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Do YOU know where YOUR 11th-great-grand-uncles's 4th nephew's 3rd other neice's adopted brother's immigrant Civil War Veteran 8th-great-grandchild's children are?

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Photo Album

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Many of the items herein listed were found to be in the possession of Muriel E. (Gregory) Sterner, dau. of Anne Agnes (Tolmie) Gregory. Muriel died on July 18th, 2001, unfortunately, after fighting a long battle with alzheimers; so no more questions can be asked of her, and she now rests in peace with God.

Many of these items came very close to being thrown away, one day, some years ago, and I was able to rescue them.

...You're welcome.

These pages show photos, documents and items having to do with our GREGORY line. This also includes the associated lines of BURT, ODELL, FAIRCHILD, MARSH, MONTROSE, and some others. It is hoped that by placing this information on the web for other family members to view, that it might perhaps inspire a thought in someone that had not occured to the author. Maybe it might cause someone to remember a document THEY had in THEIR attic which could answer a question. Maybe they might also share a scan of that document, here. Maybe this information will help another family member who makes a far away trip to do some research into these lines, hopefully saving them time and wasted effort on what would be an already expensive trip. Maybe this site will just be a fun and intersting perusal for a family member, helping to bring a little more "color" to their picture of the past. If any one of the above happens, then it has served it's purpose.

People - Our Ancestors & Cousins:
Click here for scans of some photos of family members.

A Tour of Places:
Click here for scans of some images of landmarks and places key to our ancestors.

Click here for scans of documents such as wills, deeds, newspaper articles, birth/baptism/marriage/death/funeral announcements and certificates, census documents, immigration stuff, and more - basically any records which can confirm the existence of our ancestors.

Click here for scans of some of the items our ancestors owned, and other miscellaneous things. Look here for things like letters, postcards, business cards, church flyers, etc.

Descendancy Charts:
(The following documents are held at my other ISP - Alachua FreeNet. Unfortunately, FreeNet often has a nasty habit of experiencing `hissy fits' and goes down, unexpectedly. If you get a 404 upon clicking on these docs, then that's probably exactly what's going on. Just try again, later.)

Click here for our GREGORY descendancy chart.
Click here for our MARSH descendancy chart. (related line)
Click here for our MONTROSE descendancy chart. (related line)

Click here for our GREGORY genealogy (actually, an Appendix to THE DISBROWS), by Jay W. Sterner & Muriel Elaine Gregory.

Research To Be Done:
Click here for a `wish list' of things to be done and documents yet to be obtained for the necessary research progress.

Got a family photo, document, postcard or similar that you think is important and that you would like to share with the family? Attach a scan of it to an e-mail and send it to me (below), or ask me for my mailing address and I'll send it by e-mail. (I'd put it up here, but with all the Internet "autobots" around that hunt around and swipe things like that off of web pages for spam purposes, now, I'd rather not give them that opportunity. So, I'll just send it by e-mail on request, instead.) All rights to your image will remain with you and, if you wish, I'll even add paint a copyright notice at the base of the image for you to protect your family's rights to it (if none already exists on it, that is).

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: ALL scans/images herein are Copyrighted by their respective owners. No scan may be borrowed, duplicated, retransmitted, reprinted, or otherwise used (this includes use in books, magazines, newsletters, CDs or web presentations) without prior written permission from their respective owners.

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The GREGORY Family Photo Album
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