alisa spent two years, from 2001-2002, with the Doppler On Wheels team driving the scout jeep. ] degrees in Mathematics and in Env. Engineering, and she was also educated in things meteorological and had even chased with the Doppler On Wheels team two years in a row out in the Midwest. She could forecast severe local storms, and knew how to interpret RADAR, and she had talked with me about actually creating a curriculum to help teach local storm spotters about those things. I was really excited about that and had bragged about it to some of the very hams who would eventually turn to stalk me. Alisa was truly anxious and enthusiastic about SKYWARN and it's mission. And of all the people around me, she was also...normal, and didn't seem to have any problems, or quirks, or any hidden agendas beyond legitimately educating people. She wanted to help people; to teach...and she never, ever exhibited any selfish intentions. That was what she most talked about - how she just wanted to teach. She also eventually became my best friend. I trusted her implicitely and I believed in her. The hams also seemed to hate it when they realized that I'd actually found a friend who had meant that much to me. Then the hams began to attack her. It caused a lot of problems in our relationship for a while, and it delayed all of our plans. We survived it, though. But alas, then the United States Navy called her away to train as an officer, and then she served a number of years abroad, and I was never able to make the good use of her that I had wanted. :( I was really disappointed about that. People just have no clue how close we came to having such an awe-inspiring program had we been able to make use of her. Then some of the local hams began to actually attack us, screwing it all up. To this day it still destroys me to think about it and it's very hard to remember. I admired her greatly and her friendship was important and the hams knew it and went out of their way to attack it and to try to wreck it over a petty, childish turf war that made no actual money for anybody...and that amounted to just a jockey for a position of power.

(sigh) ...But I digress.

I never was able to bring myself to quite trust Melissa. There was something about her. There was this "air"...something that told me to be wary. Around her I kinda felt like meat about to be dropped through a grinder and with nowhere to run. But was my built-in instinct just being overly paranoid?

She gossiped way too much. She was pushy. She always called at all hours of the day and night, wanting to know the latest gossip about various people, and never, ever had anything really especially important to say. She only seemed to want dirt. She pretended to be really kind and nice at first, and enthusiastic, and energetic, and like she really wanted to get involved. She pretended to be an honorable person, and like she wanted to be my friend. She got me to talk about my personal life, and personal secrets. She was always complimenting me and then trying to get information about me or someone else immediately after. "You put yourself down too much. If I weren't married I'd be interested in dating you!", she'd say. (It made me feel really awkward considering that she was married and had kids.) She was very pushy about being my "friend". I had complained that most of my past friends seemed to be my friend only because I held the Coordinator position and because they thought I could increase their popularity or status level somehow and she tried to play into it. I told her about the problems that I had been having with Jeff and how he works people up and gets people upset with me enough to stalk and harass me, and how he sabotages projects and efforts that I start, and she pretended to sympathize. She insisted she'd never share anything with Jeff or anyone else, or to do anything to betray me and that she'd be one of the best friends I'd ever had, and that she'd always be there for me. But it was all just "social engineering", designed to get as much information about someone as possible so that you can use it; and she was very adept at it. Very practiced. She knew exactly what she was doing - as all psychopaths do. She knew exactly how to press all the buttons. Kevin Mitnik, the famous computer hacker, supposedly now reformed, now teaches people about this very tactic.

A big thing that really bugged me about Melissa - and very obviously contrary to the supposed "nice person" picture that she was trying so very hard to paint to me and everybody else, was how she was always talking negatively about people, putting people down, trying to make me doubt them, as if she was trying to knock out people who were in her way or something. ...Especially the more she got to know me. ...Information, information, information. She wanted SO much information, all the time, and it never stopped. She could never get enough. She could never be satisfied. She fast became an irritation; a real pain in the ass. I started to think maybe she was trying to set herself up to attack some people. (Little did I know at the time...) I also started to notice how I was always sending her emails and how she was never responding back via email. My "Melissa" folder was always empty. That should have been my first clue...she did not like to leave trail of "evidence" of anything said. It was suspicious. I questioned myself, and asked myself if I was being ridiculous or overly paranoid. I remember wondering what was up with that and if she ever did that to anyone else, or if anyone else ever noticed that about her. Rather, she would only communicate by phone. ...ONLY ON THE PHONE. "I don't like using email", she'd say. "...It's so impersonal. When you talk on the phone it's so much easier than typing." (What she really meant was that by sending emails she was leaving referencable evidence trails behind her and that she didn't like to do that. With phone calls, if you record the conversation without telling someone, then the recording is illegal and it can't be used in court. She knew very well what she was doing.) My gut feelings over time kept falling to lower and lower levels every time we talked. I didn't trust her after a while. She began to seem more and more like someone shady and belligerent; like someone extremely territorial who felt everyone was in her way and like she was looking for ways to knock other "competition" out of the picture. The more you shared, the more power you gave her, the bolder and worse she seemed to get.

Other people complained similarly about her. They just "didn't like" her. People would tell me the same things: that she always complained about others; that she made them feel uncomfortable; that she called them up all the time - even when they'd tell her not to - asking opinions about other people and holding people on the phone for overly long periods of time and not letting anyone go; that she was pushy; that she wanted immediate titles and positions but didn't know what to do once given them and always was in need of help. In an email to me, John Fleming, of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, called her "the little girl in Gainesville who always complained." He verified that lots of people were also complaining about her in official government levels. He said that people have been complaining to him about how she keeps them on the phone, won't let people go, does nothing but complain about other people, and makes demands. ...The same story. Whenever you'd talk to her you'd always be thinking to yourself things like "Yahhh, LET'S see if you can't focus on things that I actually GIVE a rat's ass about.". Jeff Capehart said that at GARC picnics, she'd bring her entire family, take huge portions, then come back for even more, and end up taking ALL of the leftovers when the events were done. She'd call me while I was working even, and refused to heed repeated requests not to do so, making me very angry. I'm on the work clock, a hundred miles away, driving down I-75, and I'm having to pull over to talk to her, and stop what I'm doing. She just would not stop calling. I'd tell her to stop, and she'd ignore me. She pushed and clamored for me to assign her multiple positions, citing all sorts of previous experience and abilities. She'd show me past business cards that she had, trying to make herself look important. I gave her two positions. One was Lead Net Control Station, and I told her that I was doing this because I wanted more time to myself and that "I don't want to hear from you", that "YOU are in total charge of that stuff, yourself", that she had total control of how she wanted to run the nets, and in getting them operational. I also gave her the position of ACS PIO officer and she was to be in charge of setting up spotter training classes and other weather- and safety-related presentations, and in handling the Press and getting the word out. But when crunch time came, she didn't know how to do anything. I had to explain everything to her. Every time we had a net, she'd call me up and keep me on the phone for the entire net, holding me up and taking up all of my spare time. I'd have to hold her hand the entire way, for everything. When it came time to handle spotter training classes and the Press, and set them up, she didn't know what to do. Again, she'd call me up, ask me what she was supposed to do, how to do things, and again...I'd have to hold her hand and I'd end up doing it all myself...doing the research to find the locations to hold the classes, talking to the people who owned the places, talking back and forth between the owners and the NWS, setting up dates and times, creating the posters, the flyers, driving all around the county and putting the posters up. I began to doubt all her bragged about experience, and started to see through her. I wondered what the hell good she was. She was Miss "Chorey McCrazy Chore". I remember thinking (to myself, of course), "I'm betting your ability to thrive under pressure is what drove you to public service!". (*sigh!*) Dr. Cox (of the TV show Scrubs) could always say it better... "My GOD, Barbie! How do you put your bra and panties ON in the morning! ...ALL BY YOURSELF?! It's....REMARKABLE!"

I started wanting time to myself and I didn't always pick up the phone when the CID would indicate that it was her. When she began to figure it out she started to become condescending and rude, mean, and demanding. She'd call and call, back to back, making the phone ring and ring and ring for LONG periods of time without hanging up. She began to demand that I always be available, insisting that "This is your DUTY - to be always available at every moment!" (Scott West used to do this, too.) When I'd ask her what I was supposed to be doing, she wouldn't have an answer, and it became apparent that there was no real complaint, she was just bullying - and she was having fun with it. She was very sick in the head, this one. She demanded so much of my time, every second of my days, and got upset when I didn't always answer the phone. I pictured that scene in the movie Crush where Alicia Silverstone's character did the same thing to the magazine author. It was scary to be at home and watch happen...that phone ringing, and ringing, and ringing, on and on and on. You stand there, open-mouthed, wondering what the hell is wrong with the person on the other end of that phone. Eventually, Melissa would call other people and try to get them to call me to see if I answered or to see if I was home. Then she began complaining to others about me.

One day in 2007, I was at home taking care of my mother - again, who had cancer, mind you...and who was bedridden with an O2 mask, and very weak. And Melissa knew about this. I went to the bathroom on the other end of the mobile home. The phone rang. It was Melissa.

I was on the john and I wasn't really having a good time of it, to begin with. Melissa calls. I'm busy. Mom picks up the phone. She asks who it is. Melissa identifies herself and asks for me. Mom tells her that I'm busy, and asks if I could call her back later. Melissa says "no." Then she insists that it's an emergency and that she needs to speak with me immediately and that she's not getting off of the phone until she does. Mom was VERY weak, and she was absolutely dependent upon the nearby O2 machine that she was using to breathe. After Melissa insisted that it was an emergency, my mother disconnected herself from the O2 machine, got up, and began a long 60 foot trek - through the kitchen, through the living room, down the long hall, to me in the bathroom - to tell me what Melissa had said. I'm sitting there on the john, and I began to hear my mom approaching. She's gasping and wheezing very heavily. She's crouched over as she walks, slapping her hand on the wall as she walks. She's moving very slowly. I can hear her. I'm worried. I'm asking myself why she's disconnected herself from the O2 machine, and walking over to me. Was she having a heart attack? Did she need medical help? I called out to her and asked her if she was okay. There was no answer...just hand slapping on the wall, and very struggled gasping and wheezing. She finally reached the door, and began to tell me what Melissa had told her.

"...TODD! (gasp!) It's...MELISSA! (gasp!) She says (gasp!) that it's (gasp!) an EMERGENCY and she needs (gasp!) to TALK to you!"
"Did you tell her that I was on the john and that I would call her back"
"YES! (gasp!) I TOLD her that! (gasp!) But she said (gasp!) that it was an EMERGENCY (gasp!), and that she wasn't going to get off of the phone (gasp!) until she TALKED with you! (gasp!)"

I was furious. I knew damned well that Melissa was full of it and that she really had no emergency at all and that she was just telling my mother that so that I would have to answer the phone. I wiped my god-damned ass. I washed my hands quickly. I immediately escorted my mother back to her bedroom while she was bent over the entire way, gasping for each breath. We tried to avoid stepping in the numerous areas of loose fecal matter in the rug and all over the kitchen and hallway floors - because that's what cancer, and radiation treatments, and chemotherapy DO to you, you know. (sigh) I hooked her back up to the O2 mask, cleaned her up, laid her back down in the bed, and watched her a minute... Then, after a long angry breath to get some of my cool back, I answered the phone:

"WHAT, Melissa?!", I said.
"Oh nothing. I just wanted to talk to you but I knew that if I didn't say that it was an emergency then you wouldn't have picked up the phone."

I was VERY angry, quite understandably. I listened to her for a little bit; but she really had nothing at all important to say. It was just gossip. She talked and talked and kept talking...about nothing. Just more complaining about other people. God damn it! ...No real business. ...No emergencies. ...Just bitching!

That was the cruelest, most callous thing that anyone has EVER done to my family. That clinched it for me. Melissa was one very extremely sick and twisted individual. There was no concern at all in her heart for my mother's condition and in fact she didn't even mention it during the entire conversation.

After we hung up, I grabbed a bucket and filled it with detergent and disinfectant and began cleaning up the rugs and floors of the fecal matter. When I was done, I immediately fired off an angry email to her husband, telling him about what his wife had just done - how she had just put my mother's life at risk because she insisted on talking to me on the phone about nothing that was important. I wanted nothing more to do with her at that point. After that, I was sure that Melissa was bad, and evil, and that she was only concerned about herself. Melissa had one child who had cancer, too. She was a teen. When her child eventually died, she showed no sadness or distressed emotion. Her grieving lasted days at best, and then she was right back in business again, laughing, joking, gossiping as before - like nothing had happened. That just isn't normal. Jeff would later tell me that her husband Phil, angry with me over the email, went on a campaign to destroy my name, rather than to help. That's when all the problems with Emergency Management and the Weather Service began to happen. Jeff said, "Phil was bragging that he was calling EVERYBODY up and saying everything that he could to prey upon their 'worst fears and paranoias' and to make everybody upset with you."

And the fun was only starting...

In August of 2008, having guiled Dave Donnelly to begin creation of a "NEW Alachua County SKYWARN program" right underneath the already existing one of the same exact name, Melissa created an "Alachua County SKYWARN" Yahoo group of her own, under the username AC_Skywarn. (Our's was called the "Alachua County SKYWARN Email Alert List" , username ac_skywarn, and it had been in existence since 2003.) Apparently, she had convinced Alachua County Office of Emergency Management to create a new SKYWARN group, and to call it "Alachua County SKYWARN" - regardless of the existence of an already existing group by that name. WHY Emergency Management actually followed through with that without first checking with me, I had no clue at the time.13 But I actually had to threaten a lawsuit multiple times before David Donnelly, then Asst. Emergency Manager, finally called a halt to it all. I don't mind them having their own spotter training program. I'm all for it, and always have been. But where I draw the line is when dumbasses in Emergency Management actually allow themselves to be conned by Melissa into using their own power to stalk and harass me, too! I'd had enough, there. So to put the cherry on top, Melissa also created a Yahoo listgroup with a similar name to the one I had already had on Yahoo since 2003, causing great confusion. I have not been able to get Yahoo to remove the list. I have not been able to get Melissa or Emergency Management to remove the list. The list at this time is not used, and is abandoned. But it is still there, and is still causing the confusion. There was no reason for it. It was done solely to bother me, and to cause people to become confused. It was another method of harassment. One that yet again, she had gotten away with.

BE it known though, that yes...for a short time, the Alachua County Office of Emergency Management was abused, was actually taken advantage of, was used to stalk and harass, and Dave Donnelly and Chief William May gave these people the power to do it and backed it up with their own authority. I AM AWARE that Dave and the Chief were duped. But their personal style of handling of the situation, and their refusal to contact me regarding any of the complaints made by the hams while it was happening, or to cooperate with me, and finally to block me out altogether, and their deliberate ignorance of me and of my own complaints, and to keep everything unofficial and under the table without any official reports just inexcusable and unethical. It places the blame right back into their own hands...and the County of Alachua's to boot -- even if the County wasn't aware that this was going on under the table. Dave did this while wearing a County uniform and while being on the clock for the County, and in the name of the County. Ergo, the County is responsible, defacto. Whether upper echelon KNEW about it or not is nonsequitor. I mean, you know...."Deep pocket theory" and all. I'm sure that the County doesn't appreciate the position that Dave et al has placed them into without their knowledge, or especially without their conscious approval for that matter. There sure was a LOT of quietly-enacted things going on, there, just to pick on one powerless little guy. This was all done in secret...from not just the victim, but the upper echelon powers who most assuredly would have put a stopper on it before it had gotten out of hand. But upper echelon was denied this opportunity. For this reason, everyone in EM and the NWS who cooperated in this, since it was kept secret, became involved in a technical conspiracy, and are co-conspirators. It is enough to make the County VERY angry when they find out.

It is a totally unbelievable thing to experience, have happen to you. It's a jaw dropper. But there it is. You have no idea what it is like to watch while other people control actual government agencies and use them to stalk and harass you. But it actually happened. It was just Emergency Management being at first duped, but then following through in the end with a conspiracy - all the way - because they thought that Melissa was telling the truth and because they truly believed that what they were doing was the right thing. I mean, it wasn't a conspiracy, and then technically I guess it was, too. At first it wasn't a conspiracy - it was just someone complaining; and then it became one. It became plotted. But it didn't HAVE to be. Melissa duped some people into believing that someone was a seriously harmful individual, and everyone believed it, and then plotted to "take care of" that person...under the table. But I know that there wasn't any maliciousness on the part of EM in the beginning. They were played, used, and abused from the start. They just handled it in the wrong way, and now they're in line for a lawsuit, and everyone else who was connected to them in some way is in line for a lawsuit, or criminal charges, or both. You see, while they all may have been duped, they had the responsibility to make sure that all the information was lock-tight. It was not. As a result, as a result of their negligence in the gathering and the safe-keeping of the truth, some people got hurt. You don't have to be the one to put the knife in someone to be held responsible for a murder, so to speak. Nobody ever realizes that. That's what happens when people get manipulated. People pick up pitchforks and torches. A mob psychology develops, and everyone begins hunting down the monster. When it's finally over, there's much damage, everyone finds out they were wrong, and they all go back into their homes to hide from the judgment over what they did. Everyone wants to pretend it never happened. There was maliciousness on the part of Melissa and Jeff Capehart, who convinced EM that I was relinquishing control of ACS. I can't believe that it happened, really; but it did, nonetheless. And not only that, but when the agencies and organizations caught themselves, they never apologized; never acknowledged it. Nobody did. And if left alone, nobody ever WILL, either. That's what gets me really angry. Once they knew, they had obligation to apologize and to do everything that they could to make it right. They chose not to. Instead, they left me hanging; on my own.

In early 2009, Jeff Capehart couldn't resist sharing the latest gossip with me, and confided that "recently" both the Alachua County Office of Emergency Mgmt and the Alachua County Red Cross, without either knowing that the other was doing it, simultaneously ceased participating with Melissa. At ACOEM, Melissa was attending some sort of Emergency Manager type of class, so that she could become an Emergency Manager. (OMG, are you frakking kidding! Can you imagine what kinds of abuses she might have committed with that kind of power??? I'm not even going to GUESS that she had me and ACS in her thoughts, there; I'm going to just put it out there that I'm sure it was almost assuredly on her mind. The more horrific question becomes: What would have happened to Dave and ACOEM in the aftermath of that? That was just too close, but I'm glad that some people actually finally caught on to her.) But Dave Donnelly apparently cancelled her Emergency Manager application and she was issued a letter and face-to-face notified that she was being let go from that and that they no longer wished to participate with her. Apparently there were complaints about her, including forging business cards, telling people she had titles and positions that she never had, people complaining about her being controlling, etc. (Sound familiar?) As well, The North Central Florida Red Cross simultaneously ALSO sent her a letter actually FIRING her from her volunteer position there as a Communications Officer, supposedly (according to the Master of Information, Jeff Capehart) for forging business cards, assigning herself titles and duties she didn't have, abusing her powers, picking on people...and other such-related things. (Anyone seeing any patterns, here?) Jeff said that Melissa apparently suspected that this was coming and avoided all admins and any phone calls to come in for a "meeting".

On April 24th, 2009, Melissa apparently wrote an email to the Alachua ARES/RACES Yahoo email list advising that she would no longer be involved in ARES/RACES.14 ...Note that she didn't say that she was "fired", but that she would "no longer be involved". She complained of people "going too far" and destroying her name and reputation. (ARGH! Gimme a BREAK! Are you freaking KIDDING me??? UGH!) She also added that there were some hams who were "just plain crazy." Everything that woman ever DID was plagiarism...even right down to her complaints about others! Heh! (sigh) ...Psychopaths who see "crazy". What's the world coming to when a criminal can't make a good living picking on the innocent, anymore? Yup-puh. (stares at the ceiling)

Jeff advised that for a short while Melissa was trying to get into Bradford County Emergency Management. But that didn't pan out...lucky for them.

On July 20, 2010 Melissa and her husband Phil were apparently served with an Eviction notice from their landlord. (A similar proceding was held against them when they lived in West Palm Beach.) A few days after this, on July 26, 2010, Philip Royce apparently filed a Petition for Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence against Melissa. A few days later, on July 30, 2010, Philip Royce filed for Dissolution of Marriage but for whatever reason it was abandoned. About a year later, on May 4, 2011, Phil again filed for a Dissolution of Marriage and this time it was finally granted as of June 21, 2011.

After this, Melissa moved to Providence, RI and she has already accrued a new name by a new marriage, Melissa Shires-DeSantis. And frighteningly, she is apparently attempting to join up with Emergency Management and the Red Cross up THERE, now! Oh my god! Those poor people! So like, are they going to be the next victims, now?!

How do I know all this? Melissa keeps checking my blog every so often - multiple times a year. SO often that it appears strange and actually calls attention to itself in the IP logs. I could see her hits...often from EM facilities and EM-related schools up there. So she's apparently taking the training up there that no one down here would ALLOW her to. She calls attention to herself because she reads and re-reads my blog so often. This blog obviously bugs the crap out of her but she can't do anything about it because if she tried then I'd get those investigations I always so desperately wanted...and she does NOT want any of that. Could lead to lawsuits, or criminal actions against her, her ex, her friends. I wrote this blog to make my stalkers stop stalking and harassing me. It works...VERY you can see. According to Jeff, I'm told that Melissa's face now joins Scott West's on the walls of ACOEM's CCC building as people who are banned from entering the building, and of people whom admin is to be notified about if they ever ARE. Jay Lieberman's used to be up there, too; but he died, alone and ignominiously, and his photo was removed. Interestingly enough, Jeff has hinted vaguely that my own face may be up there, too. If so, it seems to be a deep, dark secret that everyone else is keeping from me. (I should ask officially if it is indeed up. If it is up, I should demand an explanation as to why. And if they SAY why - where there IS really no why, then I would have an angle of attack upon both NWS-JAX and ACOEM. Follow? Thus, nothing is ever mentioned officially, and so, all of this stupidity is allowed to just...continue.) It should also be noted that ACOEM and NWS both kept these facts about Melissa from me. Nobody apologized for what Melissa had caused them to do to me and to Alachua County SKYWARN. No one reinstated anything. I was simply left out of the loop.

Anyway... So yah, Melissa soon left town after all of that mess had backfired on her and blew up in her face in such a very messy and seriously humiliating way. The witch got her come-uppence. She deserved it, though. But it wasn't enough. It didn't stop her from trying the exact same thing all over again someplace else. This woman just doesn't learn and she has a serious recidivism thing going on. I personally don't think she's a redeemable soul. She's in it for the power and the glory...all the way, man.

I understand she went to the Anniston, Alabama area for a short time to attend Jacksonville State College - probably for something related to Emergency Management, since she was constantly trying to obtain power by getting "in" with them. Later I started noting the hits to my harassment-related pages from someone in "Lincoln, Rhode Island" looking up Melissa. That's when I investigated and discovered that Melissa had moved yet again, this time up there, and was attending more emergency management schooling in Providence. (sigh)

So, she's probably trying to pull the exact same stuff on more brand new, unsuspecting emergency managers up there, now. It's really sad just how little research government agencies actually do in considering an applicant. A more thorough search would have revealed this blog, and the publicly available civil stuff in Alachua County and West Palm Beach records which would have been a red flag to them. But they don't know. Nobody ever expects to have to go through THAT much of a search for most applicants. Unfortunately, this is going to mean that someone is going to come across this blog only AFTER Melissa has done more damage and it forced someone to dig deeper. By then though, she will have already caused more damage and it will be too late and she'll be gone again.

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