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     On Dealing With Psychopaths and Stalking

Chapter 5 -

(sigh) All of the things I've had to endure during all of this. But you know, the people who did this to me had to suffer some effects of their actions, as well. I have to admit to some sense of satisfaction knowing that. I write this blog. I publish it. I name real names. I name real organizations and agencies. My page counters show them hitting the page repeatedly for years. And in all that actions. Nothing. "You're kidding. Right?", you say. Yah,'s not like I held a gun to their heads and forced them to do things in the way that they chose to do them. They're big kids. They're responsible for their own actions. So just how far did this go? Who the hell is DOING all of this and what kind of trouble can they get into for it?

Many people, organizations and agencies are now at risk of lawsuits and much embarrassing Press attention. Many people are at risk of loss of their good government careers. A cop was convinced to sabotage a harassment case. Organizations were convinced that I was a problem, including the Gainesville Amateur Radio Society, the Gator Amateur Radio Club, and the American Radio Relay League. Government agencies were convinced I was a problem, including the Alachua County Office of Emergency Management, the Florida Division of Emergency Management, the National Weather Service, the State Attorney's Office, the University of Florida, University of Florida Police Department, and the Gainesville Police Department. Many people within these agencies and organizations were convinced that I was a problem, and to take some form of action against me - and yet, without any proof being required, documented, or requested; including: Angie Enyedi, Steve Letro, and Al Sandrik of the Natl. Weather Service Field Office in Jacksonville; Chief Dave Donnelly and ex-Chief William May, Retd. of the Alachua County Office of Emergency Mgmt (ACOEM); Detective Joseph Mayo, Gainesville Police Dept.; Detective Michael Metz of the University of Florida Police Department; and Paul Eakin/KJ4G, Northern Florida Section Manager, American Radio Relay League (ARRL). On the civilian organizational level, you can add the following individuals who played a direct hand in causing all of the problems, directly engaged in the stalking and harassing, and/or had knowledge of it and said nothing, and/or who built all of the confusion that caused so many agencies and organizations to take the actions that they did: Jeffrey Donald Capehart/W4UFL, Susan Ann Tipton/K9PDL, Frederick Scott West/KG4VWD, Jay Lieberman/KD4FER (now deceased), and especially...Philip Spoffard Royce/KE4PWE, and Melissa Shires Royce/KE4WBQ. Others in GARS who also particularly maliciously engaged in the spreading of the gossip and the rumors included now deceased members John Warne/K4KAM, who pretended to be a friend while stabbing me in the back; and especially Bill Wells/K4RDP, who actively campaigned against every project that I ever decided to take on simply because I did it well and it seemed, in his opinion, to take attention away from GARS.

Hundreds, potentially thousands of people by now: ham radio operators and civilian SKYWARN spotters - across the Northern Florida and Southern Georgia area - were given the impression that I was a problem by Paul Eakin/KJ4G especially, who actually campaigned using what in fact was my personal pain and suffering out in the wide-open public while running for the position of "Northern Florida Section Manager". And he did it, without verification of facts, first.

...And that was a common theme - non-verification of facts before acting. It kept repeating with others...with everyone involved, in fact. One person would hear something, decide it's not necessary to verify the facts or even to contact me to let me know, then they'd take some action, do something stupid - committing themselves, which would only end up causing some problem for me, and for them. (sigh) ...And there was nothing that I could do about it. It was always about who had the power and who had the control. Everybody else always had the control. Where did I ever have any control? I was usually always left out of the loop because everyone always took it for granted that the rumors were true, and that to contact me, why well that was just not necessary and Todd would only get upset and yell at us, and so why do that. ...Right?

'...I was there.' EVERY agency and organization in the end took it out upon not just me but the local civilian SKYWARN program, as well. But it was the amateur radio program which was the problem, not me or the civilian program. No one was paying attention to what was really happening. The civilian program was just fine. The hams were acting like psychopaths, and convinced every agency that the problem didn't lay with them, but elsewhere. No one challenged anything that the hams were saying. It was absurd. Hey! Maybe at some point Brian Williams will pop up and say that he was there, and that he was everyones' star witness, and save the day.

The agencies took it out on the civilian programs unfairly, while supporting the hams and actually cooperating with them, giving them jobs, roles, positions, enacting agreements, and giving them all sorts of power - which they then used to continue to harass and stalk, only now they were using the power given to them by the government. It was disheartening and sick.

Because my stalkers were involved with Alachua County Office of Emergency Management and had thier ear, even ACOEM was used to attack me and Alachua County SKYWARN.

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