When Cowards Blame The Leader For Their Negligence

(Under construction. Will include story about an extra-class ham radio operator who was a trucker, called the "jammer", who used to interfere with local and non-local repeaters and hack into their phone patch lines to call 9-1-1 and make false distress calls, getting local ham clubs in trouble. On attempting to gather a local group of hams to hunt down the jammer and gather evidence for the FCC and the police, we were met with lazy resistance. I gathered together a small group of people and instead of following the rules they instead did what they wanted, ignoring agreed-upon plans already discussed with both the FCC and Riley Hollingsworth of the ARRL, and decided to chase the jammer down, clueing him in that we were on to him, and completely destroying any chance for gathering any hard evidence against him forever-after. In the end, when the GARS Executive Board asked about what happened, the rogue hams blamed the Coordinator (me), and implied that I had TOLD them to chase the jammer where the actual instructions were to get video and then to just go home without allowing the jammer to know what we were doing. This made the entire local and surrounding area ham community to believe that I was an extremely irresponsible leader. This page will include real video of the actual event as it happened.)

Last Modified: September 9th, 2014.