Acknowledgements and Kudos

* The Watch/Warning map and map legend at the top of the page is generated by Danny Lloyd's Weather Message program, and is courtesy of the Alachua County EMWIN Project.

* The External Data Source Marquee Script (the slow-scroller script used to show the latest-issued weather forecasts and severe weather bulletinsbeneath the watch/warning map on the main page is by Dynamic Drive. The actual bulletin texts seen in the scroller are FTP'd to the web site by Danny Lloyd's Weather Message program. The bulletins are obtained and processed courtesy of the Alachua County EMWIN Project.

* The Microburst damage video frame grab copyright © 1997 by Todd L. Sherman.

* The Waldo Wall Cloud video frame grab copyright © 2000 by Jim Carr / KC4MHH.

* The Monteocha Hail Event photo copyright © 2003 by Mike Robinett / W4UAV.

* The 3-D Alachua County SKYWARN   logo, 3-D Alachua County SKYWARN  banner, 3-D `piano-key' bubble buttons, 3-D image edge-bevelling, glowing Motorola pager image created by Todd L. Sherman using Adobe Photoshop Elements, the full capabilities of which I'm still in the process of learning.

NOTE: People have asked me about the banner at the top of the main page, wondering what it's supposed to be. I guess it's one of those things that some people can see, and other's can't. Unintentionally, I guess it turned out like one of those visual/psychological test things. You know. The "What do you see?" sort of test. When I came up with the idea for the banner, what I was thinking of was this, but it was not at the time within my technological capability to actually create...

Imagine a lightning bolt coming down from over your shoulder, burning a hole in the "paper" of the web page. There's a few light wisps of smoke which rise up from a few places along the edges of the hole, and just a few small sparks that fly up a little and then drop to the ground as the lightning bolt flashes its way across the page. As the bolt travels across, beneath the paper is revealed the word "SKYWARN" floating in the black background ether, superheated to a glowing orange state by the lightning bolt. It is so hot that it wavers in the atmospheric distortion created by the heat of the letters. Now and then, randomnly across the letters, there might be an occasional "pop" as a red-orange spark or two pop off the letters here and there. Then suddenly, from above and behind the viewer's left shoulder, comes two more words: "Alachua" and "County", which sort of fly down rapidly and then slam themselves down with two loud metal clanks, and making the page vibrate ever so slightly - almost imperceptibly. (Sort of like in the Chevy truck commercials.)

That was the original vision that I had. Someday, when I obtain better software, maybe I'll actually be able to make that banner an animated reality. But for now, it's just a WEE too complicated a task for me. :)

* Thanks also to Michael Masters of the Middle Tennessee SKYWARN Group for allowing the permission use of their animated, rotating SKYWARN pog, here. Very talented work. Visit their web page to see just how good these guys are at HTML editing.

* Thanks to Tom Crismore of the Central Indiana SKYWARN Association for the idea of taking the banner off my other site, Index To SKYWARN® Web Pages On The Internet, and downsizing it to a smaller logo size that can be placed on another site's page and clicked on, if desired. (DUH! Sometimes so many obvious things escape me that I wonder about myself.)

* Animated "Alachua County SKYWARN" banner ad created using 30-day shareware trial version of Animagic GIF Editor v0.91, by Right to Left Software, Inc..

* Alachua County EMWIN banner ad created by Todd L. Sherman using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

* SKYWARN® icon  in the addressbar created using 10-day shareware trial version of IconForge, by Cursor Arts.

* Much thanks to all the users of the comp.lang.javascript newsgroup for help with some of the javascript coding on this page. A very helpful resource. If ever you have a JS question, ask it there.

* The Java Hiller TextScroller  marquee scroller at the top of the main front page is free and can be found here.

* The frame breakout script (prevents others from holding your site inside their own frames) comes from Website Abstraction, with my grateful thanks. I hate it when other people so "hijack" other sites like that. (It also has the added nice side effect of preventing other sites from placing banner spam ads/logos above your site, too - since they no longer have control of your site.) Visit the Website Abstraction site for many useful JavaScript code ideas.

* And of course the SKYWARN® logo itself is trademarked by the US Department of Commerce/NOAA/NWS and is used and even modified with their permission with the understanding that they retain right to the logo in all its forms.

* I should make sure that I shout out a big thanks to the people at the National Climate Data Center (NCDC) for making software such as the Weather & climate Tool Kit available to the public for free. With this software, I was able to download (also for free) RADAR, satellite, and even some modelling data which were used in places such as the Alachua County Storm Spotter's Field Guide. Really awesome stuff to be able to have free access to, there.

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