This conversation started over Jeff's wife engaging in harassing me during a presentation about the Alachua County EMWIN Project during a meeting for the Gainesville Amateur Radio Society. During the entire presentation, Susan acted extremely irritated, was openly condescending and insulting, threw her hands up in the air, made faces, tried to get other people to engage in the same thing. Susan often did things like this and I was getting tired of it. I wrote Jeff emails, very similar to emails I've written to him before - where I told him and his wife to stop bothering me. As usual, instead of doing as I asked and obeying my instructions, Jeff wrote me insulting emails and attempted to justify the things that he and his wife did. He was condescending, berating, insulting, and COMPLETELY ignored my request, entirely. The below is not "helpful", as he tries to purport, but rather, harassing. It serves no real helpful purpose at all, and is only meant to make me angrier.

And in the FINAL paragraph, he tortured me with mention of someone who wanted to destroy the career of my best friend. This individual was making a threat of harm to the career of an officer in the United States Navy and Jeff taunted me with this information for a month and a half and refused to let me know anything except in little tidbits.

Jeff was always able to con masses and get people to believe in him. But what was amazing was how in treatment of me he would switch like a cat and become something that no one would believe if told. He was cold, cruel, ruthless, and mean-spirited. He tortured, harassed, insulted, and humilated at every opportunity. I'd tried to make him stop and I just could not get him to.


From: Jeff Capehart
Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2005 8:59 AM
To: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Subject: On Susan and the Skywarn meeting...

On Wed, 6 Jul 2005, Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH wrote:

>  Your wife showed up at a SKYWARN meeting for the first time that I've EVER
> seen.  It is interesting to note some things which occurred just before
> that:

Obviously you don't pay much attention then.  Wasn't she also at the March 
meeting with Bill Quinlan?  And the only reason she came to the May 
meeting was because we're friends with Mike and she wanted to hear about 
his adventures in Oklahoma. I don't recall anyone making a big deal to go 
out of their way and publicly embarass Todd at the meeting.  Seemed like a 
normal typical meeting to me.  Susan is now available on Mondays because 
her previous Monday dog class was cancelled and she is doing a Wednesday 
class instead.

>  Now, Susan is perfectly well aware of WHY I did all those things.  I'm
> sure Susan just put two and two together.  ...Then a light bulb went on in
> her head and she showed up at the SKYWARN meeting, hoping to force what she
> thought would be the next logical step to happen.

And just what is the next logical step to happen?  I think Susan hopes 
that you stay in hiding and let everything go to pieces.  That way she 
doesn't have to do anything and you can do your own self-destruct.

>  Your wife has to get over the fact that I won't bend over, and either
> learn to like me as I am, or forget about me and move on with her life - and
> stop talking about me over bedtime conversation...about how stupid and
> useless I am.  Get over it.  Get a life.  Move on.  Both of you.  Find other
> things to talk about.  But scratch me off of the conversation list.

Well, I don't recall any bedtime or other conversation the past few weeks 
about Todd or this or that.  Do I think people are talking about me 
"behind my back" ?  I don't know.  Probably.  So what?

> I've lost all trust in most people right now and I need space to think about
> things and to try to figure out what I want to do.  My life is being
> destroyed by people talking about me - and even in front of my face in front
> of others, and who are now actively interfering with my personal and private
> life.  I have a lot of personal things going on right now as well and I
> don't need people reminding me about the nuts I should have gathered when in
> reality I never had the CHANCE to gather those nuts because of the
> interference of others BEFORE.  I'm sick and tired of explaining my life to
> people.  I need friends who see more positive in life and who don't try to
> put me down and seek out all my flaws and who actually try to build me UP
> rather than tear me down.

Sounds like you are experiencing "chronic stress".  Stress that is 
constant and just does not go away.  This is not healthy.  Exercise is one 
way to combat stress.

Stress is a response to a lack of control.  Stress is what you get when 
you have a feeling of helplessness.  Like there is nothing you can do to 
change anything.  In order to combat this, you have to focus on the 
immediate... the here and now... the stuff you can do something about.

I've got to think it is because you feel you have so much to hide.  That 
you are severely and debilitatingly embarrassed by all the problems and 
situations in your life.  I could make a list and name them all, but you 
would consider that to be mean and insulting so I'll spare you.  You've 
probably got even more.  Everyone's got personal flaws and things they 
aren't proud of.  But no one is going around making a list of Todd's 
personal failures, foibles, idiosyncracies, and making your personal life 
an open book to the world.

>  I was afraid Susan might be the one to pull the phone call/email to the
> friend thing.  I just didn't expect it to happen from you...only with Angie.
> Angie I liked and respected almost as much as I did Alisa.  Angie no longer
> talks to me now.  ...Because someone went so far as to sabotage what rocky
> start we had.

I still don't get the whole "pull" thing.  I don't know what that means. 
It seems to imply that there was a deliberate attempt to break up a 
developing relationship that you claim was friendship, yet by your very 
words you would have liked to see go farther than that.  Yet, before that, 
you told me in your very words that was not that case.  That you were just 
"friends" -- no romantic interest involved.  I haven't noticed anything 
different with Angie, but there was a big difference with Todd after that!

>  I can't hang around this kind of stuff.  That's why I quit my favorite
> hobby.  And it's not fair that I had to do that, either.  But in order to
> find peace in my life, I've actually had to do that, now.

No one has been harrassing or stalking you on the radio.  You don't even 
get on the radio anymore.  No one has been hounding you at club meetings 
either.  And you still came to the GARS meeting even after saying you 
quit.  You are doing this to yourself by your own conscious choice.

However, there is one loose cannon out there who I have repeatedly tried
to calm down who wants to know "that navy girls name" so that he can 
report her and get her in trouble.  I'm not sure if you know who this 
person might be.  He's also someone who wants to "overthrow" the Skywarn 
caeser.  And I didn't really think there was someone out there more rabid 
than Scott, but apparently so.


Email to Alisa...

Jeff and my other stalkers were bothering me so much and I was going everywhere for help and people were blowing me off because Jeff knew so many people and they didn't want to believve him bad. I sent emails to my friend Alisa to let her know what was going on with the weird people down here. I apologized PROFUSELY, and then apologised some more, being completely embarassed that people down here - in order to get to ME - were actually attempting to attack HER and her CAREER. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know how to make it stop. I kept trying and these people just kept coming. I knew that if it got out, it might affect her career, it might get the Navy involved, maybe they'd be upset with her for having friends like me who had people like this attacking him, who were coming after their naval officers. I had no idea. But Alisa was kind and understood, and tried to encourage me and keep me going. I was ready to give up, though, and I was losing, and even considering suicide...

From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 4:51 AM
To: Alisa M
Subject: Ready to give up...

  Jeff supposedy had some stuff to give me and I met him at the Lil Champ gas
station on NW 34th near the DMV.  Just a bunch of useless pamphlets from his
trip to KSC, front section of today's newspaper, and an old NASA meatball
patch he bought for me.

  But he told me that Scott is still at it, and now he's getting with that
diabetic fat guy I once told you about - Jay Lieberman.  Apparently Jay's
been pretending to be my friend and sucking info out of me and getting it
back to Scott West.  Apparently he and Scott have banded together and
according to Jeff they're both going to try to form Alachua Co. SKYWARN
themselves and swipe the name out from underneath me.

  This crap just never ends.  People aren't going AWAY by my ignoring them,
they're INCREASING in number.  I can't believe this!

  I just want to give it all up and throw it to the wolves.  I don't fucking
care about anything anymore.  I don't.  I'm NOT winning this battle.  And
these people just AREN'T going away.  They REFUSE to leave me alone.

  And I'm not almost positive that out mystery complainer was probably Jay.
When I think about it, it sounds JUST like something Jay would say in one of
his diabetic raging fits.  ...Which is very common for him.  I knew it
sounded baseless and nonsensical and when I think about it it just sounds SO
much like something he'd say.  So I wouldn't worry about it.  Jay doesn't
know what he's talking about.

  What bugs the shit out of me is how Jeff held that back from you and me.  He
still didn't admit to me that Jay was the one who said it, but last month he
DID send me an email saying something like "I didn't know there could be
someone more rabid against you than Scott, but apparently there is."  So
there you go.  I'm sure it's Jay.  It all just fits, now.

  But I'm so sick of this shit, Alisa.  I really am.  I'm SERIOUSLY thinking of
just letting it all go.  It's not worth it.  It's not.  It's my sanity we're
talking about, here.  These people are deliberately attacking me from all
sides, plotting, coordinated attacks.  I can't fight this.


Email to Alisa...

From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 6:03 PM
To: Alisa M
Subject: On Jay...

  (sigh)  Okay.  The Jay bio...

  Lay Lieberman.  Fat Jewish guy.  Think Quagmire sounded funny.  He sounds just
like him with an even HIGHER pitch in his voice.
  Diabetic.  Doesn't watch his intake.
  Always comes to meetings and talks crap about how the government is watching
you, the government is always screwing you over, watch out for the CIA,insists
he was abducted once by aliens, etc.
  And that's BEFORE he needs his insulin...when he's "NORMAL."  When he gets
low, he starts getting REALLY whacko.  He gets extremely irritable, tells
people what they need to do "or else."  And if you piss him off he'll threaten
to shoot you with the loaded gun he says he keeps in his car.
  He's paranoid about who gets his phone number, his email address, etc.  He
refuses to upgrade his computer, or fix it when things go wrong with it.  He's
far behind the times.  The name he goes by in the phone book is "Robert Raven,"
  His ideas are always contrary and backwards to your's.  He'll insist he knows
better than you and that his ways are the real and the only LEGAL ways of doing
things.  If you know a logical way to do something, he'll tell you that you
have to do it another way because it's too open to a takeover by someone or the
government.  He'll insist something that can be done at no cost CANNOT be
because you must get insurance for it, and/or register your project first with
somebody, etc., etc.  He's an extremist doubter, and always negative.
  I think he was also caught for arson years back, too.  He was going around
starting a bunch of brushfires and then he'd always be the first ACFR person on
the scene.  I can't remember if they said he was convicted or if they didn't
have enough evidence and just kicked him out of ACFR.

  At any rate, ACFR does not allow him inside the EOC anymore.  They got tired
of his diabetic-related tantrums and his foul mouth when he gets irate during
his fits. Nobody in GARS or GARC pays attentiion to him.  Unfortunately, he's
one of the few who is ready to volunteer, kinda like Scott, and that sucks.

  But as far as getting "that Navy girl in Mayport" in trouble...that sounds
JUST like something Jay would say.  So it HAS to be Jay.  It just fits too
fucking well.  In fact, I'm dead sure it was him, now.  So the mystery is over.

  As far as the things Jay says...no one pays attention to him.  Everyone just
ignores him.  So don't worry.  Trust me.  Jay has NOTHING on you.


Email to Jeff

From: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH [skywarn@fireline.org]
Sent: Monday, September 05, 2005 6:43 PM
To: 'Jeff Capehart'
Subject: RE: Just toying with ideas, here...

> Hmmm.   Who's webpage is skylert?

  Think it has something to do with the Middle TN SKYWARN Assn.  Which, if true,
makes me curious.
> Since there are tons of places anyone can "sign up" for free weather 
> alerts, why would anyone want to pay for it?

  Why would someone subscribe to AC-SKYWARN when we've got ACEM?  There's always
someone willing to subscribe, regardless.  I don't think it'll be that much of
a worry, really.  There will always be someone who wants to subscribe.

> Have you had a bunch of people asking for this type of stuff?  Do you 
> honestly think you can find 100 people who would sign up for this?

  We've never fully advertised all-out, before.  We've never tried to see.  But
I don't recommend now going to AC-SKYWARN and saying "HEY! IF we did THIS (and
btw there's thisw, that, and the other service out there which does the same
thing), would you be willing to PAY?"  Of COURSE people will say no when you put
it THAT way.  You need to SELL it.  "LOOK!  We've got THIS!  And you get MORE
from US because THEY don't ABBREVIATE!  AND, WE have no ADS!  We don't SELL your
personal DATA to outsiders!  And WE don't refer you to a web link 'for further
info' like some companies!"

  It would work.  Just learn how to stop talking NEGATIVELY to every possible
customer about "Todd's stupid ideas" before it has a chance to get off the
ground.  You DO that.
> I think you would lose a lot of credibility if SHANDS or others found out 
> you were charging people.

  Why?  What does Shands have to do with the AC-EMWIN server?  (...Stuff sent
from the SERVER....not the paging transmitter.)  I'm not talking about charging
people for using the TRANSMISSIONS.  We're talking about using the AC-EMWIN
server to send things straight to your pager, cellphone, or PDA.  See NOW?

> If you instead have people contribute to maintenance costs, it looks a lot 
> like "charging for service" but you never made a bargain like that with 
> people.   So, by asking for contributions, its more like donations.

  Dunno bout that.  (Are we on the same page, here?)
> What's the difference between someone handing you a "new tube" versus 
> people handing you $25 each and then buying a tube?  Let Joe handle the 
> finances since he is the one who can buy the tubes.

  What's a tube have to do with the AC-EMWIN server sending a bulletin to
someone's cellphone, pager, or PDA?

  This may have been my fault.  Lemme re read my email again...

  Yes, it was my fault.  Remove the entire section called PROBLEMS.  It didn't
EVEN apply.  I see what happened.  My fault.  My brain was thinking in terms of
the whole shebang, when actually it only uses one part...just the server.

  At ay rate...I'm SERIOUS about keeping it quiet, though.  ESPECIALLY with
Susan, Scott, or Jay...but really, don't tell ANYONE.  Susan will only start
another anti-Todd/anti-EMWIN campaign and if she does I'm just issuing
restraining orders because I'm not puttin up with THAT again.  The woman always
goes way too far.
  Scott as well will only be encouraged by this news to work harder at any
stupid ideas he and Jay may have.  So say nothing to them.
  As it is I'm looking into putting Jay in jail for (if but vaguely)
threatening Alisa.  I won't put up with that shit.  I want people off my back.
  People don't have any real, logical, reasonable explanations anymore for
attacking me so much and for what they're doing to me and it's simply become
nothing more than Pavlovian instinct, now.  So I've decided to fight back and I
need people who are stupid enough to give me examples to set.  Jay's just made
himself the easiest one.  Scott's next after that.  (I should NOT have let that
man go.  He's been stabbing me in the back for that favor ever since.  Not a
very BRIGHT criminal mind, I have to say.)

  Since we're on that...

  Incidently, I need to know exactly the words Jay used re "getting that Navy
girl in trouble."  First, I need to know if it's TRUE.  Verifying that it is,
then I need to take action upon it as soon as possible.  Alisa and I BOTH want
to hop on this ASAP.  That's why she called you.
  This really needs to be done, Jeff.  Some people just take so little care of
themselves that they begin to become a dangerous problem for others as they get
older, and Jay is apparently reaching that point where he's no longer able to
take care of himself enough to remain an acceptable human in the company of
other humans so he needs to be dealt with, apparently.  He's making vague/veiled
threats to my friends, now, for no other reason than because they want to help
me with SKYWARN, and that's just not reasonable nor acceptable.  Jay is
obviously now in a very anti-social state and he needs to be under the
supervision of others who can watch him, because he's apparently not able to
keep ahead of his diabetes.  But then, he's pretty bad even when NOT low on
insulin.  He thinks he's been abducted by aliens.  He believes in UFOs.  He
thinks the government is out to get him.  He's paranoid of people in general.
He doesn't want people to know where he lives.  He meets people elsewhere
rather than his home and doesn't want people to SEE where he lives.  He uses a
false name in the phone book.  He's a ex-con with at least two arson
convictions.  He has a temper and is prone to outbursts.  He has a gun and has
REPEATEDLY threatened to use it on others.  Now he's just threatened my best
friend.  He needs help.
  If Scott encouraged him or any of this, then I'll deal with Scott, too.
  Did you hear this personally, verbally?  Or did Jay (or Scott) send you an
email?  If an email, I'd like to see it because the moment the threat was made
all privacy rights went out the window the the email became evidence of a wrong
that was contrary to law. So don't think you're going to be in any legal
trouble for sharing any related email(s?).
  I mean, I can use the email you already sent which alludes to it, and confirms
that a threat was made; but you'd only be questioned by an attorney for this
very same info anyway, later...AND the email that I requested.  So you might as
well send me a copy if one exists.
  Alisa means a hell of a lot to me and she's become the most steadfast and
loyal friend I've ever had, and I've vowed to protect her from these
people...and that's what I'm doing.  SHE wants him, PERSONALLY; but really,
this was all obviously designed to get at ME in the end of things.  So the both
of us should be able to have at him, really.  Twice the counts would put him
twice away.


Jeff's response...

Finally Jeff admits who it was. But after realizing that Alisa and I are wanting to press charges, now I think Jeff is beginning to realize the trouble he's in. He withheld information about someone making threat to an military officer in the Unites States Navy. He used it to taunt and to harasss. Now he's attempting to downplay the importance of the information in an effort to get me to let it go so that no attention is brought to it, and thus, no one would then question him and why he withheld the information for so long. On TOP of this, Jeff also makes suggestions about hot to "get" Jay.

From: Jeff Capehart
Sent: Monday, September 05, 2005 11:36 PM
To: Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH
Subject: Jay

  On Mon, 5 Sep 2005, Todd L. Sherman / KB4MHH wrote:

>  Incidently, I need to know exactly the words Jay used re "getting that
> Navy girl in trouble."  First, I need to know if it's TRUE.  Verifying that

This wasn't in email.  I think it was during a phone call.  I told you Jay 
and Scott wanted to set up a meeting with me at the Library.  That hasn't 
gone anywhere because I haven't played into their hands.

Jay doesn't care about Alisa.  He can't even remember her name.  He wanted 
*ME* to give him her name.  I did not do that.

He wanted to say she was "fraternizing" with someone who was a threat to 
national security (or some such words) and he figures since he is 
ex-military, that his word is good as gold and the Navy will be forced to 
investigate her and terminate all relations with you.

He seems to think she is distracting you from doing your required skywarn 
coordinator duties and if he can get her out of the way, then you can get 
back on track with Skywarn.   Or who knows.  Who can understand how Jay 

If you wanted to "get Jay", you would do much better talking to Randy 
Kerr, a sworn law enforcement officer who overhead Jay make a threat to 
bodily injury (death threat) to an ACFR employee.

Or, you can dig up the charges and record for Jay.  Look him up.  Send it 
to the FCC.  You could get his license revoked.  Just hope he doesn't find 
out you were the one who took it away.  Or, it could be you could turn Jay 
into a jammer.  He is the type who would resort to that.  That old "if I 
can't play with it, then you can't either".


Did anyone at all notice how he acknowledged Jay's 'type', too? So here he acknowledges how dangerous Jay is, how volatile he is. Regardless of the fact that Jeff didn't give him the information that Jay ultimately wanted, the fact is that he still used the information to harass me...and I suspect that he was also hoping...to harass Alisa, too. I think he was hoping that Alisa might get weirded out, knowing that I'd go to her with all this, and then disassociate with me, too. Because I'll tell you something...that strategy worked DAMN well with OTHER people.

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