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This list is for the discussion of SKYWARN- and weather-related topics, generally- and/or locally-related. If you have a question about the weather, the SKYWARN program, spotting in general, spotter safety, what it was like chasing with the Doppler On Wheels team, the use and interpretation of WSR-88D doppler RADAR, severe local storms forecasting methods, the fluidic properties of the atmosphere, how Kelvin-Helmholtz waves are formed, or whatever ... feel free to ask away and Alisa will try to answer it for you as best she can. :o)


The proud owners of this mailing list, and your hosts, are Todd Sherman/KB4MHH and Alisa Beaubien.

Alisa Beaubien is the Asst. Coordinator of Alachua County SKYWARN. Alisa joined forces with ACS back in 2001 when she took her first spotter training class. Alisa attended the University of Florida where she dual-majored in both Mathematics and Environmental Engineering, graduating magna cum laude with BS degrees in both in December of 2003. During her attendance at U/F, Alisa also founded and was President of the first U/F chapter of the American Meteorological Society. Alisa also has experience in severe local storms forecasting, and in working with and interpreting WSR-88D doppler RADAR imaging. She has three years experience in storms chasing in the midwest - from 2001 to 2003. In 2002, and again in May of 2003, Alisa had the opportunity to chase with the famed O.U. Doppler On Wheels team under the guidance of Dr. Joshua Wurman. After graduating the University of Florida, Alisa went on to join the United States NAVY. In November of 2004, she graduated Naval Officer Candidate School at Pensacola NAS. Now a 'SeaBee' in the Civil Engineering Corps, Alisa serves at the rank of Lieutenent. Alisa also plays classical guitar, and enjoys tennis, archery, volleyball, kickboxing, surfing and fine arts. Alisa's greatest desire is to teach.

Todd Sherman is the Coordinator of Alachua County SKYWARN, which he founded back in August of 1996 (ten years ago as of 2006). He is also the Project Manager and Coordinator of the Alachua County EMWIN Project (created in 2002), which serves free weather bulletins to the general public via email, FAX, pager, and cellphone. It also serves to some web pages, and even allows for the ability for users to connect directly to the AC-EMWIN server to watch bulletins come in live and be painted on a map using special software. Todd obtained his first ham radio license back in 1985 as a Novice Class - obtaining the callsign KB4MHH (which callsign he still uses, today). A year later, he obtained his General class license. In 1986, under the encouragement and guidance of Elmer/Mentor Earl Jones/NF4O, and along with two other fellow hams, Todd was co-founder of the original Alachua County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ACARES), serving as Asst. Emergency Coordinator (AEC). Over the years Todd has served such ARRL positions as Official Relay Station and Official Bulletin Station. Proficient in 25wpm code, and an avid traffic handler, Todd was also involved in the National Traffic System, participating in many traffic handling nets (often as NCS) such as the QFN, QFNS (QFN-Slow), the Fla. Medium Speed Net (FMSN), Regional Nets 4 and 5 in phone and CW, and various other Florida phone nets. Todd was a member of the Gainesville Amateur Radio Society from 1985 to 2005, and served as their Secretary and Newsletter Editor and Publisher in 1987. Todd also worked closely as an associate member of the Gator Amateur Radio Club for many years involved with various amateur radio-related projects. In the past ten years, he was approached twice by Chris Knauer, the original owner and webmaster of the National SKYWARN Homepage, and asked if he would take over most of the operation of the server and website, but turned it down because it would require just too much additional time. Todd is also owner and/or webmaster of a number of popular web pages, including Mobile Scanner & RADAR-Detector Laws In The United States, the North Central Florida Area Scannist's Pages, the Index To SKYWARN Sites Across The U.S., the Alachua County SKYWARN web site, and the Alachua County EMWIN Project web site. Involved in many radio-related public service events in the meantime, Todd's main love has always been storm spotting and the SKYWARN program.


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