Libraries Known To Have A Copy of SLSFP Book

If you know of a library which happens to carry the SLSFP book, please submit it to Todd Sherman, Webmaster. Please be sure to include: the name of the library, it's location (address, city, state), and the telephone number of the library, if at all possible.

  1. Alabama:
    • Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville
    • University of Southern Alabama, Mobile
  2. California:
    • University of California, Davis, Shields Library, Berkeley
  3. Colorado:
    • National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder
    • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Boulder
  4. Connecticut:
    • Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven
  5. Florida:
    • Miami-Dade Community College, Miami
    • National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Miami
  6. Kansas:
    • Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, Topeka
  7. Massachusetts:
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge
    • USAF, Phillips Lab, Research Lib., Hanscom AFB
  8. Minnesota:
    • Saint Cloud State University, St. Cloud
  9. New Jersey:
    • Kean University, Union
  10. New York:
    • Suny College, Oswego
  11. North Carolina:
    • Air Force Weather Technical Library, Asheville
  12. Ohio:
    • Columbus Metropolitan Library, Columbus
    • Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware
  13. Pennsylvania:
    • Pennsylvania State University, University Park
  14. Texas:
    • Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos
  15. Wisconsin:
    • University of Wisconsin, Madison, GEN LIBR SY

There is one non-supplier listed, where you might possibly be able to use the book in house at The National Hurricane Center, Tropical Predict., Miami, Fla.

Thanks to the following people who helped me gather the information, above: Cindy, Jean Bergerot, Susan M. Cuthbertson, Bob Ernst, Jim Kornegay, Emmett Redd, and Bob Strauss. Kudos to you all.

Page Created: April 19, 2002.
Last Updated: April 19, 2002.