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Program Files:

InterWarn - by Storm Alert, Inc.
Windows 9x/2000/Me/NT/XP. Customizable, interactive interface. Visual and audio alarms. Save, print, e-mail, and page all incoming weather information. Available by download or CD delivery. Free trial.

RealEMWIN - by Robert P. Dale
Shareware. 14-day free trial; then requires registration. EMWIN ingest and distribution program. MUCH better than WeatherNode, in my opinion; and much easier to learn and use. This program can be used to receive the EMWIN weather products from the Internet, or from over the air, and display them on your computer. The following RealEMWIN menu files are configured to my own personal setup. If you want to use them, you'll need to throw them into your RealEMWIN subdirectory...

Weather Message (WxMesg) - by Danny Lloyd
Can be used to receive and/or distribute the EMWIN weather products. I've been heavily involved in beta testing of Danny's program and to help make this program even more user friendly, and suggesting a number of new options and capabilities. Danny is one of a very few software authors who actually responds to questions often within hours of sending them. This kind of personal, helpful attitude in a software author is VERY hard to find, these days.

Weather Message can be used to connect to our server to view, live, a list of the latest bulletins and alerts, and to view a Florida map with the watches and warnings painted upon it. To do so, you will need the below versions of the Weather Message program.

  • Clients-Only Install
    This is what you will need to connect to us.
    NOTE: If you would like to run more than one occasion of either the map or message clients then you MUST install them anew into their OWN directories and run them separately.
  • Map Layers Install
    If you want to see the marine zones outlined, or utilize other map features, you'll need this file.

Config Files:
Want to have it all set up, right now? Don't want to deal with entering in all those custom configs to set up for things which apply to just our local area? Just take these and unzip them all into your "...\WxMesgNet\" directory! I use this very sound scheme in my own home. But the cool thing about is - you can change the clients to use whatever sounds you like!

  • - Use this setup if you intend to connect directly to our server using just the WeatherMessage map and/or message CLIENTS ONLY. Includes a beginning set of preconfigured alarm sound files which you can change as you wish, later. [ Last Updated: 09/09/2012 ]

The above ZIP files include the following files:

  • ProductUser.dat
    This lists all of the "custom" products available over our local EMWIN datastream (that we created for our own local use), and tells the software how to label everything. Without this file, your clients wouldn't be able to properly identify our custom products, should they ever be issued.
  • README-AlarmsVsSounds-Key.xml
    This file lists all of the sound effects and which bulletins they're attached to, sorted by alarm number. This file will come in handy if you ever wish to change a particular bulletin's sound effect (by pointing to a different sound filename), or to turn it off (by removing the filename altogether).
  • WxImgSet.txt
    This is the config for the WxImage program. Set up to allow for viewing of our custom local products, which are not included in the default config. In the WeatherMessage MESSAGE client, when the user displays the "Product List", and then clicks on any graphic image filename in the list, the WxImage program pops up, allowing the user to view the image. But to be able to recognize and work with our own local custom graphics and images, the program needs to know what they are...which is what this file does.
  • WxLandmarks.xml
    This is a file that WxMap uses to paint place-name labels on the map. Includes Alachua and surrounding counties, and labels for the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.
  • WxMap.ini
    Config file for colors (and sounds) used, and other important stuff, for the WxMesg Map Client
    (Some example sounds are available below.)
  • WxMcli.ini
    Config file for colors and sounds used, and other important stuff, in the WxMesg Message Client.
    (Some example sounds are available below.)
  • WxQuick.xml
    Sets up the "quick tabs" in the WxMesg Client to allow pulling up local area bulletins.
  • Sounds directory
    The Sounds subdirectory, which contains all of the custom sound files used with our particular custom setup of the program.

Sound Files:

Any of your favorite WAV files can be used as alternate alarm sounds with RealEMWIN, WeatherNode, or Weather Message. I found the below sounds at

  • alarmclockbeep.wav
    Could be useful.
  • brookrpt.wav
    This might be indicated to indicate rain-related or flood-related messages.
  • burning.wav
    This might be used to indicate when fire-related messages come in.
  • cellphone.wav
    I thought this might have a possible use for something.
  • data.wav
    Could be used to indicate when general messages come in.
  • eas.wav
    The old EAS activation alert tone.
  • eastones.wav
    The old EAS activation alert tone (long tones).
  • endofmsg.wav
    EAS alert End-Of-Message tone.
  • intercom.wav
    Could be used to indicate notable but non-emergency messages, perhaps.
  • navywhistle.wav
    Could be used to indicate when fairly important non-emergency messages come in.
  • smokealarm.wav
    I don't use this because it's rather loud and startling, and sounds exactly like the real thing. But some might find it useful for getting attention. I recommend caution in using it, though. Use this too much and you might not take the proper action if your REAL smoke alarm goes off. Could also confuse others.
  • thunder_clap.wav
    I don't use this but some might use it to indicate a severe thunderstorm related bulletin.
  • weatherwarning.wav
    Could be used to indicate when severe weather, tornado, high wind, or similar WATCHES and WARNINGS come in. I like this sound, myself.
  • windy.wav
    Could be used to indicate when hurricane-related messages come in.

More Sounds:

A Star Trek Sound Scheme!

(The above sound files were obtained from Star Trek In Sound and Vision, from which even more Star Trek sound files can be found to choose from.)

Space: 1999 Sounds

Stargate SG-1 Sound Scheme.

Computer Voices!

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