Jeff's Email To Angie...

Below (see) is an actual email that Jeff Capehart sent to Angie Enyedi, which was maliciously designed and which was supposed to make Angie think me irresponsible and maybe even a danger to myself and others. When read, it becomes obvious to the reader that the email had no good intent in design at all. But when Angie read it she didn't see that because Jeff had carefully worded it to sound like he was writing it to "help" me. It painted me in in such an extremely overblown bad light in an attempt to make Angie very confused about me. I believe that it was also designed to make her frightened over how the attention seemed to now be graduating from ME, now over to HER, as well. There is nothing actually "professional" about the email. No one in their own professional stature would ever dare write something like this without being fearful of it being interpreted as out of line, and attempting to delve into business that had no need being delved into. But Jeff wasn't thinking professionally. He was thinking only of making people doubt and fear me...and it worked unbelievably well.

It was condescending, rudely composed, spiteful, manipulative, made me sound like I was paranoid, and like I was a completely irresponsible idiot - while supposedly in the guise of "friendship". Jeff did not CC me a copy, though. He sent it to Angie in complete secret. It was composed and sent with the intention of leaving me out of the loop so as to deny me any chance to defend myself from what was being said. Had Angie not sent me an "FYI" copy, I would never have known what Jeff had done behind my back, and I would be left even further in the dark about why people seemed to be reacting so badly to me. Conversly, I'm sure Angie probably sees it that had she not sent me that damned FYI email, her life would not be in such the tangled mess that it is now in, today. It's become obvious that she apparently greatly exaggerated to Al much of what was actually going on in Gainesville, and then Al of course really jumped over the bridge in his overreaction, involving himself personally, and he ended up causing other agencies and organizations to take actions against the wrong innocent person. As a result of that a whole lot of other people are now also responsible in this fiasco, too. It's a mess that just got worse and worse and worse with each further step. It cascaded way out of control until we are now where we are, today. Now I'm sitting here really wanting a full-scale criminal investigation very badly and can't seem to get the police or anyone to cooperate. But then again, on the other hand too, the perpetrators want my blog to disappear very badly and can't seem to find any way at all to effect that without themselves forcing a mandatory investigation and raining a wrathy shitload of really fiery hail down upon themselves in so doing. Heh. Now ask me if I actually give a damn about what happens to these horrifically twisted and terrifying people.

Eh. But now I'm digressing, here.

In reality, Jeff's email was an attempt to manipulate someone that he knew I admired and respected into pushing me into operating Alachua County Skywarn in the way that Jeff wanted, using her like a tool. While I'm sure it scared the hell out of Angie to see someone whom I'd told her was stalking and harassing me now taking aim at manipulating her, it also made Angie and other NWS employees suspicious of me and to see me in a completely different light. Jeff's email was intended to make Angie and perhaps others at the Jax NWSFO believe that I was a "problem", and completely irresponsible, and that I needed to be "dealt with". Its real intent was to completely destroy all confidence in me and to cause NWS to stop thinking of me as a responsible and trustworthy person. It was meant to belittle me from competant human being to something of a feeble minded, evil enemy. Kind of like how Hitler did with the pamphlets about the Jews. Once you've belittled your enemy and put them on a lower status, it's easier to attack them. The obvious sole design of that email was to destroy any confidence that anyone in NWS may have had in me. While sent under the guise of being "helpful", there is actually nothing "helpful" in it, at all. I recommend reading it again now that I've pointed all this out. Ask yourself, "What is the REAL purpose of this email? Is it to 'help'? Or is it to manipulate an unknowing innocent into trying to coercing the victim into doing something the writer's way?" Once pointed out, it suddenly becomes more obvious. And remember too that it was sent surreptitiously - behind my back, without my know;edge. I would never have known about it had Angie not done the right thing and CC'd me a copy. Had she NOT done that, I might not have ever understood that these sorts of things were going on behind my back. So kudos here to Angie for doing that.

But the email was especially frightening to me because it came on the heels of other people also harassing me: Scott West, Jay Leiberman, Phil and Melissa Royce, Chris McVey. It came on the heels of all the email bombing, the pager bombing, the constant phone calls at all hours of the day and night from assholes demanding that I talk to them or else they'll just keep calling, people leaving scary messages on my machine, and scary cut-and-pasted SONGS forming threatening messages, sometimes filling the machine completely up, threats of harm if I don't keep my mouth shut... Jeff was always claiming to be my friend but he was always in control of these people, manipulating them, egging them on. Every time I turned around he was acting like my worst enemy and doing it in the name of "friendship" and "helping". He was ALWAYS saying that. But in ths supposed name of friendship he was encouraging an awful lot of people to believe that I was some sort of a real serious, deviant problem that needed to be dealt with immediately. "Gaslighting" is a good descriptor for what Jeff was doing to me. My stalkers were always trying to convince people in EM and NWS to "take care of" that Todd problem. (WHAT "problem"?! No one ever really explained this!) And this email was one more thing in that long line of things. But this time it was huge. It was the second time Jeff had sought after attacking someone I thought was important to the local Skywarn program. (The first time was with my newfound friend Alisa.) And the problem wasn't that Todd was raping, molesting, pillaging, burning, stalking, harassing, killing, maiming, hacking, destroying, or even just plain being MEAN to people. The problem, according to the below email, was that I wouldn't go downtown to the EOC when Jeff wanted me to, and to man some position there and "coordinate spotters", (...Which actually shouldn't even be HAPPENING during hurricanes.) The problem was that I was taking care of my mother (she had cancer and I was living with her at the time), and he didn't like that. The problem was that I wasn't giving him enough time in the day, and he didn't like that. ...And by golly! Someone had BETTER take CARE of that! There was no real, actual logic to his email, but nobody caught it. He tried to throw people off by using words to try to conceal his real intent behind doing it "for my own good", as a "favor" for me, to try to "help" me...and people in the NWS apparently fell for it. It was childish, immature, and if examined very closely it would have been noticed that it served absolutely NO actual useful purpose at all.

Most of all, though...that email showed Angie that she was now no longer out of the crosshairs of my stalkers. She was now fair game to it all, too. This email confirmed it. Now Angie was being forced to make a decision: "Who do you believe?" Angie chose...Jeff Capehart and the Alachua County ham radio operators. It wasn't ethically her job to do that. It was inappropriate for her to do that.

The email was completely out of line. ...COMPLETELY unnecessary. It served no real "honest" purpose at all except to cause malicious havoc. I mean really... what "good" person truly sends stuff like this about a "friend" to people in professional environments and thinks that it won't affect his reputation or how they see him from that point on? ...And just how was the NWS supposed to react to it? It is composed of 100-percent insult and humiliation. There is no friendship in there at all. What friend writes something like that about you? Seriously?

To the NWS, this just appeared like infighting, and something that they didn't want anything to do with. Unfortunately for me, the NWS made a leaping guess and assumed that since so MANY hams were apparently complaining about me that *I* must have been the central problem, and all they wanted to do was end the problem. But they guessed wrong, and only ended up causing me more problems, instead. And when I then tried to complain and make it all stop, it only got worse. And down the line, it even caused me the loss of a home and the rental income that went with it. It went too far.

Jeff obvioiusly did not expect that Angie would actually forward me an "FYI" copy of the email. This makes me wonder if he's been doing this for longer than I'd realized. And from the way so MANY people were beginning to act towards me - everywhere AROUND me, that was becoming a painfully obvious realization.

This email was a definite attack against my sensibility and credibility and was obviously designed to even make me appear as dangerous if you look closely at it. It was obviously designed with no good intent in mind. It especially caused NWS employees to think me utterly incompetent. That's not the act of a friend.

Jeff is extremely intelligent. He's no dumbass. I refuse to believe he never saw what this email might do. He knew exactly what it could and might very well do to me and the Alachua County SKYWARN program. Friends don't write emails like this unless they want to destroy someone's good name. If Jeff had written a similar email about you the reader, I doubt you would have agreed with him, or thought him doing something to actually try to help you. At the time that he wrote this email, this was a year-and-a-half-old argument between he and I. And it was long done with. It had no business being placed in Angie's lap, now. The entire email reads like a spoiled rotten little brat trying to convince "Mommy" to take his side or else "punish" his little brother if he doesn't comply. Unfortunately, NWS completely missed that. Jeff had no business sticking his nose into my personal and professional affairs like this.

After this email to Angie, things rapidly started going downhill from there. The relationship between NWS-JAX, and ACOEM, and me and ACS, fast went south. Jeff turned on the anti-Todd campaign even harder once he'd discovered that I had found out. And he found out when I royally reamed him a new ass hole for what he had just done to me.

The way Jeff put everything in the email, and by attempting to do it behind my back, in secret, it was designed to leave me no opportunity to defend myself, painted me as a completely irresponsible moron, accused me of having "responsibilities" that I just never actually HAD, and that I wasn't obligated to perform either, and as if I was refusing to cooperate with Emergency Management or to involve them, or like I never ran nets, or as if the world would collapse in fact if I myself didn't run them. It was completely ridiculous. There were other people assigned specifically with the task of being net control stations, for example... and they were always shirking their duties. Jeff was one of them, in fact! He told Angie, someone I greatly respected at the time, that I was living with my mother - and left out the explanations as to why. He just said that I lived with her and my cat, as if I was some sort of low-life scumbag. My mother had cancer at the time, and I was taking care of her. That was quite cruelly and deliberately left out. Jeff touts the email as being sent as a "favor" to "help" me. In fact, I think everyone will agree that had he sent this email to someone in professional circles about them, they would have kicked his ass and not given the asshole any time to explain it. There was no call for it. It was wholly inapprpriate and unnecessary and unfair. It was designed to humiliate, to embarrass, and to destroy Angie's (and ultimately NWS-JAX's) trust and belief in me.

This is the most immature, irresponsible email that I've ever seen come from someone who is supposed to maintain a professional and courteous conduct at all times - from someone whose wife is constantly bragging about his IQ being so high...someone who should know better. This is not someone looking to work with me, or to help me. It's written by someone working against me, in defiance of me, and stabbing me with a knife in my back. It exemplifies perfectly the complaint I've always had about how Jeff repeatedly makes attempt to sabotage my relationships with people and professionals. He antagonized Scott West and Jay Leiberman into attack my friendship with Alisa, too. He personally sent emails to people in Shands Communications, Gator Paging, local Emergency Management, the Florida Division of Emergency Management, and in ARRL circles, too, so as to try to make them doubt in me. This email was the last straw. It's the one that finally broke the camel's back. I'm glad that this one particular email never got lost. After this email, I immediately canned Jeff as Assistant Coordinator of Alachua County SKYWARN. He had gone too far. I couldn't believe he had done that. What an ASSHOLE! I was tired of constantly fighting with the man, and constantly having to apologize for all of the things that he got me into and dealing with all the trouble that he'd caused me. He was not able to get along. He was not able to take orders. He had to do things his way or no other way, and if I refused to do things his way, he attempted to sabotage me and my relationships with everyone around me. In Hitleresque fashion, if he couldn't get his way, he would attack me, and try to burn all my bridges - bridges I'd worked years to try to build with everyone! I was tired of it, and of all his gaslighting. He was history, and I told him so.

Imagine this email being written about you. How would you have handled it? How would you have felt if your own subordinate had written it behind your back to people you were supposed to work with and have a smooth-running relationshiup with? Would you can him? Or shoot the asshole?

The first email (see) is what Angie sent to me. The following two (see) are ones that I sent back to her in completely humiliated apology. I was aghast. I couldn't believe he'd sent that. I couldn't believe he'd just BETRAYED me like that. Oh my god. This email STILL upsets me, even today. This thing had ZERO business ever being sent at all. There was no real good purpose to it. Sending it was just outright WRONG. It contained OH so many lies and exaggerations! Jesus CHRIST!!! How do you fight against something like this? What are you supposed to SAY to someone who receives an email like this? Oh my GOD! What the HELL! And the thing is...Jax never RECOGNIZED what Jeff was doing, either. Not ONCE. Every time he pulled this sort of stuff, he was able to charm people into believing that he was acting in my best interests, while people began to think that I was such an ungrateful bastard. And there was nothing that I could do because for some odd reason he always had all the power, and I had none, and was not able to convince people otherwise.

And you know what? Even the attempts to explain even worked against me. What Jeff did was completely unfair, and utterly loathesome.

In the following days, I had canned Jeff, and written emails to Angie, Al, Steve, and Dave Donnelly regarding who was actually in charge of ACS. It was suddenly now apparent that Jeff was attempting to cause confusion and fear. I advised everyone that Jeff had been fired and that he was considered a problem and that he was no longer allowed to act in any official way regading Alachua County SKYWARN.

From: Angela Enyedi
Sent: Friday, June 10, 2005 4:42 AM
To: Todd L. Sherman/KB4MHH
Subject: [Fwd: Re: Hurricane Evacuation Plan for Todd]

Attachments: Re_ Hurricane Evacuation Plan for Todd (4.95 KB)

Hi Todd,
    I don't want to be involved in this; it is not for us (NWS) to
decide.  I am forwarding this to you because I mention you in my
response to Jeff, and I don't like talking behind people about them. I
realize that there are many motives for his email to me.
Take care of you and yours,

From: Angela Enyedi
Sent: Friday, June 10, 2005 4:38 AM
To: Jeff Capehart
Subject: Re: Hurricane Evacuation Plan for Todd

Hi Jeff,
    It's great that you are looking out for Todd, but he is well aware 
of the dangers of staying in a mobile home during a severe weather 
event.  We (NWS) broadcast the life-threatening weather hazards, and I 
know that Todd is constantly monitoring forecast information.  It is 
ultimately up to him and his family what course of action they wish to 
take during an event.  Skywarn and net operations take a back-seat when 
life-threatening weather is imminent.  Perhaps the club (AC Skywarn) may 
wish to address the issue of the location of the net during a long-lived 
event, but first priority, of course, would be everyone's safety.  I 
believe that these issues are for you to discuss with your friend, and 
with the club, and not for me or the NWS to intervene.
    The last Skywarn class was another great success; we had 75-80 
people attend, after a late start.  I am so sorry about you and Susan, 
and very thankful that you are both ok.
    As always, thank you for being a member of our Skywarn team.  We 
appreciate your reports so much.

Jeff Capehart wrote:

> Angie,
> I am writing to you because I think Todd might listen to you.  I have 
> talked and talked and talked to him about this but he doesn't listen.
> Last year, during BOTH tropical storms that affected Alachua County 
> (Frances and Jeanne), Alachua County put out a voluntary evacuation
> order for residents in low-lying, flood-prone areas and residents of 
> mobile homes or other structures not of rigid construction.
> Both times, Todd spent the "hurricanes" at home, at his trailer, in 
> his mobile home park, with his Mom and his cat.  He refused to leave.  
> He wouldn't even leave when encouraged and cajoled.  In fact, Todd 
> even predicted that the storms would be "nothing" because the eye 
> would be passing 50+ miles away, and that we have had 35 mph winds 
> before during regular afternoon t-storms.  What actually happened was 
> 2-3 days of non-stop wind blowing, 9 inches of rain, thousands of 
> trees down, 60,000 customers out of power, 20,000 customers lost 
> phone/cable/Internet, 500 structures damaged, and 3 people died.  For 
> several hours during the height of the storm, the NOAA weather radio 
> was offline and the reports that I personally relayed from the EOC on 
> our emergency communications net were the first way to get the word
> out of the weather watches/warnings.
> Luckily, nothing bad happened to Todd, though.  His MHP was largely 
> spared any damage except a neighbor's poorly constructed awning.  He 
> didn't even lose power, but he had a lot of power-flickers.  He did 
> not have a working UPS so when he tried to be "Skywarn Command 
> Center", he couldn't do anything because the power blips kept bumping 
> him off.  So there was never a "Skywarn Net" established.
> So, rather than do something rational, like evacuating, and reporting 
> to the EOC or the UF Amateur Radio Station (both of which have 
> hardened facilities, reliable power, high speed network, UPS's on the 
> computers, TV/radio, phone lines, and base station amateur radio 
> transceivers), he decided to just hang out at home.  He actually 
> claimed there was nothing Skywarn could do during the hurricanes anyway.
> During Jeanne, it was basically the same, except that Todd actually 
> DID lose power for more than 24 hours.  Then, he was forced to leave, 
> but only after the storm had passed because it got so hot and 
> miserable.  I think he ended up at his brother's house.
> Do you have any suggestions for Todd?  Or any Skywarn / storm stories 
> about how Skywarn did a great job during the Hurricanes?   I think 
> Todd needs to hear about those.
> He is quite embarrassed when I tell people that the "Skywarn 
> Coordinator" basically rode out the storms in a trailer and couldn't 
> run a Skywarn net. But he tries very hard to defend himself by saying 
> it wasn't necessary to have a net, that it wouldn't have done any good 
> anyway.  Plus, he says he has evacuated before and he doesn't like the 
> shelters and he doesn't want to get stuck on the highway.  He lives 
> with his Mom and his cat and she is paranoid about it all and doesn't 
> like to be left alone.
> Todd has no hurricane evacuation plan.  His plan is to just wing 
> whatever might work at the time he is forced to make a decision.
> Also he tells me that he doesn't like being cooped up in an EOC for 
> hours and hours, or in a small cramped radio station.  However, these 
> facilities are HUGE compared with some of the smaller counties out 
> there!  Plus they have access to restroom, water fountain, Microwave, 
> fridge, TV, snacks, and the hospital has a cafeteria downstairs!   
> There is even a huge heavy glass "picture window" for watching the 
> winds and rain blow from the 11th floor!   Still, that's not good 
> enough for Todd.   In fact, he doesn't even own a set of rain gear!
> I'll spare you all the rest of his idiosyncrasies about not wanting to 
> be controlled by Emergency Management, or the Fire Department, or even 
> the ham radio clubs.  I wouldn't have a problem if he actually ran a 
> net, or had net controls who could and would run nets, but Todd seems 
> less interested in the Amateur Radio aspect of Skywarn and the Skywarn 
> Net operations, and instead focuses only on the initial training class.
> Let me know what you think, and if you think you can help encourage 
> Todd to do the right thing.  I know its all volunteer, but I'd like to 
> hear your opinion on what kind of interaction there should be with 
> Emergency Management, operating Skywarn nets, and extreme situations 
> like Hurricanes.  If you are coming to "Get Ready 2005" on June 18th, 
> Todd might be there.
> Sorry I missed the May 25th class in Gainesville.  My wife Susan and I
> were in a car accident that evening and spent 7 hours at the SHANDS
> Emergency Room.  We're OK... it was mostly just whiplash, but it
> affected Susan more than me.  We both ended up with stiff necks for
> several days...
> Thanks,
> Jeff

From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH Sent: Friday, June 10, 2005 10:01 AM To: 'Angela Enyedi' Subject: RE: [Fwd: Re: Hurricane Evacuation Plan for Todd] > Hi Todd, > I don't want to be involved in this; it is not for us (NWS) to > decide. I am forwarding this to you because I mention you in my > response to Jeff, and I don't like talking behind people about them. I > realize that there are many motives for his email to me. > Take care of you and yours, > --Angie But those motives don't actually exist (the 'concern for Todd' motives - I know what you're getting at, above).
This was solely an effort to try to make me conform to his wishes. Angie, I'm so REALLY sorry. PLEASE believe me. I didn't mean for this to affect you, too. :( I don't know what to say. I wish I could make these people stop it, but I can't. I ASK them to...REPEATEDLY. I BEG them to. But they won't let me go. I don't know what to do. I've discussed this with Jeff before and I guess Jeff just didn't like my answers. My mother didn't want to leave because she just didn't like the shelter scene and so I decided to stay with her. She's also been in the stuck in traffic scene, before. So evacs were out. As well, I've told him before, I don't like being under lockdown in the EOC. Period. I hate that place. As far as nets, he fails to answer one important question: Why is Todd the only one who must run nets when Todd has so many Net Control Stations assigned? People seem to have this attitude that Todd and only Todd can run the nets. Aside from that, what GOOD does a SKYWARN net do in a hurricane situation? I'm not putting spotters out in the field in 75+ mph winds and rain and flooding.
Jeff once told me that he wished I'd tell him flat out my opinions because then he'd just let subjects die. Well, I've TRIED that with him before and it never worked. He'd NEVER just "let it go" as he says he would. Instead, he'd HARP and HARP and HARP trying to get me to CAVE to his ideas and opinions and such. So I usually just ignore his emails nowadays, and I largely leave many of his questions and ideas and opinions unanswered and ignored beause I know to answer them will only start a long, drawn out argument over how stupid I am not to take his ideas. We had this argument before and at the end he admitted that it was mainly just because he thought I should be a member of everything that HE is: ARES, RACES, ACFR Reserves, ARRL, etc., etc., etc. I just didn't want THAT kind of public service involvement or commitment or obligational level in my life. He couldn't accept that and he wanted me to be with him in everything...there by his side, holding his hand. Since I refused to join to that level, he touts that I'm irresponsible to everyone, behind my back. And he also likes to make sure everyone around me at every public situation understands how Todd stayed in his mobile home during a hurricane. He COULD let it alone, let it be, keep it quiet, and to try to save my face, being the supposed "friend" he says he is. However, he just CAN'T let that go. EVERY public appearance he makes with me he just HAS to bring that up. Now it seems he's resorting to tactics of personal embarrassment in front of people whom he KNOWS that I respect and admire in order to get me to cave to his opinions and wants. I've TOLD him this in the past how much I admired you AND Alisa, both. I can't hide YOUR email address because unfortunately it's all over the web. But Alisa's I could keep secret for as long as I could. However, I'm sure he already knew because Jeff's a web guru and he knows how to use search engines, anyway. I DEFINITELY DON'T share anything about the life and/or status of Alisa and I with him. I will NOT TOLERATE anyone turning on my close friends and making fun of them simply because they don't like me. So I donít give people the chance to even try. I keep everything about them radar dark. He's admitted to me that he also has special scripts running which notifies him when I hit certain UF web pages, so he can keep tabs on where I am and what I'm doing on the web at any moment. (He bragged about it once, not realizing that if he'd said that to anyone ELSE?...those people would probably be very scared.) I stopped visiting those web pages. (For example, I used to leave my browser on our AC-SKYWARN main page. It refreshes every five minutes. He has a script running which tells him when my computer name is connected to Alachua FreeNet, and when it hits the AC-SKYWARN page, and other web pages. He does this to keep tabs on when I'm home and, to him, when I'm "available" to do other things. It would often be the case that if I visited any of those pages, soon after that, he'd call me.) I can't believe the fucking asshole PULLED this. This is COMPLETELY out of the blue, too. We seemed to be getting along so well, lately. I even noticed how he's seemed to be deliberately TRYING to use non-negativisms when emailing me, and an increased attempted use of reverse psychology on me. :) But I don't KNOW where THIS came from! I don't think he, Susan or Scott will be satisfied until I've put a gun to my head. I sometimes think they must actually WANT that. I mean...are they TRYING??? How much of this crap do they think human beings can TAKE before they break? Or are they just trying to sadistically experiment and find that OUT? You know...I had a recurring fear (that I was always putting aside for being overly paranoid) that Jeff's wife Susan might pull something like contacting ALISA to try to convince HER just how BAD a person Todd was in order to ruin my relationship with her so as to hurt and emotionally destroy me - much the same as Jeff just pretty much just did here with you in this case. It was never really an actual daydream. It was always a nightmare that I'd have while I was that I could remember. I have to admit that I didn't expect this to happen coming from JEFF, HIMSELF. I didnít see that one coming at all. I keep seeing Susan in the background in my mind, though ... egging him on. I wonder if that's actually how this happened. But the fact that that bad dream has now actually come TRUE scares the hell outta me...and it really weirds me out knowing that I called that one so RIGHT ON CORRECTLY so far in the future like that. Why do these people try to hard to make me feel like I have to get out of Dodge in order to make them happy? WHY do these people STALK me so in the ways that they do? (I don't expect you to actually answer that. I was just complaining. (sigh)) :( Well, that probably about clinches it, right there. By now, you probably want NOTHING to do with me at ALL knowing I have friends like THIS. You're probably SO disappointed in me, right now...if not scared to DEATH over what's going to happen next. Personally, I feel like I wanna die, though. I can't believe he said that to YOU of all people. He KNEW how I looked up to you. He KNEW! And he pulled this, anyway. That FUCKING asshole! GOD, I wanna fucking HIDE, now! I wanna DIE! I can't BELIEVE he tried to use EMBARRASSMENT to get me to do what he wants. I'm SO sorry that he even involved you like that. I'm not even going to say anything to him about it. I'm just not ever speaking to him again. I guess it's time for me to quit GARC, now. However (sigh), the EMWIN equipment is there. And I know that if I do that, then Jeff or Susan will only try to push it through the GARC meetings that "Todd's abandoning his responsibilities for the EMWIN Project and doesn't want to deal with it anymore; and so, we should offcially take it over and take responsibility for it since he quit the club and doesn't care because that's just the way that Todd is." ...Catch-22. I can't ever win. Alisa has told me that I need to just dump him. However, it doesn't work like that. It's not that easy. He'a a member of everything that I am. He participates in every thing that I do. I cannot avoid him short of completely dropping the ham radio hobby altogether, throwing away my ham radios, and quitting all the clubs that I'm a member of. But I can't stop him from being a member of SKYWARN, either. So there's nothing I can do. I'm stuck. I can't get away from these people. (It's the same with Scott West and Susan, too.) Alisa tells me that I let these people get to me too much, but I don't think she fully understands...I can't AVOID them. I don't MAKE them do the things they do. They do it THEMSELVES. And they won't STOP. IGNORING them doesn't work, either, as some have touted I should do. In fact, it just makes them a thousand times WORSE. Alisa thinks the reason they act like this is because they're jealous of the good thing that I have done with SKYWARN and now they want to bask in my spotlight - to try to use my own hard work over the past 8 years with it to try to make themselves look good...and take some credit for it. Now they want me out of the way now that the hard part is done. In actuality, I dunno the psychology of it all. All I know is that they won't leave me alone; they press me and they refuse to leave it be; and now they're resorting to attempting to ruin my credibility and face in front of people they know I respect. I've been dealing with this from Susan for three years, and she surrepetitiously uses Jeff as her own hand extended (and to stay out of the spotlight, and thus out of the way of the trouble). She gets him all worked up all day over something and then he comes to me about it and I can almost "see" the arguments she has with him over me just beforehand as he speaks. When she's not encouraging Jeff to do her dirty work, she pulls it directly herself. She'll start in, and go until she's almost gone too far and people's heads are starting to turn, and then she stops and goes into hiding - waiting for the old student membership to leave and the fresh new ones who aren't AWARE of what's going on to come in. That's how she's survived this long. She doesn't usually pull the shit too much at GARS because the membership is just too regular and after a while they'd have to ask "What's up with that? That's CRUEL what you're doing!" And she'd have to answer questions, then. So she doesn't pull it too much in front of GARS. She knows better. Meanwhile, she holds all these positions now in both clubs and everyone thinks she's such a good person for her public service efforts. They have no clue. I'm so sick of it and I don't know how to make them all stop. I can't. And I've complained to the clubs before but they don't want to hear about Todd's stupid complaints. I'm ignored. To them, I'm just a man whining. It doesn't matter whether it's real or not. It's not their responsibility. I mean, what would I have them do? Impose PENALTIES and SANCTIONS on their members when they violate organizational rules and public harrassment laws? Sheesh! Pfbt! Doesn't matter, because as I complain people just roll their eyes and think "Great, another paranoid schizophrenic," and they turn away and ignore me. Nobody listens. I truly DON'T know what else to do aside from going to the police and having restraining orders and C&D orders made. It's now getting THAT BAD. Oh but wait. You need PROOF of harassments, I would think. And the way they do it most of the time, there's never any physical proof. As it is, I AVOID most all GARC and GARS activities because of Jeff, Susan, and Scott; and I don't participate in the ARES (or any other nets), either. I try as hard as I can to avoid these people on the air and in person if I don't HAVE to deal with them, because they're SUCH a scary, living pain in the ass. Per Alisa's advice, I am trying to distance myself from these people and unfortunately it means pretty much dumping my favorite hobby. It's not fair. I'm going to be a bachelor ALL my fucking life because of people like this STALKING me and making sure everyone who means something IMPORTANT to me KNOWS just how STUPID and USELESS and IRRESPONSIBLE and how much of an IDIOT *TODD* is! And they just WON'T leave me ALONE! I'm sick and TIRED of it! ...Three YEARS of DELIBERATE, UNENDING, CEASELESS, CONSTANT, PUBLIC harrassment! I've HAD it! Maybe I've barked up the wrong trees all this time. Maybe what I need to do is make legal threats to the clubs themselves to take REAL action and FORCE these members to knock it off - or else. I HAVE complained to BOTH clubs before about it and they both ignored it. I made it known at a GARC meeting once about Scott, and I pleaded to them over Susan's incessant harrassments of me in public and BEGGED them nearly to tears to take action to stop it; and I've taken it also to the GARS Executive Board regarding Scott. It went ignored, and it never got mentioned in any minutes. Maybe I can use that to my advantage. I know they don't want to talk about these dirty little laundry goings on, and they'd RATHER avoid admitting that they're happening. HOWEVER, it's starting to get bad, now. It's getting out of control and I'm being forced to find alternative means of getting the job done, now. I don't give a rats ass what everyone's stupid, immature, nonsensical, personal pet peeves and problems are with me. It stops here. I draw the line at people CALCULATINGLY interfering with my personal and professional relationships with others in order to try to make me cave to their personal opinions/wishes. I DON'T know how else to handle this. It's not FAIR that I have to put up with this and that NO ONE will even bother to stop and ask ME what the problem is - everyone just assumes these idiots must have some sort of a defacto good reason to act like they do towards Todd; so everyone just let's it continue, thinking me the jerk or something. I dunno. All I know is, no one ever bothers to take any steps to help STOP this stuff even when they see it happen in front of their own eyes. It's the most amazing thing you ever saw. And I'll walk into rooms and they'll do this to me and then when I start to complain people will just roll their eyes and walk away like they think I'm nuts or something. You wouldn't believe it without seeing it happen yourself. It's incredible. You feel so helpless, and without any hope. These three idiots have such complete and total POWER and CONTROL over my life, and the way that others interact with me. It's not right. Todd
From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH Sent: Friday, June 10, 2005 10:53 AM To: 'Angela Enyedi' Subject: RE: [Fwd: Re: Hurricane Evacuation Plan for Todd] It's unfortunate that he involved you like this and I'm TRULY sorry, Angie. Honestly. Please forgive me. Please believe that if I knew how to make these guys stop, I would. He's done this completely out of the blue. I had no clue it was coming. And lately he's been acting so good, too. (sigh) You're probably CLINCHED on the idea that I'm someone you don't want to associate with, NOW. :( ...Not with people who would go as far as THIS. I'm so embarrassed that he pulled this. But obviously, that's exactly what he wanted. I sent a longer response to your other email account. You'll wanna grab a coffee before you read it, though. :( Todd > -----Original Message----- > From: Angela Enyedi > Sent: Friday, June 10, 2005 4:42 AM > To: Todd L. Sherman/KB4MHH > Subject: [Fwd: Re: Hurricane Evacuation Plan for Todd] > > Hi Todd, > I don't want to be involved in this; it is not for us (NWS) to > decide. I am forwarding this to you because I mention you in my > response to Jeff, and I don't like talking behind people > about them. I > realize that there are many motives for his email to me. > Take care of you and yours, > --Angie >

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