Movies With Strong Characters

These are just off the top of my head. I'm sure I'll add to this as time goes by. But you get the point.

Apollo 13 - These guys were in a situation they had NO control over and they kept their wits and their heads together to make it through.

Batman Begins - Kid with background of murdered parents grows up with questionable history only to end up becoming a good guy with strong character who defends people from the bad guys.

Courage Under Fire - About a woman who was strong and brave and loyal and honest, and the assholes who couldn't be, who tried to destroy her name by lieing about her and using her as a sacrificial lamb to cover their own mistakes and cowardess.

G.I. Jane - About a woman who put up with assholes who didn't like her not because she couldn't do what they could but just because she was female. She endured through all the harassment and bullshit and earned everyone's respect and admiration, while at the same time showing that anyone can do anything as long as people ALLOW you to and don't try to get in your way.

It Could Happen To You - About two people who came from dysfunctional circumstances and people, who were good and kind people, whom the rest of the world tended to use and abuse, and who stayed true to each other, found each other, and in the end the world recognized both their efforts and came through for them. (If only this happened in real life, eh?)

Patch Adams - About a man who had a different way of thinking about the world, who thought life was important, who had a great sense of humor that some people didn't appreciate, who seemed different to some, who was picked on by people in power, and who stood tall regardless, who always did what he thought was right.

Pretty In Pink - About a young woman who was different, and whom no one liked. She was made fun of, picked on, harassed, humiliated and embarassed. She stayed true to herself, believed in herself. She didn't have many friends but of those she had they were good people whom she trusted and cherished.

Some Kind Of Wonderful - Good guy likes pretty girl who just broke up with a rich asshole. Knowingly braves risk of embarassment, humiliation, and physical harm, staying true to himself and showing strength of character. Pretty girl leads him into a setup and learns he's a really great guy. Stands up for him, but lets him go. Guy discovers love in his best friend, who had been right there beside him all the while.

The Dark Knight - Good guy becomes scapegoat for blame. Good guy's name and reputation are trashed. The world picks up torches wanting to crucify the good guy but has no clue the real reasons why they're holding the torches.

The Devil Wears Prada

The Karate Kid

Working Girl