Site Reviews of Possible Spotter Field Locations
This page offers some comments on some sites seen about the county which might possibly make good locations for field spotters to try in observing severe weather. Comments from users about other sites are welcome and encouraged. If you are ever driving about the county and happen to notice a particular location which offers decent views of the sky (prefereably to as low on the horizon as possible), then please feel free to offer up your reviews to us.

City of Alachua, NW Alachua County: E-W along Penny Road. Various places offer low views to the north.

City of Alachua, NW Alachua County: Along NW 173 Street (CR-235), north of intersection of NW 173 Street and Penny Road. Various places offering low views to west, north, and east. One spot offers very low views of the horizon.

NE of Gainesville, NE Alachua County: Between Gainesville and Alachua, across from Sabine, Inc., E-W along 441. Fields offer good views from E, to S, to W. Trees block views to north.

South of Gainesville, southern Alachua County: Paynes Prairie. Offers excellent all-around views of horizon.

Note that any open location in a storm situation is dangerous, because you are usually the tallest object around, and lightning usually takes the shortest distance to the ground. When you are spotting in an open location during a storm, crouch down to be as low as possible and to make yourself as small a target as possible.

Last Updated: November 26, 1997.
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