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Natl. Hurricane Center (NHC) Hurricane Bulletins
Atlantic & Gulf Regions



Welcome to the ACEMWIN-HURR-L Hurricane Bulletins Listgroup! (aka `ACEMWIN-HURR-L') Brought to you courtesy of the Alachua County EMWIN Project, which has been bringing weather bulletins to the public for free as a public service without any recompense since 2002.

As of June 2014 our subscriber base has been approaching 900 strong with users coming from all over the world.

This list is for the distribution of NHC/TPC hurricane-related bulletins for the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico regions only. No posting/discussions allowed.

When originally created in 2005, we used to send all hurricane bulletins to the main list name. This meant users were forced to receive all bulletins whether they wanted to or not. There was no means by which to turn on or off any particular hurricane bulletins, and when things got busy during hurricane season, that meant a LOT of bulletins.

On July 9th, 2009, we changed things. We added list "topics". NOW, each hurricane bulletin has it's own topic area. One bulletin type is sent to one topic; another bulletin type is sent to another. ...As well, users may now turn each topic on or off at WILL. Users should greatly appreciate this new ability in our list. A list of the available hurricane bulletin topics is available below.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you subscribe to this list it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to unsubscribe yourself (or to request that we unsubscribe you for you) when you no longer wish to utilize the information in this list. If we begin to notice ANY PROBLEMS in our logs regarding bounces due to unknown users, mailbox full, too many hops, or other kinds of rejections, we will unsubscribe you - with or WITHOUT notice. Please don't be impolite and leave us and not tell us, and leave your local server admin to have to block us out because suddenly they're noticing a lot of repeated bulletin traffic going to a now nonexisting email address. That's just rude. And sometimes it even results in admins putting us on spam lists, and that's not fair. Then we have to sort all that out. PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE. Unsubscribe when you no longer need us, and BEFORE you turn off your accounts. Okay, people? Please play fair. We're doing this for you for free as a public service. It's a lot of work to keep up with as it is. Please don't make even more unnecessary work for us by just abandoning the list like that.


To subscribe to ACEMWIN-HURR-L, simply send an e-mail to listserv@lists.ufl.edu using the following single-line syntax in the message BODY (the subject may be left blank):

SUBSCRIBE ACEMWIN-HURR-L firstname lastname

Thus, if your name was `John Doe' you would send the following to listserv@lists.ufl.edu:



Here are the "topic" areas that are now available to choose from within the ACEMWIN-HURR-L listgroup:

  • PWSAT: Tropical Cyclone Surface Wind Speed Probabilities
  • TCANT: Tropical Cyclone ICAO (Aviation) Advisory
  • TCDAT: Tropical Cyclone Discussion
  • TCEAT: Tropical Cyclone Position Estimate
  • TCMAT: Marine/Aviation Tropical Cyclone Forecast/Advisory
  • TCPAT: Public Tropical Cyclone Advisory
  • TCPSP: Public Tropical Cyclone Advisory (Spanish)
  • TCUAT: Tropical Cyclone Update
  • TCVAT: Tropical Cyclone Watch/Warning Product (VTEC)
  • TWDAT: Tropical Weather Discussion
  • TWOAT: Tropical Weather Outlook and Summary
  • TWSAT: Monthly Tropical Weather Summary
  • CHGHUR: Tropical Cyclone Objective Guidance (Computer Hurricane Guidance)
  • STDCCA: Satellite-derived Tropical Disturbance Rainfall Summary (Eastern Carribean)
  • STDECA: Satellite-derived Tropical Disturbance Rainfall Summary (Central Carribean)
  • STDWCA: Satellite-derived Tropical Disturbance Rainfall Summary (Western Carribean)
  • HLS: Hurricane Local Statement (new topic added on 4/5/2014)
  • PSH: Post-Tropical Cyclone Report (new topic added on 4/5/2014)
  • TCV-FO: National Tropical Cyclone Valid Time Event Code (TCV) Product - issued by local NWSFOs (new topic added on 6/5/2016)

Click on each bulletin ID, above, for a detailed description of that bulletin.

There are many more hurricane-related bulletins out there. This is for starters. The hurricane bulletins that THIS list will cater to will be for the ATLANTIC and GULF regions. More bulletins can be added later, if anyone really needs to see or use a specific bulletin. These include rawinsonde drop data, etc. (And we can create separate lists for other regions, too...such as the Caribbean and Pacific.) The list server DOES have a limitation on the number of topics that any listgroup can have: 23. If people clambor enough for more bulletins, and we start running into the 23-topic wall, then if necessary we CAN create a completely new list if need be, and call it "ACEMWIN-HURRICANE-DATA" or something. It's not a problem.

All new users are automatically subscribed to the TCPAT (Public Tropical Cyclone Advisory) bulletins. However, you can turn some others ON if you wish. But remember that you can turn the other bulletins OFF at any time if things seem to get just a little too "busy" for you - which WILL happen during periods where hurricanes pop up. To add or remove hurricane bulletins, see below...



If ever you wanted to subscribe to a topic, you'd simply send an email to the UF listserver (again, at listserv@lists.ufl.edu. Ignore the subject line. You don't have to type anything into it at all.

In the BODY of the email, type the following:


The above line would subscribe you to the "PWSAT" topic, which is the "Tropical Cyclone Wind Speed Probabilities" bulletin.

And you can subscribe to more than one topic at a time, too. If you wanted to subscribe to ALL of the available topics within the listgroup, you would send the following command:


You can subscribe to multiple topics at once in a single command:


This would subscribe you to the three topics PWSAT, SPFAT, and TWOAT.


To unsubscribe from any topic, you'd do it all in reverse.


...would unsubscribe you from the PWSAT topic.


...would unsubscribe you from those three topics.


This list is archived. To view the archives, go to:



The following commands are also available to list users. They may be issued by sending a message to listserv@lists.ufl.edu, with the command(s) in the body of the message. Each command must be on a line by itself, but multiple commands may be included in a single message. (The `Subject:' header of the e-mail is ignored.)

  • To have a copy of the list sent to you in a file, use the command:
    REVIEW listname

  • To be sent more information on using LISTSERV, issue the command:


To unsubscribe from this list at any time, use the following single- line syntax in an e-mail to listserv@lists.ufl.edu:


Note that to unsubscribe does not require appending your first and last name. As well, unsubscribe information will always be appended to the bottom of each e-mail sent out from the list, so that you don't have to worry about remembering it should you ever need it. The listserver knows.


For further information on LISTSERV lists, please see the LISTSERV Online Owners Manuals and User Guides


We welcome your comments and suggestions about this list. Please send your comments to the list owner at: acemwin@alachuaskywarn.org.


This list was created on July 16th, 2005 by Todd Sherman/KB4MHH (acemwin@alachuaskywarn.org).

Todd is the Coordinator of Alachua County SKYWARN, which he also founded in August of 1996 (twelve years ago as of 2009). Alachua Co. SKYWARN is a program created to teach the public about the dangers of severe weather and how to identify and report it properly to the authorities.

Todd is also the Founder and Project Manager of the Alachua County EMWIN Project (created in 2002). AC-EMWIN is basically a satellite ground station which main purpose is for gathering the latest weather bulletins from the GOES-10 weather satellite, and to redistribute those bulletins locally to the public at no cost as a public service. We distribute the bulletins in abbreviated form to cellphones, pagers, in full form to personal email, web pages, and on rare occasion even to some FAX machines. Another one of the distribution methods is via this and other listgroups. And we DO this...at NO charge, in service to everyone: civlians, businessmen, students, teachers, doctors, lawyers, police, fire/rescue, reporters...it doesn't matter.

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Also, feel free to visit these web pages:


Often people will use scanners to try to gather information during an evacuation. But did you know that while scanner use is perfectly legal from the HOME, use of a scanner while MOBILE here in Florida is actually illegal without a ham radio license, or some other form of exempted license? Other states also have similarly restricting mobile scanner laws. To help you to know which states have these laws, we have another web page for that: Mobile Scanner & RADAR-Detector Laws In The United States. As its name suggests, the site also tracks the laws regarding radar detector use across the US. The site listes the text of the actual laws in every applicable state. Use this site to keep yourself out of trouble. Know the law before you go!

[ Mobile Scanner & RADAR-Detector Laws In The United States]

And for a list of SKYWARNTM organizational sites across the country during your travels, see our Index To SKYWARN Web Sites On The Internet.

[ Index To SKYWARN Web Sites On The Internet ]


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Alachua County EMWIN Project
E-mail: acemwin@alachuaskywarn.org
ACEMWIN-HURR-L list created: July 15, 2005.
This Document Last Updated: June 5, 2016.

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