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[ The Severe Local Storms Forecasting Primer ] BORDER= The Severe Local Storm Forecasting Primer is a book that focuses on how to forecast occurances of Severe Local Storms, explaining the techniques (such as indices) that are used in the process. Readers are offered opportunities to make and create their own maps, analyze some pretend soundings, and so forth, so that they can get a "hands-on feel" for the work. It is a "field guide" to forecasting severe local thunderstorm occurence.

While the book serves as a "quick reference" handbook for the more experienced of forecasters, new forecasters -- whose knowledge of severe thunderstorm structure and forecasting may be quite limited -- will greatly benefit from the use of it, as well. For the professionals, though, this guide also serves to maintain their proficiency level.

   Author, John Sturtevant
   ISBN 0-9650482-0-9
   LCCN 95-91009
   197 pp., 65 Illustrations
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Book Status.

When first printed back in 1995, the 600 copies that the author personally had sold out very quickly. Then two major booksellers sold the book for some time after that. The actual number of books in circulation is known to be in the thousands; but the author is unsure the actual total that were eventually printed/published and distributed. Unfortunately, the book has now run - and it is out of print at this time. Finding available used copies is difficult; but possible.

Used Copy Availability.

Used copies can sometimes be found in different places. It may take some searching, though. Amazon.com, and similar places, sometimes have a used copy that you can buy.

A number of libraries across the U.S. also have copies; and "Inter-Library-Loan" (ask your local Librarian) has worked for some people. With I.L.L., you fill out a request for a book, and the library checks all the other participating libraries across the country and, when one is found with a copy of the book, the local library will request it. It might take a few weeks. Once the book arrives at your local library, the library will then contact you (could be by mail or by phone, depending upon how your library operates), and you can then pick it up. The downside of I.L.L. is that you of course have only a limited time to hold the book, at which time you must return it. HOWEVER, I have often been successful at requesting an extention of the loan period. If no other requests have been made for the book, sometimes you can get away with that.

As an alternative, if you happen to live near enough to one of them, and you don't mind the drive, here is a list of libraries known to have a copy of the SLSFP book.

While work on revising the book has been slowly underway since 1995, it has been repeatedly de-railed for reasons beyond the author's control. However, it is hoped that a new book could be published at some time in the future. But at this point it is only a hope and there are no actual plans and no such progress has actually been effected.

Currently Known Issues With The Book.

There are a few errors in the book, requiring correction. This will be taken care of in any reprint, if there is one. In the meantime, here is a list of the known problems, and their approriate corrections. (under construction)

[NOTE: Herein we hope to address any errors that are found in the book. Of course, this section will remain useless unless users actually submit them and make them known. Therefore, we'd like to request that if any users find any errors, to please advise us so that we can reference them here, and list the corrections. In this way, it is hoped that this section will serve as a sort of "online supplement" to the book.]

Feedback and Comments.

The Author is more than willing to accept feedback, comments, suggestions, ideas, material for consideration, proofers that are willing to proof the work, and so on. All assistance, help, and support would be truly appreciated. John can be reached at his e-mail address, listed at the bottom of this page.


These are just ideas. Not anything this webmaster really has the time to run or dabble in; but if anyone else likes the ideas, and/or thinks they would like to volunteer to take them on...feel free.

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