Mobile Scanner & RADAR Detector Laws Web Site Gets Quick Mention In Popular Communications Magazine

[ June, 2001 Edition ]

The June, 2001 edition of Popular Communications, a monthly scannist's magazine, has a quick mention of this site on page 73, under the column titled "radio & the internet," by Eric Force, and in the subsection called Other Outstanding Resources. Not exactly an article,  but there's a quick description of my site, at least. And of course, you'll notice that they used the word "excellent!"

Okay, okay, okay! So, there's no ticker tape parades - with me smiling and slowly waving my hand to the grateful and cheering masses; no dinner with the President and the First Lady, no interviews on 20/20 and Dateline, no huge gold trophies. But what the hey. Attention is attention. Right? (grin)

Thanks to Eric Force for the kind mention! I never thought of my site as being so useful that it might possibly catch the attention of a popular magazine. I feel honored! Wait a sec... Hold on, here. Anybody got a pin? My head feels kinda funny. Feels kinda large. I think I'll go see my doc. This isn't normal. Now I'm gettin worried!

Last Updated: June 10, 2001.