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"Sturtevant has gone to the right people and drawn from a wide body of classic storm research." .... "Sturtevant is meticulous about assigning credit for content to the many sources listed in the Bibliography." .... "Sturtevant is generous with illustrations providing many radar, satellite and thermodynamic images." - Robert Henson - UCAR Bulletin, American Meteorological Society - Volume 77, No. 10, October 1996.

The author gives the look into the complex world of severe weather forecasting, by giving step-by-step analysis of what type conditions need to be present for severe weather" .... "All in all the book is well researched and very well written." - David S. Carroso - Weather Watch Magazine - January 1996.

"I do not personally know of a text which incorporates all the rules for using indices and inferences drawn from analyses as the author has done here." - Anonymous Reviewer.

"Your Book is incredible. You have put an amazing effort behind this piece of work. I am amazed at the detailed coverage of so many forecasting topics. My thanks to you for providing the basis of what ought to be a graduate course in Meteorology." - Rod

"Your book, The Severe Local Storm Forecasting Primer is excellent! It's inclusive and written with an operational eye. Do you by any chance have any other books on line or know of any of a similar nature for other forecasting applications? I'd love to have the references." - Salinda

"Your book is most interesting. Having searched for some of the info contained in your text and now having found it I am thrilled!" - Rod

"The author appears to have faithfully reproduced the ideas and rules developed by well-known researchers in the field." - Anonymous Reviewer.

"This is just the book I have been looking For!" - R.

"Reads like a Doctoral Dissertation." - Carl

"As suspected the book became a much easier sell to the group." - Stu

"It certainly represents at lot of work on your part." - Allen

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