On Scott's Inappropriate Verbiage and Staring :

I'd heard some of this PERSONALLY, including some inappropriate sexual references towards black women. "Hey! It's all PINK on the INSIDE, Dude! It's ALLLLL pink on the inside!" And like some wasted drunken alcoholics do, he thought the whole world thought he was funny and the LIFE of the party. I had leadership and members involved with Alachua County CERT and Alachua County Office of Emergency Management come to me complaining about his language and how he stares straight at their breasts while talking to them, how he'd make them feel extremely uncomfortable and scared. No one liked him. Everyone complained about him. He treated his wife with disrespect in front of other people and she was always very nice. He was CONSTANTLY flirting with other women behind her back - and it was just WRONG. He had a ten year old SON, too. The man is a slimeball. He is narcissistic, oblivious, cruel, sadistic, sick, disgusting, repulsive, rude, immature, a BULLY, and a very tactless PIG - and I definitely did NOT want THAT associated in any way with Alachua County SKYWARN.

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