From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Sent: Saturday, August 07, 2004 1:18 PM
To: Angela Enyedi
Subject: :(

Hi Angie-Baby...


Incidently, Scott's Asst. Coordinator status has been revoked. He email-bombed me with 60 emails, sent harrassing pages to my pager, and made harrassing phone calls at late at night (10 and 11pm) couple days ago because he was mad that I haven't been talking to him, lately. I've made it clear to him that I don't appreciate his backstabbing, making faces with his back turned to me, negative attitudes, his subterfudging, and devious, surrepetitious ways. The man follows me around everywhere and I can't do anything, sign anything, or even talk to people (especially women) without him being there. The man is constantly negative, talks about everybody behind their back, tries to get everybody in an uproar and against each other...and if I CATCH him staring at another woman's breasts again I SWEAR I'm gonna knock the man FLAT! (Alisa can vouch.) I just don't want someone like THAT representing us, officially. It looks way too bad. So he's history. The man has a wife and two kids and I'm tired of listening to his grose jokes about women as soon as they walk away from him, and having to explain/excuse him all the time. I think he's 90-percent of our problem with relationships with other agencies/officials, lately. Scott's mad because he thinks I've been dragging SKYWARN I think lately he's been attempting to coup people into trying to take over SKYWARN and run it the way he wants. But Scott wants to use SKYWARN to obtain grants and funds to obtain free equipment and such for himself and his friends. That's NOT the SKYWARN purpose and I'm not gonna let him do that if I can help it.
Aw crap...in fact, he's at it again right now...calling repeatedly wanting me to answer. :( This guy's a restraining order waiting to happen very soon, here.


From: Angela Enyedi
Sent: Saturday, August 07, 2004 10:09 PM
To: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Subject: da Yedi can Vouch

> ...if I CATCH him staring at another woman's breasts again I SWEAR
> I'm gonna knock the man FLAT!

(da Yedi can most certainly vouch!)


I'll write more later.


You are a great leader, Todd. Insightful, honest and true to the mission.


From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Sent: Sunday, August 08, 2004 1:53 AM
To: Angela Enyedi
Subject: RE: da Yedi can Vouch

(sigh) This ticket thing has me up late, now. :(

> > ...if I CATCH him staring at another woman's breasts again I SWEAR
> > I'm gonna knock the man FLAT!
> (da Yedi can most certainly vouch!)

NO! PLEASE not you, too! ...REALLY? (sigh) Dammit. :( That's not good. Angie, I'm SO sorry!

I didn't notice him doing it the night of the class when he was around me; but I know he's visited up there, before - for other spotter classes and stuff; so I suppose he could have done that during any one of those times. It's probably where he's also been talking with Al and instilling Al's current negative attitudes about GARS and all the Gainesville-related clubs. :( (Maybe what Al means is Scott, himself. Or maybe he really believes what Scott says.)

Anyway...when did he do that to you, then? and how often?

(sigh! I'm feeling pangs for a cigarette, right NOW! THAT'S for sure!) :(


...For pointing that OUT? Yah. Definitely. No. You're NOT alone. Yes, I've noticed it, too...for quite a while, actually. But, I haven't had the courage to say or do anything about it until only recently...mostly because I had suspicions/fears that I might end up having to deal with what I'm dealing with now (and it turns out that my instincts were apparently correct over that). But the concern for/over other women, and for SKYWARN, has to win out. I have to take responsibility and take some action because this is getting to be a bad situation, and potentially FAR more embarrassing for SKYWARN later, if nothing is done.

I was worried about him possibly doing that to the women up there, too.
Angie, I have to now admit that he HAS in the past talked about you, as well as Alisa, and other women he's seen...in rude, crude, disgusting ways. For example, after talking with Alisa (the night of the mass meeting, when I first met her), his first comment to me about her was...

Scott: "So like, what do you think of her? You think she's pretty?"
Me: "Oh yah, for sure! ARe you KIDDING? But I LOVE how SMART she is, too! God! ...TWO degrees! ...BAs in Environmental Engineering and in Mathematics! She LOVES the weather! She can forecast, read radar, soundings, charts. She chased with the DOW team. She can FLY. She's SO cool! She HAS to be involved with our SKYWARN program! I WANT her there! GOD, she's incredible! And we think SO much alike, too! Oh, I WANT that woman as my friend! She just HAS to be! She's perfect!"
Scott: "Hey, as long as it's pink on the inside! Heh-heh-heh! You know what I mean?"

...GOD! WHAT an asshole! He took a potentially really nice private talk entrusted to him about somebody really neat and turned her into utter trash within the space of a couple of seconds. She's stuggled SO HARD for respect amongst men and one man comes along and proves all her paranoias absolutely justified and correct - AND THAT REALLY PISSED ME OFF!!!

Even in talking with Alisa that first night I'd ALREADY developed a GREAT respect and admiration for her, and to hear him say that just...man, it took everything I had not to deck the f...uh, well...to deck him. ...But I didn't.
He's described you in similar ways, too - using even that very same description, before; and I fucking HATE it when he does that to women. I've tried to blow it off every time I hear it, hoping it would just stop and go away...until now. It's obvious it's not going to stop; that he's not seeing my facial reactions even though right in front of him and obvious.
You? He thinks you're the hottest thing around, of course; and has made that quite well known to many around here what he'd love to do with you if he had the chance.
Thing is, he does this at EVERY spotter class, at every meeting where some "babe/chic" is present.
Scott didn't hang around to help that night because he's a nice guy. He hung around because he wanted to shadow me, because that night as Coordinator I was talking to a number of attractive girls, and because he likes to keep tabs on me, and to ask me repeated questions (the answers to which he already KNOWS are always going to be the same, anyway)...but mostly, to make sure he was present to intercede in the presence of a pretty lady and to make sure that if she seemed like she liked Todd or was being amenable to him...to put Todd in his place. HE did the same thing to me when I met Alisa. He joked about me and put me down in front of her...without even blinking. It's like he sees me as some sort of "competition" and he has to knock me out of the race...as if a race even existed at all.

I've actually been debating saying ANYTHING to you about any of this because I just didn't want to sound like a complainer or make anyone up there think any possible thing WORSE than they already do NOW about us due to Scott's own attitudes and complaints.
I'm not really sure WHY Al said what he said about GARS; but I have one REALLY strong suspicion/feeling it's GOT to be because of Scott and the way he always talks negatively about GARS and other groups down here. And he PROBABLY did the same thing about SKYWARN. He thinks I'm in the way, holding things up, and tries to get everybody else to agree with him on that. In actuality, I've been deliberately holding OFF doing much with SKYWARN right now BECAUSE Scott wants into the admin so badly; and I don't WANT him there. He'll screw up the whole program and ruin it. I want the RIGHT people at the top, DEDICATED, and who KNOW what the program is and where it actually is intended to go, and to make sure it goes that direction. Scott knows nothing about such things, and doesn't care. I don't want people like Scott who have ulterior motives and very STRANGE attitudes involved. Scott wants to know what SKYWARN can GET him, and sees it as an opportunity to acquire free stuff for himself.

Know what REALLY pisses me off? Everything he said to you that night? Those were MY OWN words. He STOLE them from me. They came right from my own mouth. I felt like I was listening to a tape recorder. They're what I tell everyone about the SKYWARN program, and how *I* want it to be run. It's not how HE wants it to be run. But he spoke MY OWN words that night and made it sound like they were HIS. Then, when I tried to speak myself, AS USUAL, he stared at you, and ROLLED his eyes - LIKE I WASN'T EVEN THERE OR SOMETHING!!! He ALWAYS does that to me - time after time - and I'm sick and tired of it. He has a HABIT of standing between me and other officials and doing that - like he's deliberately trying to sabotage my relationships with them, make me look stupid and/or incompetent, and sway them towards dealing with HIM or something.
The REALLY scary thing was Jeff telling me that His & Her's Embroidery (in High Springs) said they'd called me a number of times and talked with me about the AC-SKYWARN patch embroidery I'd asked them to do. They'd actually NEVER called me. So, if not me...who did they talk to about the SKYWARN shirts, then? They took over a month to get back to me and I wondered why. This could explain it.
The man follows behind my every move, shadowing me, contacting people I contact BEHIND me, and I've suspected perhaps even intercepting them at times. But what's he DOING when he contacts them? That's what I wanna know.

Alisa tells me that I should ignore him because she recognized how low-life a person he was right off the bat; and that if SHE did, and *I* did, then so does everybody else who talks to him, and so I shouldn't worry about it so much. However, I'm beginning to realize I'm probably dealing with a form of psychopath or sociopath here, and I may need to take real legal action, now. He's crossing more serious lines, now. Today? ...20 MORE back-to-back phone calls. You know...where he lets the phone ring and ring, and leaves no messages when the answering machine answers, and then calls right back again? :(

> I'll write more later.



> You are a great leader, Todd. Insightful, honest and true to the mission.

Thanks. That means a lot to me. That's exactly what I've been trying to be with it; and I appreciate that the people who really matter are the ones who are noticing it.

...You, TOO, you know. I know how much you love and appreciate SKYWARN and how hard you work for it, too. It's obvious in your work and in your enthusiasm.


From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Sent: Sunday, August 08, 2004 10:45 PM
To: Angela Enyedi
Subject: Oops!

In a previous I said Scott had TWO kids. That was wrong. Dunno why I said that. He's only got one child...little Gregory. (He was wearing a little blue polo shirt that said "The Weatherman" on it.) :)


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