Email from Paul Eakin/KJ4G - April 15, 2008

Jeff Capehart tortured me with emails about a man in the ARRL who was apparently going around using word about my ongoing personal nightmares and problems with local EM and the NWS (caused by local hams who were stalking and harassing me) in his political campaign. I had to FIGHT to get Jeff to reveal this person to me so that I could try to do something to make him stop. And when I was finally able to get ahold of Mr. Eakin, he implied to me that he wanted to help and he wanted information out of me, but he was not willing to share names of individuals from whom he had gathered the gossip about me that he was publicly sharing.

Can't help but think that Mr. Eakin wanted to "protect the privacy" of those whom he had used as informational sources; but then, what a hypocritical manner of thinking. ...Protect the gossiper's, but it's okay to screw the name and reputation of the victim - someone he doesn't know - without first proving the validity of anything that he had heard to make sure that he wasn't being manipulated and used. What an asshole. What about the "protection" of my own privacy? And why was that not important?

This man was out there using information about my personal pain and suffering in an irresponsible manner for his own political campaign and he was making a bad situation worse for me while simultaneously putting the ARRL at risk of a lawsuit in so doing. And he didn't seem to even NOTICE this nor exhibit any concern about it when TOLD. It was definitely not his business, nor something for public dissemination; but I had absolutely no control over that because he had taken that away from me.

The below is the email exchange that I'd had with Paul regarding the situation. Note how hard I had to work to get the man to respond at all. And when he finally did say something, he really said nothing helpful. Then he dropped it completely. As far as he was concerned, he was done with it. Using his influence - whether intentionally to be mean or unintentionally because he was a nosey, bungling, irresponsible, opportunity-seeking idiot (the latter more likely) is utterly nonsequitor - he had started some pretty serious problems for me, and then abandoned me to deal with it all myself after he realized that he made the mess.

ADDENDUM, 03/08/2012: I should note that after my blog came to his attention, Eakin attempted to use various associations first within the City of Tallahassee, and then within the NWS Field Office in Jacksonville, to try to use their influence to make me take down the blog. His effort failed in a most spectacularly odd way. He'd contacted NWS-JAX to notify them that my blog also mentioned the names of federal employees working there who were also similarly duped into becoming involved in the mess. NWS-JAX then complained to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI invesigated my blog using the same exact keywords that NWS-JAX had used, clueing me in that it was directly as a result of NWS-JAX's complaint. Incredibly, nothing ever happened of it. I wached those hits happen almost live and I can tell you personally that it was frightening to behold how people can make attempts to use "favors" in government to try to force an outcome. The FBI research lasted for three days. During this time, I even contacted the specific office that the IP hits were originating from. The office denied that any investigation was occuring. No one ever sent me any emails or letters, made any phone calls to me about it, knocked on my front door, nor sent me any restraining orders, or C&Ds. Nothing ever came of it at all. It was the weirdest, most frightening experience I had ever had in my life. But as I type this it is now nearly a year since that event occurred and I'm still waiting for something to happen.

It would appear that my phone call must have scared someone within the FBI. I am led to believe by the non-followup of the initial investigation that my own involvement brought to their attention that I knew and that I was watching. After that, it immediately stopped. Why would the FBI be worried that I knew? They wouldn't care. I mean...they're all powerful. I'm just some stupid, powerless, unimportant guy. Since the FBI has done nothing inside of a year, I am now assuming that someone at NWS-JAX attempted to curry a "favor" inside the FBI, presumably to try to get the FBI to use harassment and intimidation tactics under color of law to try to frighten me into removing my blog. But it apparently backfired. When they saw that I was watching and I told them that I had an IP log of their hits, they stopped. The knock on my door that I had so feared was inevitable never occurred. I think my phone call influenced that. See, I asked the agent on the phone what they were doing, why they were investigating my blog, and especially, if they needed any information from me, the actual victim, to help with their investigation. They promised me that they knew nothing; that they would know if there was any such invesigation. That's fine, except...I have the IP logs, AND a video of those IP logs to prove that it actually happened. Read them. It's pretty scary to see all that connection involvement going on there - from the City of Tallahassee, to NWS-JAX, to the FBI. But it's all there. Pay particular attention to the keyword search parameters used by everyone. You can SEE the connections from one government agency to the next. There's no denying this definitely happened. The REAL mystery becomes...after an apparent official complaint was made from a federal government agency, why did the investigation suddenly STOP after three days? And why didn't anyone ever follow through? VERY odd, indeed. It would appear...that I have finally regained some control back in my life over my stalkers. It would appear that the tables have now turned and that my stalkers have apparently become the frightened ones on the run, now.

At the very least, this shows that Eakin can be especially good at stirring up trouble and making people in government circles very upset and frightened, and most importantly, that he is good at gettinng people to do him "favors" quite blindly. He apparently has some real influence and people are all too willing to believe in him due to his associations with people in City, County, State, and Federal government circles, and within EM, and within the ARRL. But there are numerous complaints about him out there, citing many abuses of power. He very recently "retired" from the FHP Auxilliary after many written complaints about him, and a subsequent investigation.

In this case, his attempt to influence things didn't work because I had become proactive in it and did some investigating of my own. I suspect that my investigating frightened the agent or agents involved, and they backed off. See, if they got caught, there would be inquiries, and investigations, and if discovered, they could go to jail. They STILL could, even though they left it alone. blog mentions an awful lot of crimes, and it would appear that the FBI read it and did nothing - where they SHOULD have as SOON as they saw it. It would appear that a "favor" was still done, nonetheless, though. And that pretend (for the sake of the person who had made the complaint) that the complaint had never been made, and that they hadn't seen or read my blog. admit so, would mean a mandatory investigation at least by the very nature of the complaints which were being made within that blog. Nonetheless, it is the strangest, most shocking thing I've ever witnessed in my life. And I'm so ashamed to see this kind of attempted manipulation of the law going on.

I should also note that Al Sandrik, Lead WCM at NWS-JAX, has for some odd reason lately begun to add to his introductory self-description during spotter training classes the fact that he was once in the US Navy and that while working there he worked in "Criminal Justice". The agent on the phone in the office in VA did admit to me that there were only four employees that worked in that lonely little office. I wonder. With only four employees, it would be so relatively simple... Should I research those employees? And if I did, would I find that one or more of those four employees were friends of Al's when he worked in in the Naval criminal justice system? An interesting thought. I wonder if I should pursue it. If it turned out to be true, it would be an almost impossible coincidence to blow off. Was it AL who called the FBI? Did Al attempt to influence the FBI into using color of law to harass and intimidate someone into keeping their mouth shut? Did an agent in the FBI actually consider it and then back off? And did this whole investigation thing start because EAKIN tried to stir things up in the first place, intentionally - to try to force his way through the resulting intended frey caused by his own deliberate subterfuge? Hmm. I wonder...

People keep TRYING to find ways to make me take down this blog...and FAILING.

Sun Tzu repeatedly warned that if you don't really want to have to deal with the consequences of a war, then you shouldn't fight it. Psychopaths never get this. They also never realize another thing also taught by Sun Tzu...that the war can be used against you, too. When dealing with people not of normal minds, who have a tunnel vision on bullying you and who aren't watching their six, you begin to learn these things, and how to use them to protect yourself. Bullies are always prideful of their methods at causing you pain and suffering. They also aren't very good at watching their backs when they're so busy kicking you and laughing at you as you are laying on the ground. What I'm saying blog has been invesigated by the FBI, it mentions names of lots of real people in real government positions and you'd THINK I'd get in some real serious trouble for that. And yet...the blog still remains. Hmm.

Okay, now on to Eakin's emails...

E-mail To Paul - April 07, 2008

From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH []
Sent: Monday, April 07, 2008 3:07 PM
To: Paul L. Eakin (
Subject: Alachua County SKYWARN rumors...

Hi Paul,

Got your phone message. Sorry to take so long to get back with you. My life has been pretty busy dealing with working two jobs, my mom's death and the things related to that, my taxes, her (final) taxes (she died last year), talking with the State Atty's Office, the IAD of the local PD here, etc., etc., etc.

I would like to know what rumors you've been hearing as this is starting to get out of control and it's actually causing me real harm and damage, now. ...And I don't seem to be able to do a damned thing about it.

Now it would seem what people have done to me down here has become political fodder on campaign trails...

...and Melissa Royce seems to be behind it the gossip everywhere I go.

All I wanted was for hams to stop email bombing me, pager bombing me, leaving threatening messages on my machine, trying to strongarm me into running SKYWARN their way, for their own personal ends, attacking my personal friends and their careers or trying to sway their opinions about me. In the case of Melissa Royce, I wanted her to stop calling me up 10 times a day - even on my prepay cellphone, even while I was working in my government job - and asking me what the latest gossip was about this ham and that, or what my opinion of so and so was, and trying to cause trouble and distrust and subterfuge. This whole thing came to the latest head when one day she called up and demanded that my mom get up and go get me while I was in the bathroom on the opposite end of the house. My mom had cancer and she couldn't DO anything by herself and I was living with her and taking COMPLETE care of her. Sher could NOT do anything for herself. She was on an O2 machine. She was bedstricken to that machine. At the same time, she was constantly back and forth to chemo and rad treatments, and then the hospital, for fluid in her lung (repeat to an insanely cruel degree).

One day Melissa called and made my mom get up and go get me while I was in the bathroom. Mom asked her if I could call her back later because I was on the john. Melissa said no, that it was an emergency, and that she wasn't getting off of the phone until I answered. So my mother removed her mask, got up out of bed, and walked 60 feet, VERY SLOWLY, bent over, her hand slipping on the wall as she approached (I could hear it), and painfully GASPING loudly for air along the way. I wondered why my mom had removed herself from the O machine and why it was so important to come and talk to me so far away from her bedroom while I was on the JOHN. Was she having a heart attack? Did she need help?...and ambulance?...transport to the hospital? No. Gasping for long wheezing breaths loudly after every word, my mother told me that it was Melissa on the phone. She told me what Melissa had said - that it was an ***emergency***, and that she needed to speak with me ***right away***. I helped mom back to her bed, replaced the O2 mask, picked up the phone, said "WHAT, Melissa? What's the emergency?", and Melissa says:

"Oh nothing. I just knew that if I didn't say it was an emergency then you wouldn't pick up the phone."

That pissed me off. That calloused, insensitive woman actually put my mother's LIFE at RISK just so she could engage in...GOSSIP???!!!

I fired off a VERY angry email to her husband begging him to help me get control of his wife because she was becoming a very MAJOR pain in the ass and now doing it in TOTAL disregard of my mom's life and situation. She was IRRESPONSIBLE!!!...and DANGEROUS!!!...and seemingly DEVOID of any care about my mom's very fragile situation. I was fucking livid. I'd HAD it with her! EVERYBODY complains about her and how she gossips, and complains about other people, and has nothing important to say.


They BOTH then engaged on a campaign within NWS and EM circles to destroy me after that.

..."Trying to TAKE OVER SKYARN!" Pfbt!!! I once gave her two VERY important positions and she couldn't handle them: Lead NCS and ACS PIO. Her job was to run skywarn nets, recruit people, and I gave her carte blanche. I told her I was giving her the power to do whatever she wanted and needed to run nets and get the word out - that I didn't want to hear from her - that she was to do it her way and make her own decisions. I gave her power to do whatever she thought was necessary. I told her that I was hiring her to take the load off of me and that these were very big positions and asked her if she thought she could handle them and she said "yes."

Well....She couldn't handle it. She always called me up anyway asking what to EVERY step. I had to HOLD HER HAND at ALL times. She said she was Coordinator of the program down in WPB. But she didn't know how to do anything when I assigned her any tasks. She bitched how I didn't have any nets and how I needed to have some. I explained how no one wanted to be NCS and everybody wanted to be free to chase. She didn't believe me. Then I gave her the Lead NCS position, and she couldn't gather people together, either. She just...she's EXASPERATING and I didn't have the time. In fact, over the years, I gave a LOT of people the Asst. Coordinator position and told them what their duties were and in most cases people just wanted the title and the glory and the ability to brag, but they never did any work. I always ended up having to do it all by myself. Everything you see that has to do with ACS...that's all ME. *I* did it...because when I'd ask others to help me, no one would step forward and help. Has NOTHING to do with taking over anything. The people who are saying that...they wanted my position and what they perceived as the "apparent" fame that came with it. They saw me as being in their way of fame.

Who said ACS was in control of everything? Why couldn't they do their OWN skywarn thing? Who was preventing them from that? ...No one. They MADE it a "Todd is a problem" issue, an ACS issue; a "Todd's trying to take control of everything" issue. But I ask you...where does the NWS support that? Where did I ever have that kind of power, ever? Answer: It never existed. They just TOLD people that it did to make people believe that I was a tyrant. And it worked. It got the NWS upset, it got EM upset, it made hams see something that wasn't there and THEY got upset. I just sat back and watched it all happen...powerless to stop it.

I've actually been in HIDING these past few years hoping that these whacko hams would forget about me and leave me the HELL alone. You know, "out of sight; out of mind." But it hasn't worked at ALL. Melissa has been out there campaigning away. Scott West is writing emails trying to justify his stalking behaviour to ARRL leaders. Jay Lieberman has since died, which pisses me off because I lost a friend because of what HE did, and in my view he left the scene without having to answer for it. Jeff Capehart...he KNOWS how volatile Scott, and Jay, and Phil and Melissa are, and he fans the flames beneath them over me, getting them worked up. I've begged him to stop talking about me with to other people for YEARS, and he refuses. Jeff is the catalyst. Melissa....She's NOT SATISFIED with the damage she's already done, and here we are almost two years later, and she's STILL out there emamiling and calling up people at NWS HQ, NWS-JAX, FDEM in Tallahassee, BILL QUINLAN the TV-20 met here in town, Dave Donnelly, Chief May, people in the ARRL, . This is FUN to her. It's SO MUCH fun to her to see how much damage she can do to me.

I did absolutely nothing but WATCH while my name, my reputation, my credibility, my good standing, and a perfectly good organization called Alachua County SKYWARN - have been TRASHED. I did NOTHING to anyone.


...And NO one - NO one...has come to ME asking the SOURCE what the actual story was. They just spread the rumor without ever even wondering if perhaps it might be better to get to KNOW the person they're trashing, the person they don't even know and whom they've never even met...FIRST.

At this point, I don't trust ANY hams anymore. I am so FRIGHTENED of them, in fact. It's been proven to me from personal EXPERIENCE now that many of them are freaking CRAZY, and capable of causing SO much venemous, malicious harm and damage to others whom they don't approve of...or in my case, whom they perceive to be "in their way". They're out for attention and glory and spotlight but certainly not for the sake of least, going by the reputation the ALACHUA COUNTY hams are making for themselves down here. I've been around a LONG time, and I've NEVER met so MANY crazy people in one damned place before, ALL of them out to cause such great harm to one person. It's unbelievable the LEVELS that they've gone to, and the things that they've done to me.

I just can't believe how far this has actually gone. ...And I don't WANT to know how much farther the bad people are going to take it yet. It's a constant, daily, unending NIGHTMARE for me and every day it just gets WORSE and WORSE, and it's spread FARTHER and FARTHER...out into the public, and farther and farther from the truth.

So yah...please...fill me in on the LATEST now...


Second E-mail To Paul - April 07, 2008

From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH []
Sent: Monday, April 07, 2008 3:22 PM
To: Paul L. Eakin (
Subject: By the way...

Just curious...

Do you intend to take everything I tell you and share it with Jeff Capehart, and/or Phil or Melissa Royce?

Who do you intend to share this information with and for what purpose?


E-mail To Paul - April 10, 2008

From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH []
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2008 5:19 PM
Subject: Believe you promised to share what you knew of the rumors going around?...

Fast getting the impression you didn't mean that and that you just wanted to use my personal pain and hardship in this situation to boost your political campaign, here.


E-mail To Paul - April 11, 2008

From: Paul L. Eakin []
Sent: Friday, April 11, 2008 2:53 AM
To: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Subject: Re: Believe you promised to share what you knew of the rumors going around?...

Hello Todd,
I just got my computer back fromthe shop this aftrenoon. I am going to study this matter and respond soon. Sry for the inconvience. Its late, so in the next 24 or so hours you will hear from me.

73 Paul,
Candidate for NFL SM

First E-mail From Paul - April 15, 2008

From: Paul L. Eakin []
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 1:15 PM
To: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Subject: My response to your April 07th email

Attachments: QRZ Bio.doc

Good afternoon Todd,

Well, I have had some bad luck lately with my laptop, but all is finally going good now. I say that, because it has delayed a lot of my postings in a timely manner.

A little background. I am with the First Response K9 Search Team from Monticello, Florida and we had been asked to attend a training session at the airport with the fire dept a few w/e's ago.

While in attendance, it didn't take long to meet the other ham radio operators and we all shared our information and so forth. As a candidate for the NFSM position, people started asking me questions and talking about what the local hams would need from me if I were elected and what I will try and do for the section.

Jeff, Mellissa and her husband, and others were in attendance. During our conversation, I mentioned that I had heard from a Skywarn ham from another county tell me there may be, or was a problem in the Skywarn group in Alachua County. At the time no names were mentioned. As Jeff is the EC, he advised that at one time there was a problem and it is now under control. I was under the impression that the NWS wasn't happy with the problem and had asked that it be fixed. I'm not privy to how it was fixed, and fro m a management point of view, its fixed.

To paraphrase what I heard, "a ham in Skywarn had developed the basic program and then over a period of time, was, attempting to, or was controlling who would, how they would be trained, and they will go thru this ham for anything to do with Skywarn, that he was the only person available to administer Skywarn, no one else."

As a candidate, I am interested in knowing of problem areas in the section. I may be elected to this position and if so, will need to help clear up any issues so the section business can move forward. I called you to hear your side of the issue an find out if the information was true from your stand point. I'm enclosing my BIO in case you haven't seen it yet. In it you will be able to understand the type of management I'll be using, that team work is most important, and management people will be held accountable for their actions. There will be no room for individuals being able to run programs, counties, positions in the section in a way that isn't in the section plan. In other words, no personal dynasties.

In your e-mail, it is obvious there is friction between you and Mellissa. You need to have a meeting with her and have the EC, Jeff help solve this issue.

Good luck in your efforts to clear up the issues between the other parties. I'm glad you support Skywarn.

Candidate for NFL SM

At least he confirmed that Jeff, Melissa, and Melissa's husband were there. But while the above email hinted that someone in another county had told him something they had heard, he was still avoiding giving me any names, and had still avoided telling me who he had duplicated the information to... ACOEM?... FDEM?... NWS?... WHERE had he gone with it? He also hadn't told me what steps he had taken to confirm the information he had been receiving from people before going so needlessly public with it. This is one thing that apparently seems to be a thing with most all hams...big mouths, and people complaining about each other. I already knew about Jeff, and Phil, and Melissa. Jeff had already been torturing me with that information. And I wanted to know who ELSE had been sharing information with him - especially if in EM or NWS circles. He wasn't giving me anything helpful at all. He wasn't allowing me to know who was saying what, or where the information was taken to so that I could make any attempt to chase it down and at least try to defend myself and to do some form of damage control. But he was withholding the most important information, deliberately preventing me from being able to garner any form of a proper due process with which to use to protect myself; but I think it was because he knew it would self-incriminate him. All he would say was that "a Skywarn ham from another county" apparently said some things - deliberately withholding the ham's name. He apparently felt it was good enough information to take on the campaign circuit. But after all my emails and phone conversations with him, I was still left with no names, no directions, no means of defending myself from it all. I guess I was assumed guilty and he just wasn't willing to entertain any idea that everything he had heard was false malicious rumor, because he apparently believed in his questionable sources without checking them out. As for me attempting to "control" things...that never happened, and that's not how we ran our program. Forget that it's just not possible to "control" all that stuff. This assumes a power over Emergency Management, the NWS, and the SKYWARN program that just isn't possible. And kudos to Judge Dredd for taking the immediate action of calling me up to DISCUSS all of this with me as SOON as he had heard about it rather than going and taking it on his campaign trail FIRST so that he didn't end up with so much egg on his face.

You're supposed to be guaranteed these basic certain civil rights, afforded by "Amendments" to the Constitution: the right to know what it being said about you, to face your accusers, and to be able to answer in your own defense. It's called..."due process". Eakin was circumventing this by refusing to reveal to me anything that I could use to defend myself, or to confront my accusers with, or to challenge them, or if necessary to file formal pleadings against them to make them prove what they were spreading, or stop. Eakin was trying to protect his "friends", but he was effectively painting me with blood and then leaving me for the wolves - no explanation or reason apparently required of him. After all, as he probably sees it, "I am...THE LAW!". Right?

The phone call he'd had with me previously had amounted to nothing but a VERY-long-winded political bull session. I got nothing useful, he revealed nothing, and deferred until a later time, promising to "look more into it." "Later" never actually materialized - with anything that I could help myself with, at least; and he began to avoid me.

It was obvious from reading that email that Eakin did not really wish to get to the bottom of anything to any real degree, and that as far as he was concerned Jeff was a great guy and he believed in him, regardless of the fact that I had TOLD him that Jeff had largely been the firestarter down here. Whatever I was saying to him, he was immediately parroting to Jeff. Jeff was ALWAYS in the center of the information circles, and there seemed to be no end to the number of people who would do all that they could to protect Jeff. In Eakin's case, he was refusing to do any investigation into Jeff, and repeatedly took him at his word and left things alone. There was no way that I could get anything done without idiots somewhere going straight TO Jeff with all the sensitive information he could ever want or need regarding any investigating into him, too. Between BOTH Jeff and Eakin, they had spread a lot of stuff out in public about me. Eakin was worse in that he had spread it all on his widespread political campaign trail - leaving me to the wolves whether it was true or NOT. He's sent me that one email and he considered the job done. The ARRL also believed in Eakin and he had their ear. Going to the ARRL for help was not going to result in anything helpful or fruitful. This was obvious. I've recorded IP hits from the ARRL's legal division, so I know they hit my pages immediately after I notified them of the problem that I was having. However, the logs show the hits amounting to a matter of seconds worth of reviewing, and barely any pages hit at all. They had not done any real "research" at all. They, too, had abandoned my plight...even though their help was requested.

"Friction between me and Melissa.' Unbelievable. (sigh) Eakin was totally unaware of the actual situation going on, here. Under Melissa Royce's idea and efforts, the Alachua County Office of Emergency Management had been convinced to attempt to take over an organizaiton that did not belong to it, and to use its name in complete disregard of the fact that the organization was already in existence and to steal the use of it's name from underneath that organization without any prior contact/communication or permission of ACS. Melissa was not an Emergency Manager nor did she have any real control in anything. Later, at her husband Philip's simple suggestion, Emergency Manager Dave Donnelly also tried to use color of office to bully and intimidate the Gator Amateur Radio Club into turning over equipment that didn't belong to it over to the Alachua County Office of Emergency Management. The equipment had been given to Alachua County SKYWARN by John Fleming, of the Florida Division of Emergency Mgmt., to have and to hold; and John even acknowledged this. Alachua County SKYWARN was a civilian organization not run by ACOEM, hams, or the ARRL. It was also a Department of Commerce program, not an ARRL program. It was not in Mr. Eakin's purview of business nor that of the ARRL. Eakin MADE it his business. It was wrong of Eakin to suggest that I needed to go to Jeff Capehart to resolve any issues with Melissa, ACOEM, and SKYWARN, either. Jeff did not have any control over Alachua County SKYWARN. Jeff had no such power or control. Jeff's assertion that everything was "under control" was false, and hid a darker situation actually going on. Jeff was not ASSIGNED CONTROL over Alachua County SKYWARN by anyone. His Asst. Coordinator status had in fact been rescinded by me (he was fired) two years before and he withheld that from everyone. Eakin had no clue what was really going on, or who had what power, and he made some incorrect assumptions and guesses, and appointed himself arbitrator in the name of the ARRL where actually the ARRL had nothing to do with this. Really, this was a POLICE matter, if anything; and it had to do with stalking and harassment. Eakin involving himself gave the general public the impression that this was an ARRL matter and that they had the power and authority to handle it. At the same time, by blowing me off, he gave everyone the impression that I was being ridiculous and stupid. The man had no clue what was really going on and if he had no intention of really doing anything to help me then he should have stayed completely out of it. His action only served to confuse, and to give my harassers and stalkers a feeling of more "empowerment". Eakin did more harm than good. In fact, there was NO good at all that Eakin brought to this situation.

After that single email response from Eakin, months went by, and he'd ignored my requests for any further info. I guess as far as he was concerned, this was a done topic. Come December, I was getting really angry with him, and with everyone who had been stalking and harassing me. I was done with people playing with my affairs. I wrote a blog about it. I did not withhold names. I began to describe all that had happened to me. I was trying to make it all stop, and to take some control back. I let Eakin know that he was being mentioned in it, too.

This man is so EXASPERATING to deal with! When spreading my stuff all around in his campaign, he exhibited zero restaint or concern for someone else. Now suddenly, when I want information, it's like pulling TEETH! He just REFUSES to cooperate!

For the full story of Eakin's interference, please read his chapter in my blog, linked to below.

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