1. Convection, Severe Thunderstorm Models, Severe Local Storms, Stability, Changes in Stability, Operational Scales, Climatology and The Forecast Period.
  2. Severe Weather Forecasting.
  3. Miller's Notes: Upper Air Analysis, Guide to Upper Air Analysis.
  4. Forecasting Rules for Severe Local Storms, Model Analysis Products, 200/300 mb Analysis, 500 mb Analysis, 700 mb Analysis, 850 mb Analysis, Surface Chart, Composite Chart, Surface Pressure Falls, Surface Pressure, Surface Temperature, Surface Dewpoints, 850/500 mb Thickness Chart, Upper Air Features to Monitor, Miller's Note's: Surface Charts, Average Duration of Thunderstorms.
  5. Synoptic Situations, Dryline Thunderstorm Type, Frontal Thunderstorm Type, Over-Running Type, Cold Core Low Types, Squall line Types, Low Dewpoint Episodes, Low Dewpoint Parameters, Northwest Flow Severe Weather Outbreaks, Derechos.
  6. Miller's Notes: Air Masses, Type I Tornadic Air Mass, Type II Air Mass, Type III Air Mass, Type IV Air Mass.
  7. Diagnostic Analysis using Indices, Vertical Totals Index, Cross Totals Index, Total Totals Index, K Index, Lifted Index, Thompson Index, Showalter Index, SWEAT Index, Wet Bulb Zero Height, Dynamic Index, Low Level Moisture Index, Level of Free Convection (LFC), Level of Convective Condensation, Bulk Richardson Numbers (BRN), SR Helicity, Energy\Helicity, Storm Relative Inflow, B+ (CAPE) Convective Available Potential Energy, Cap Strength, Streamwise Vorticity, Equivalent Potential Temperature -Theta-e, Nested Grid Model, NGM MOS Thunderstorm Probability NGM 1000 - 500 MB Chart, SPOT Index, Isallobaric Pressure, Deep Convection Index, Convective Wind Gust Potential, Cross Section Analysis, Final Forecast Notes, Thunderstorm Intensity Scale, Severe Weather Long Range Forecasting.
  8. Radar, Conventional Radar, WRIST, Radar Index, Radar Detection of Severe Thunderstorms, Bow Echoes and Signatures, Severe Thunderstorm Evolution, Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Criteria, Hail Criteria for WSR - 57/74, NEXRAD WSR-88D, Lemon's Notes, NEXRAD by Lt. Col. Smith.
  9. Satellite, Significant Signatures List.
  10. Hail, Hail Algorithm, Radar Detection of Hail.
  11. Wind, Wind Shear, Hodographs, Wind Profilers, Downburst and Microburst, Downburst Forecasting, WINDEX, Winds With Supercell Thunderstorms, Supercells, Supercell Indices.
  12. Tornadoes, Fujita Scale (Revised), Violent Tornado Outbreaks, Low Top Low Reflectivity Thunderstorms, NEXRAD Detection of Tornadoes.
  13. Flash Flood Forecasting.
  14. Lightning and Environments.
  15. Geography and Severe Weather.
  16. The Future of Forecasting and Conclusion.

  • Appendix A
    • Part A: Real-time Weather Services.
    • Part B: Weather Software.
    • Part C: Weather Organizations.
  • Appendix B - Thunderstorm Parameter Worksheet.
  • Appendix C - Weather Product and Radar Product Samples.
  • Appendix D - Upper Air Summary. Contacts and Bibliography.