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July 29, 2003, 3:30pm:

"They are usually the quickest thing - they beat emergencyemail.org by 10 minutes on the tornado July 25. And you beat the NWS All Warnings page. For that one you were best in the Biz!"

   -Scott Preston

July 28, 2003, 11:07am:

"Event 1: 18 July Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued at 4:40 pm.
Received page from EMWIN at 4:41pm.
Received page from Weather.com with ads at 4:41pm. (I've since unsubscribed as the first message text was just the ad.)
Received page from News4Jax.com at 4:42pm.

Event 2: 25 July Tornado Warning issued at 4:28pm.
Wx radio alert tone finished and the alert was being broadcast when the pages began arriving.
Received page from EMWIN at 4:29pm.
Received page from News4Jax.com at 4:30pm

   -Steve King

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